Can Golfer Oscar Break The Ice With Penguin Picker Upper Line? | First Dates

I could honestly list you 600 700 800
things I wanted a boy, but if we can find maybe 20 ticks that would be quite
efficient good afternoon are you 24 year old Hannah once from a
time later seats be obviously really tall right they need to have really good
teeth quite big muscly legs good eyes that blue grade fo big hands but not to
like fit fingers I like smart nicely groomed right I don't like really bushy
eyebrow I love a good free day I got my ears that are a bit in nor out just told
just give me time ticking at least some of Hannah's boxes
his six-foot-six former city boy now full-time golfer Oscar this
Valentine's Day are going to get the golf a rest Natalie try and find a bird
and rather than the birdie I went out for a date not too long ago I thought it
went really well and she didn't text me back
she was vegan though she was vegan so I was never that Cain I took it to a
burger place as well which wasn't great all right
surely it's Oscar Oscar well mate someone I don't even bring up the golf
picks the golf is not attractive I say I work at London Zoo they all believe it
and they all think it's really cute Oscar I think you've got a lot to live
up to oh yeah thank you thank you look nice
thanks very much it lovely as well very good outfit choice I said I think I need
a guy who has a suit so perfect so para comprar Thompson Nestle sunlight exits
go as well I'm not acting yeah so what do you do
I've just graduated from uni are you studying index management – are you
planning but that's not what it was there's a brain up there oh yeah what
about you I'll do a couple of different things
what sort of career-wise I'd like to be a fish and golf are hi guys I didn't
know it for a bit on the soil it sounds ridiculous but have you ever been to
London – yeah so if you go see aunt asking pros you got the Penguins it
sounds ridiculous but you would have seen my news I hear fro they expanded in
they said have got more runways so basically as the planes go up penguins
they're looking at the planes they don't fall over I said I sort of watch them go
and I have to run in and basically pick a month you're a penguin picker I'm a
penguin picker-upper make sure you subscribe to get a regular
serving of love and romance


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