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Can I follow dad when he gets award? [The Return of Superman/2019.08.25]

(Wary) – Who did they see to be so startled? / – Look at you! (Zobin’s outfit is as strange as always.) – No wonder they are startled. / – Why are you scared? – He is Zobin of NORAZO. / – Yes. It’s no wonder they are stepping backward. You recognize me when I take off my glasses, right? (It has the opposite effect.) (He sings his popular song.) I gave you a Spider-Man toy. I remember you. That’s right. They have met. Uncle Zobin left a memorable first impression when they met. (How did Bentley react when they first met?) – Bentley was wary back then. / – That’s right. He hasn’t changed. (It’s good to see you, Uncle Zobin.) Uncle, will you get an award? Yes, I will. – My dad will get an award too. / – Really? It’s all thanks to you, William. (He is weird. Let’s go.) Hello, Bentley. (Nodding) He is polite. – Go. / – “Go.” Okay. We will go. After Bentley sent Uncle Zobin off, where is he going now? Thank you. Who is she? (He looks shy.) She is Naeun of April. – What’s your name? / – My name? – It’s Naeun. / – She is here to receive an award. Naeun lives in Ulsan. I live in Daejeon. (I will remember Naeun who lives in Daejeon.) (What?) (Peek-a-boo) Peek-a-boo! (Bentley plays with her.) (Peek-a-boo) This is so different from how he treated Zobin. – No? / – Seriously. Thank you. No? He gives and takes away. He’s a tease. – Bye. / – Okay. Hello. “Four dollars”? (Actor Kim Youngchul’s catchphrase is “Four dollars”.) (It’s a memorable phrase.) “Four dollars.” That phrase started Kim Youngchul’s second heyday. Come here. (He takes William to his seat) (and gives him a flower.) He must like children. – Thank you. / – All right. (Bentley gets a cute boutonniere.) Let’s put it in your pocket. – What? / – It’s pretty. – Baby likes food. / – Does he like food? Here you go. Little one, here is a candy. He takes the food and leaves. (This grandpa is highly satisfied.) – Oh, my. / – Say, “Thank you.” Say, “Thank you.” (He nods.) (He is cute.) Baby, come here. (They hold hands again.) Hello. What’s your name? My name is Hyeri. – Hyeri? / – Hyeri. Would you like a flower? – Are you giving it to me? / – Yes. – Thank you. / – Hi. – Hyeri, you are pretty. / – Really? A lie! “A lie!” (He walks towards Hyeri.) What is this? (It’s a candy wrapper.) – It hurts. / – Baby, don’t do that. Don’t do that. (He educates Bentley.) (Hyeri pulls a prank.) (Did it hurt a lot?) (What should I do?) (Aunt Hyeri,) (you were startled, right?) (Don’t cry.) – I am fine. / – I am sorry. Why would you be sorry? (I should do something.) Are you giving it to me? – Is he giving her jelly? / – Are you giving it to me? (Hitting) (William, are you okay?) – Are you giving it to me? / – Is he giving her food? – Thank you. / – No way. Bentley wouldn’t do that. Are you giving it to me or not? Will you or won’t you? (Hyeri is confused.) (In the end…) – He won’t give it to her. / – No. He is coy. He is coy. (He is the youngest boy to use jelly to flirt.) See you later. Bye. (He blows her a kiss.) In the end, he didn’t give it to her. Meanwhile, the photographers are working diligently at the photo wall. (Here comes Sam.) William and Bentley’s dad looks cool. I am proud of him. – He looks cool. / – Yes. He is here to receive an award. Hello. Dad! (Dad!) – Your dad is here. / – Dad! Lower the volume a bit. Dad, did you get your photos taken? Yes, I did. I gave out so many flowers. You gave out many flowers. Good job. (Bentley moves suspiciously.) – What? / – Is Bentley hiding? (He tries to escape by crawling under the table.) Where is he going? How cute! (Where is Bentley going?) My goodness. (Bentley found freedom.) (He walks over someplace else.) He is going somewhere. (He walks over someplace else.) – Hello. / – My goodness. Who are they? He went to the OH MY GIRL members. He found the girls. Where is Bentley? Where did he go? (Laughing) (Bentley is being coddled by OH MY GIRL.) – Where is Bentley? / – Look for him. (Don’t have fun by yourself.) William. (He arrives.) I forgot to bring flowers. – How cute! / – Will you give us flowers? (I got them on my way here.) He brought the entire basket. My goodness. There are too many of you. There are more girls than flowers. – Who wants a flower? / – Me! Who wants a flower? – Me! / – Me! – Who wants a flower? / – Me! (Who wants a jelly?) – My goodness. / – William. (Who will William pick?) (He picks Jiho.) Thank you. Congratulations. