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Cagatay Ulusoy ❖ Speaking English ❖ GQ Middle East ❖ Awards Ceremony

Subtitled by Ginger Monette GQ Middle East Awards Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
October 7, 2019 Good night, everybody. First of all, I’d like to thank the
entire ?? family for gracing me with this fantastic award at such an
amazing night here in Abu Dhabi. I’m so thrilled to be here tonight, and this
award has a special meaning to me because this is the first one coming from abroad. This is my first international award. Thank you for it again.
I’m so proud that I’m getting this and sharing great moments with all of you in
this magnificent place. I mean… Approximately for 20 years many Turkish
TV series have been traveling globally and getting great interest from all around the world. Especially from the Middle East. I’m so happy that as an actor, we have been able to establish this kind
of good relationship with you guys for years. And lastly, I want to add I believe success is something
that grows the more you share it. And because of this, I want to share
this award with my family who raised me as a good person, and with my
team who is sitting there actually. My manager at my agency,
my publicist, I want to thank them who makes me feel their power behind me all the time. Thank you again. And of course with my
supporters from all around the world thank you. Thank you guys so much. This award belongs to us, not just me. Thank you. Have a great night! GQ — Television Star — Cagatay Ulusoy Manager Engin Aykanat and Cagatay Before the event

  • Congratulations to a real deserving person my favorite grandson. Please continue to share your God given talents with your worldwide supporters. We promise not ever to get tired of you. More happiness and power in all your projects.

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