CAN WE REACH MASTER III!? Hog 2.6 Trophy Pushing – Episode 8 – Clash Royale Ladder Pushing Series

  • Rg
    Giant skeleton
    Mega minion
    Inferno D
    EDIT: feel free to switch any of those for your card levels or card comfort.

  • I am commenting a bit late, but I would love to see miner poison. You could play miner prince (with bats and spear gobs), or the one that I play with: miner poison 3.0 (with ewiz and valkyrie). Or you could play another variant of miner poison that is especially free to play, choose the one that you like the most or have the best card levels.

  • Keep the cycle style my guy. Go 2.9 xbow. Another great F2P deck that I think needs skill to be successful with

  • You only need maxed fball and lvl 12 log to kill max witch and night which by the way, this and max fball against lvl 12 muske are actually the biggest issues for slightly underleveled 2.6 players as you figured out..

  • Play bridge spam
    Inferno D
    Dark Prince or Ghost whichever you like
    Zap or Log
    Battle Ram
    Ice Golem
    or just pekka bridge spam

  • hello again. much shorter comment this time, due to less misplays in video
    I am happy to see a perfect cannon placement at 3:49 and 7:30 (and 8:06 lol) and good musketeer placement away from the cannon. Most of your cannons are still 1 tile too high though.
    2:45 use ice golem to tank and skeletons to kill. Always try to look for positive trades with your low cost cards like skeletons
    6:09 just kite with skeletons to deal with skarmy

    Fun fact, in a musk vs bowler 1v1, bowler wins, but if you fireball the bowler, musk wins. Maybe this interaction will come in handy one day.
    You need same level fireball and 1 level lower log to kill a witch.

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