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Camila introduces herself as Alba Almeida | TKB (With Eng Subs)

– Enjoy yourself!
– Thanks! Please stop. I didn’t steal anything. You know I hate liars, Django. No thief can sneak past me. Don’t you know that? I want to talk to Sir Fabio.
I’ll explain… Your life doesn’t rest
in Fabio’s hands! It rests in mine. And mine alone. Alba Almendre. – Remember that name.
– I will! So, Emma… Remember everything
I’m telling you. Don’t let them fool you. Trust no one but yourself. I don’t trust anyone
in this world. As for you, I know you’re not like them. From the very beginning, I made sure you’d
be like me, Emma. I owe everything to you… …so I’ll do anything for you. Don’t forget why we’re here. I’ll find out what
their connection to this symbol is… …and who among
the Dela Torres knows about this. It’s already late.
You better get going. If you find anything,
send it to me. Update me immediately. Return home before
they notice you left. Again, do your best.


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