Buzzfeed CEO: 'News is a harder business than entertainment or lifestyle media' – BBC Newsnight

  • A British Bullshit Corp comments section is a welcome opportunity to remind you that you are not liked or trusted by the public, just like buzzfeed you days are numbered!!

  • BBC why dont you stay with wildlife documentaries ๐Ÿ™ because when it comes to journalism your shameful biased racist sexist the country knows you would sell the country in a cardgame

    you would think Farage popularity would be a clue but where still ere

    ๐Ÿ™ watch Daddy Dragon if you want truth of what is happening ๐Ÿ™

  • Buzzfeed and Bbc it makes sense can you get anymore fake trump farted impeach lets see how many biased race and virtue-signalling cards I can count today

    Still got nothing on Oldham thats why the country needs more independent journalist the law in the northwest is a shambles

  • RT or YouTube alternative is where you should get your news away from fake news propoganda by (((bbc))) & (((BuzzFeed)))

  • BuzzFeed, NY times, vox, vice news, bbc, sky, channel 4, guardian ARE FAKE NEWS GLOBALIST RUN PROPOGANDA

  • Boo hoo. Poor old Buzzfeed. Pumping out anti-white propaganda on behalf of 'the elite' is such hard work. Naturally the BBC are empathetic to this sob story.

  • Bahahaha two of the biggest fake news propaganda outlets labelling others as fake news, building 7 came down before it did, according to the British bullshitting con-artists

  • Just reading an article about the BBC banning the word 'terror' from its reports, unless specifically quoting someone. News is meant to inform, whereas BBC increasingly takes it upon itself to shape public opinion (maybe it was always that way) and to assuage public sentiment regarding the effects of multiCULTuralism.

  • If you want honest, hard-hitting critical reporting of Britain then RT UK is your answer. If you're a Trump supporter, you won't like it or the BBC.

  • Eye-roll Maitlis and the rest of the BBC has to please the Conservative Party, so that is indeed a much easier business to be in.

  • News is difficult for both buzzfeed and bbc because theyโ€™re both fake news
    We all knew along that the Steele dossier was total lies hence the mueller report concluded no collusion no 0bstruction
    Yet the bbc still propagate the lies they are the very definition of FAKE NEWS

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