Capt. James A. Lovell Awarded 2016 National Air and Space Museum Trophy

as a young boy my early love was aviation I built model airplanes try to fly some red aviation books in high school I thought rocket technology would be very interested then I enrolled in a ROTC program at the University of Wisconsin and from there I went down to Pensacola to start flight training and managed to get an appointment tool available Academy and graduated there in 1952 I got my wings I think it was February of 54 I sent to a squadron turned out that this water had developed and sent to various aircraft carriers night fighter teams and so I became on a team called team jig and we deployed on the shangri-la went to a Westpac about 1955 1960 when he came back and after I got back to the squadron and I applied for and was accepted to test pilot school at Patuxent River Maryland NASA at that time was looking at putting a man in space and I became one of the second group of astronauts with NASA I managed to get into four very interesting flights during my career Gemini 7 jeopardy 12 Apollo 8 of course and Apollo 13 I believe that I was the first person to go into space four times by the time I retired Apollo 8 has to be the high point of my career on December 24th we orbited the moon for the very first time and we looked back there and so the ancient old craters on the far side the most impressive thing we saw was the earth I for some reason but my thumb up to the window and realized that I could hide the earth behind my hump and I thought everything I ever do everything that exists to my knowledge is behind my thumb the Paula 13 was got to be the third flight until about Bellingen that's a good here quite good agree and it was just after about 55 hours into this mission that the explosion occurred I think Apollo 13 was a very good example of always expecting the unexpected when I saw the parachutes streaming out that blossom I had nude by this time that unless we sunk in the Pacific Oceans we would be successful during the press conference just after the flight one of the reporters said do you plan on asking to go one more time and I looked out into the audience said there was a arm up in the air with the thumb down and I realized now that was my wife saying you've had enough docked on Apollo 13 I got to work on the board of the Aerospace Museum tried to contribute as much as I could I think that a continuation of our space activities is important the young generation has always been very much enthused with space very inspirational to those people when I was a young boy in aviation was something that I thought I'd like to get into I put asked for more exciting career you


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