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cardi be an offset spent $100,000 on a birthday necklace for their daughter culture cardi posted a video of the birthday bling that was designed specially for her daughter by celeb jeweler Eliot le Aunty the pendant and chain are made of diamonds white gold and vibrantly colored in MO no guy's culture assume we'll be celebrating her first birthday cardi recently revealed that she'll be spending four hundred thousand dollars on the festivities talking about huge parties another couple who just celebrated their son's birthday is Eva Longoria and he'll say if a big bus told you for the huge birthday bash and I said I quote I swore I wasn't gonna be that mom and have a crazy big birthday party but caught – now it is bigger than our wedding and the couple decided to also celebrate Santa's baptism on the same day – which Ava said that's why it's so big that really let's not forget the days before this huge festivity they also went to Disneyland with Santa's godparents amaury nolasco and Maria Bravo because they wanted to celebrate with Santa's favorite Disney character about money they could have bought Disney right but you know in the past we've seen other celebrities doing lavish birthday parties for their kids back in 2018 dj khaled rented Marlins Park Stadium in Miami for Assad's second birthday another one also served as the official lounge for his son's charity program a South's initiative isn't him which is part of Cal it's we the best found yeah and the initiative apparently has to do with like you know benefiting children some good yeah at the time Khalid mom and his son were presented with a 100 thousand dollar check from the Marlins for the charity does not wait to spend the money your luxury but then you also a little charity which is nice but you know what the question is the question is when is too much too much right especially when it comes down to your kids right when it comes back to your kids so what do we think about that I know you know I'll give it a start then you know I I have to say that you know these celebrity kids are already in the spotlight you know you already have celebrity parents in car in cultures case you know it's to celebrity parents and so there's a lot of crazy kooky people out there right putting a $100,000 necklace on your child you know it's also exposing that maybe a little bit too much to those kooky crazy people that are maybe looking to do some harm right yeah and and I just you know as a parent I wouldn't want that right like I get it you want to give your child everything ya know but that's the only thing I just worry about again those crazy people out you know that's my only thing I get what you're saying but I will say that in this case of culture that the fact that she gave her that piece of jewelry I think it's a good investment like yeah he's a ridiculous shirt but you know in a couple of years when cultures older she can always turn that in and then pay for college or whatnot you never know so it's a good investment when it comes to party I think it's about what you like because in my case I wasn't a big like party person so I wouldn't want to spend my money to throw a party I would rather spend my money elsewhere what I also like I understand cuz like if you have it like anyone if you have the money I mean you can't do it like why not give everything to your like kids but it's also like I feel like it's more like are not a culture that wasn't what I was gonna say it but it's more like how you want to raise your child of maybe like the values you want to give to your child for me is more about that than any other thing cuz like you don't know when you're not gonna have that money so you don't want to like get them used to something that maybe sometimes yeah I also think it's important to note that you know in these cases yeah it's a very very good point I think in these cases it's also a matter of just like realizing your limits I guess right and just knowing like okay when they're 10 years old 15 years old 20 years old like then what do you guys remember your birthday parties when you were younger like 5 and younger yeah I mean I think 5 or 4 yeah one I definitely don't remember Comfort yeah a lot of these celebrities that are doing these extravagant parties it's not so much even about it's more for everybody else and for them than the actual case true that's a pony the picture social media but it's also you know when you you have it now so you didn't have as a child so you want to give it to your child you know usually like man I didn't have this for when I was growing up so let me give this to my child so they have everything so I get that hey you earned it you work for it spend it like you want it's all in moderation I think you're not gonna do a party every year are you like why not I mean again if you work for it and you earn it then hey Who am I to tell them yes you and Gemma each that's it and quite frankly I don't have it so I can't talk about it 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