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Canadian Cannabis Awards Gala 2017

This is the first cannabis industry
awards gala in the history of Canada. I began my journey with cannabis in 1998,
so it’s about eighteen years and to be standing up here now with this in my
hand is an incredible feeling. Thank you very much. To be even mentioned
in the same group of people that are here tonight, Bruce Linton from Tweed, the people from Emblem, the people from Lift. This is an absolute honour and I
appreciate everything so thank you very much guys this is awesome. This award recognizes the enormous effort behind such apparent effortlessness, awarding
brand strategy, culture, image and impact. I know the cliche is this is unexpected
but this is really unexpected. Thank you everyone. I’ve never been more
proud to sell weed in my life. We’re very proud of our strains and our
people. It’s a small contingent of us here for a Moncton, New Brunswick but
really on behalf of the hundred and fifteen employees that run the
production shop this one’s for them. Thanks very much. Enjoy the evening thank you very much. If you don’t know, our first customer was my dad. He was the first customer of ours that passed away and before he did our
products that we had made a huge difference in his life and I want to
thank everybody here in the industry, on our team, that made that possible. Thank you very much.


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