Captain Marvel: ET Visits the Set With Star Brie Larson! (Exclusive)

you know who else is in the movie with Jamie though Nancy brie Larson and she's also been hitting the gym part because brie is also the first woman to lead a Marvel movie in Captain Marvel so you're not from around here it's hard to explain exclusively on set of Captain Marvel y'all ready I'm ready please tell me that you had a moment when you put this on I did get emotional but what's crazy the movies are so secretive it's like don't get to share the dance and I can share it now you can be like oh my god think of Captain Marvel as the ultimate show of girl power Brie's an elite air fighter pilot with off-the-charts alien powers enough to throw down with Robert Downey jr. Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth store I'm not what you think I am I was an introvert with asthma before this movie so I was like I gotta get you know get it together for this so I carved out nine months to train and kind of retool everything joining brie in the Marvel origin story is Jude Law who plays her mentor and samuel l.jackson digital magic alter sam's look by three decades what's going on with the dots you know these dots on my botox I look younger by the time the movie job I did a couple movies in the 90s that they can go back and kind of use that face you gonna make them let you take this honestly it smells so bad I'm not sure I want it oh you want to take one home and here's the cornball in me Nancy when I walked on that set I was walking like you


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