CALLING JAKE PAUL ( Not Clickbate ) He Really Answered My Phone | Talha entertainer

dialing hello is this is this Jay Paul from YouTube hello yes the Entertainer years today you guys know that I do make any videos so today is a special thing that like Jay Paul's number and it's not killing is actually everyone killing is California's number is u-kiss number so we are about to call him you don't start hello is this is this Jay Paul from YouTube hello yes hello is this Jake Bohm from YouTube hello is this Jake doe I'm your biggest I'm your biggest fan man thank yes missus thank Jake pony Jake Pope thank you yes this was a reaction motion no I'm gonna call him again no he said I don't call anyone like he doesn't answer or anyone's for I think it's some ways now he's pranking and you know this sure one more time it can't be kidding hello please PJ hey Jake hello yes Jake Paul can't give me a shout-out from YouTube he gives me shadow from Utah so this was his reaction so guys please subscribe to entertainer Jake give me


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