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. – Bye. / – Bye. – Bye. / – Bye. (See you later.) – Bye. / – Bye. The award ceremony finally begins, and the Hammington family enters. I will give it to you. (He spots a snack in front of him.) I will give it to you. (He gets a snack for Bentley.) Thank you. (Thank you.) Here. Here. You got it. (Would you like this?) (Thank you.) (I was joking.) Bentley fooled a man old enough to be his grandpa. (I am a bit hungry.) My goodness. (Bentley’s eating show begins.) (This award ceremony is nice.) (Babbling) (It’s so tasty that he babbles.) What? (Shall I try this?) (Gosh, it’s sour.) He ate something sour. He gives it to his dad. (That startled me.) Don’t eat too much. You could get a stomachache. You could get a stomachache. Be careful. You could get a stomachache. Let’s begin with a round of applause. (Everyone claps.) (Congratulations.) (The light becomes fancy.) (What is this?) Gosh, Bentley. He is handsome. (OH MY GIRL’s performance follows.) It’s Oh My Gosh. Oh My Gosh. – He met them earlier. / – No, they are OH MY GIRL. (Startled) They are OH MY GIRL. (They sway left and right.) He is dancing along. (Bentley dances with a spoon.) (This is fun.) They are excited. Are you happy? (After the performance) Don’t you remember me? We ate cucumber together earlier. – That’s right. He remembers. / – You remember, right? – Did you receive an award? / – No, not yet. What is he getting? (I will give this to you instead.) Thank you. (Make sure you get an award.) (Bentley is here!) Bentley wants her to look at him. (He grabs Sam’s chest.) That’s my chest. Why did you grab my chest? That hurts a lot. Gosh, he is so cute. We will move on to the next category. Commercial Model of the Year goes to Kim Youngchul. Kim Youngchul received an award as a commercial model. That’s right. “Four dollars!” Did he win the award with that commercial? – He deserves the award. / – Congratulations. Clap. Best Girl Group Member in Variety Shows goes to Hyeri. That’s Aunt Hyeri. (He shouts to congratulate her.) He congratulates her passionately. Hyeri! Hyeri! Hyeri! (Aunt Hyeri, congratulations.) Thank you. I have received many awards as an actor, but this is my first award as a commercial model. Four dollars! Four dollars! Four dollars! – Four dollars! / – Four dollars! How cute! – Thank you. / – That was hilarious. Mr. Kim, hold on. Would you please say, “Four dollars”? I have always wanted to hear it. Here comes the original version. – Four dollars. / – That’s it. Four dollars. We heard it thanks to William. Hello, I am Hyeri. Congratulations, Aunt Hyeri. I will work hard to deliver good and cheerful energy. Thank you. Congratulations. (Thinking) Dad. I… What? What is it? When will I receive an award? What? Sam will receive an award. I will receive an award today. Sam will receive an award. Dad, when will I go up the stage? I will receive an award today, not you. I will go up the stage alone. Will you go up alone? I want to go up the stage. During “KBS Entertainment Awards” last year, William went up to the stage with Sam. I laughed so much when I watched it. I want to go up the stage with you. (Me too!) When they call my name, let’s go up the stage together. (Sam Hammington) Gosh, that’s right. – He bit his tongue. / – “Sam Hammington”? (Sam is touched.) Did you say “Sam Hammington”? Really? (Bentley called his dad’s name for the first time.) It’s a truly historic day. Did you say “Sam Hammington”? Let me go with you. Hold on. It won’t take long. (Let’s go and receive the award.) You want things to move along. (What’s taking so long?) Foreign Comedian of the Year goes to Sam Hammington. – Finally! / – Is it your turn? Stay there. Dad, let me go with you! Dad, let me go with you! Hurry up. He is coming with his children. Let’s go together. Let’s go. Go, go, go. Go, go. – Go. / – Where is he going? – No, no. / – Bentley, it’s not that way. Go, go. – Hurry up. / – Hurry up. – All right. / – Sam must be so nervous. (They are so cute.) (They’re finally on the stage!) They are so cute. He suddenly became solemn. He wants the photographers to take nice photos of him. (The photographers take photos of them.) (Are you taking a good shot of my face?) – They are taking nice photos. / – Don’t worry. (This is how you smile, Bentley.) (Relaxed) (It’s time for Sam to receive the award.) Foreign Comedian of the Year, Sam Hammington. – Thank you. / – He doesn’t seem like a foreigner. – Congratulations. / – Do you want to hold it? All right. Let’s take a photo. Here you go. (I wanted to open it.) Congratulations. (They take a commemorative photo.) (“Sam Hammington Receives An Award”) – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. (He receives the Foreign Comedian of the Year Award.) It must be heavy. (It’s precious.) – It’s precious to him. / – He is hugging the award. Good job, Dad. (My dad won an award!) I am proud of my dad. He’s cute! – He speaks sweetly. / – My heart fluttered a bit. Dad is the largest. Dad is the coolest. (That’s right, William!) How was it for you? (Cheering) (Dad is the best!) Dad called my name. (That’s right!) The variety show I’m in in 2018 and 2019 with my two children means the most. William and Bentley, thank you. I love you. Me too! (I love you more!) Dad is the best! To William and Bentley, Sam is the best Superman. Congratulations on winning the award.


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