Candice Kumai E! News Wellness Report 2019

he News is back with chef Candice Kumai the best-selling author known as the golden girl of wellness that's what they call her she is here to explain which health trends we should do and which ones we should avoid so on that note let's start with this controversial diet everyone keeps hearing about the kiyojuji toe jillian michaels actually just slam this diet Akita righty you're all about keto and although it's super hot it's because people have been losing weight on it of course you should always consult with your doctor before starting anything new but what keto is is it puts your body into ketosis which means you're in a metabolic state where you're burning fat instead of carbohydrates okay so you're gonna be consuming a lot of fat and I don't mean like burgers and fries and donuts sure I mean like good for you fast like macadamia nuts avocados their fat bombs you can make on your own I just had a fat bomb so good really and it's good for you and it tastes like a nice dessert right you can still have a little bit of sweets but you want to stick to good for you fats that keep you satiated and again the downside is that you're obviously gonna be eating restrictive okay Candice what about intermittent fasting because we also hear a lot about that I heard the downside as you do it for a while it works you lose weight but when you stop you can put on weight quickly is that a thing still and that is true in Germany fasting has been around forever people have been doing fasting for thousands of years which means it works but also it's restricting again especially if you have a heavy schedule so it's an eating pattern versus a diet which means in between meals you'll do fasting you can do a 16-8 method which means for 16 hours you don't eat for 8 hours you do so firstly so like you from noon time to 6 p.m. like that right be the window and right you don't eat and we're a lot of people swear by you how do you live a life like that I mean you can't live your life like so what your start eating like a normal schedule again there you go you break it or when somebody puts pasta in front of you when exact night you break it what's the story with hole 30 right hole 30 is kicking ass right now it is so popular it's one of those trends and it's a smart book that was written by an incredible woman who want people to eat more real foods so this is what you could eat when you're on hole 30 you have smoothies you can have sweet potatoes you can have great lean proteins the only thing is is it is restricting again so there are things you're gonna eliminate it don't say alcohol it's focused on eliminating sugar dairy alcohol and soy so in a way I know like not even harder so you do talk about kansui wellness in your book and I'm curious what that's all about right so I went to study with my ancestors in Japan over the last 10 years and it was something that was really unique I saw that my ancestors were eating fermented foods they were drinking lots of tea they were living longer than most people and I said why and how so when I wrote King ciggy wellness it was a lifestyle that's created for people that want to get off of coffee get off of that addiction eat more whole good-for-you foods like sea vegetables miso sauce over here that's all of this there's even a matcha cleanse I created where people can get off of coffee and sugar okay and you can still have your matcha cookies – which are so good I'm a thief as my little treat always won't weekend's they're good for you we totally can coming up next guys Kylie Jenner gets taken down by an egg this will tell you what she's doing about it now Plus Katy Perry's bizarrely inappropriate sex move and why Tom Cruise is caught in the middle next

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