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your NXT 106.1 vaquita bacio the loans and of course the beautiful Fabian Robbins for your baby but before you say anything I want to say quick recovery to a brother Douglas Rhonda guys prayers for let this run for three days man yeah yeah but he's gonna be good he's gonna be good we're praying for him so increase you know the amount of prayers let me tell you tonight we are celebrating someone we're celebrating our cultural icon we're celebrating the man that paved the way for most of the MCS I you see the TV host that you see here change someone that has personally inspired me from afar someone that I watched growing up someone that I wanted to be like I'd emulate someone that has really showed the young generation that it's possible to be yourself on TV as opposed to big clean hearts like most people wanted us to be back in the day because most TV hosts were very very a certain way very safe by showed us who was okay to speak your language be yourself celebrate people and then prosper and flourish in your career and they honored and proud to be talking to the one and only almost got you tre yeah oh you haven't seen nothing yet I'm good how you been I think I should say very tired I've been on the road trying to do something from here and there ahead of the big celebration happening this Saturday at Freedom City you guys are amazing good to see you nice nice to see you now before we actually go on to what we are celebrating day you are celebrating 11 years Lavinia Lavinia in this industry now if you can give me just three challenges that you think were those huge big deals that almost made you say you know what this is not for me because I know we have MCS here tonight that are just up coming and they're looking up to you looking up to everyone here TV and maybe they're going to be the same thing because like you were talking earlier state you mentioned the first two years are the years that are the hardest where you feel like I'm done with this career this is not for me so what was some of those challenges for you I have to say while starting out you'll find that everyone is trying to you know they are wondering who is this guy who is this girl everyone is trying to define you in their own way sometimes even a negative press that comes by some people give up because of that some people get distracted even by the good press now imagine when you've just started in the writing good articles about you some people get carried away when you trust me or they love you they love you then in the middle right there so change yeah but I think it goes back to who you who you are what you really want you know and your goals and aspirations I think those have been like the bedrock of the person that I've become you know hardwork consistency staying focused knowing who you want to be but most importantly you find that a television is a learning process every single episode that you I do on TV something new that you are learning there is a new challenge yeah when you started out did you think you'd be celebrating 10 years or was it something you did okay like I like this I like the vibe I like being our own artist and everything music or was it like deliberate career choice career paths that YouTube eros career choice I was just doing me being me offering the best that I can but you find that out for most TV presenters when you are starting some of the pointers that I always share with mass communication interns that I've gone through you know that I always share with wake up it's always good to look at yourself in the mirror you know sometimes maybe you present to yourself and have that confidence believe in yourself that you're the best person do not be defined by what another person thinks of you and most importantly be open to learning something new from everyone it could be a sweeper it could be a cleaner there is something they know that you perhaps don't you know either for me it has always been like that yes so before we move on to tomorrow's Fiesta yeah do you see yourself spending another twenty ten five thirty I don't know forever ideas in the industry behind the scenes I would say yes I won't air maybe at some point you have to hang the gloves like you'll notice that like you just say there's so many young people that we do inspire in one or the other young people that we do train how to present on air you know and offering opportunities to different peoples like you're opening doors to the next generation you're opening doors to the next stars stars who can actually even be better than us you know yeah so let's talk about tomorrow what's happening tomorrow because that's your celebration you're 11 yes celebration in the industry yeah tomorrow basically it is a takeover party people been asking why did I choose to call this the takeover party I do believe in the last 10 years the young generation has taken over the entertainment business from a those that write to those that are the bloggers to that our media personalities to the you know to the artists themselves it's been like into the fashion one as well it's been like a takeover over the young generation so much as it's a celebration about the personal cow being the entertainer but we are also celebrating this revolution these waves of entertainment in the last 11 years you notice that you know at one point we are all upcoming at one point we are all me Dukas you know but look see where we are you know we're celebrating on CBC we're celebrating growth yeah we should know what activity do we have two more performance if what's happening most performances are going to align that for tomorrow and actually a few minutes ago was at the venue freedom City at first we thought it would have a lineup of about 25 artists well the musicians so you know that's when he finds that like you're carving this part is not just about you this part is about the industry how much if I want to attend if someone at home wants to attend your show how much do they pay where do they go – yeah our interest is a 10k ordinary 20k VIP yeah then we have tables yeah that go for 500 yeah that is it of course for people 500 okay then 1 million it's for 77 people and where do we buy that ticket so you can actually buy the tickets now at the venue you know right now having different selling points but in case I you can access freedom City and the team is still there you can go by yourself it take tickets or book your sofa table and as the show starts at first we thought we had one of the parts to start a 3 p.m. yeah but a big lineup over over 70 entertainer 70 artists we like your let's get the party started from midday midday until late in the night all right there you have it the party starts at midday and we have a lineup of 70 artists actually more than 70 artists so you need to be there very very very early thank you so much for joining us tonight thank you so much for hosting on the show the party continues for sure how you feeling I think so we want to wish Calvin the best of luck and being catch up the addition of deejays and emcees we know there's a lot to learn so let's go support Calvin but

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