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Camila fights for her innocence | The Killer Bride (With Eng Subs)

We call on case number 81. People of the Philippines
versus Camila dela Torre. For the crime of murder, or title three, chapter one, section 52 of the Criminal
Code of the Philippines… Using means to weaken or
avoid defense by the victim… Taking advantage of
superior strength… Can you tell this court
what you saw that day? When I opened the door, I saw Camila covered in blood. She was on her way out. And your brother, Javier? I saw him lying on the ground. He was also bloodied
and covered in wounds. Aside form Camila,
did you see anyone else there? No, sir. I’ve been taking care of
Camila since she was young. She’s a good kid. Respectful. She isn’t capable of
committing murder. Camila dela Torre pointed a
knife at Javier dela Cuesta. Objection! This is irrelevant! The witness is talking
about the incident that occurred during the
Baile de Mascaras ! What’s the basis of your
questioning, attorney? I just want to prove,
your honor, that the accused,
Camila dela Torre, is capable of
committing murder, according to my witness. Proceed. Thank you, your honor. Why did the accused
point a knife at Javier dela Cuesta? Well… She caught him forcing
himself on her friend. Camila was furious. And I clearly heard her say she would make sure
Javier dela Cuesta would pay for what he did. Miss Dela Torre, you said
you defended your friend after Javier dela Cuesta
tried to rape her. Yes or no? Yes, but– Yes, she defended her friend. And she’s capable
of killing a person to defend anyone who she
thinks is being abused. – That’s why you stabbed Javier
– Your honor, he’s badgering… – …the witness!
– …because you didn’t want someone like him to
step all over you! It wasn’t me! I didn’t kill Javier! – I am not a murderer!
– Liar! You’re a liar! – You killed my son!
– Order in the court! – Restrain that woman!
– You are a liar! Vito, you know I’m
not a murderer! Lolo… Lolo, please help me!
I didn’t kill him!


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