Bust a Move! Marsai Martin Does the ‘Whoa’ on the BET Awards Carpet

how are you mama I'm good I feel like yesterday oh my god she was such an honor I didn't even know what you ISA was gonna like do a video surprise for you any of that just the clip oh my god it almost made me cry almost 10 it takes a lot more than that to make a genius cries no I'm very sensitive but that was amazing and I'm forever grateful and so fortunate just to have a good support system this is a bomb weekend I know your parents are having the time of their lives because they grew up with Mary Jane they grew up with Johnny Gayle who are all performing tonight I know you're younger but who are you super excited to see perform tonight uh cardi B yeah I mean oh my god I would love to see cardi B in concert oh by the way I actually did yesterday what I forgot forget seeing cardi B enjoy you tired it's been a long week yeah you know I was tired you know but now my oh yes yeah I'm just um Lala's son just taught me the whoa I didn't know so it goes like oh you do it she went yeah you went it's just it's a lot less energy than the Running Man that we used to kill in the 90s so I'm just I applaud you guys for saving energy yeah and just making it like that I mean you do have a little bit energy though cuz you really need to how long when you're at the club King oh you don't go to clubs but at a party can you actually do the whoa is it like ten minutes of whoa you just gotta do it on beat you know and every beat you yeah got it you know be creative with it yeah you know you need to do it that way bet you you're very creative I bet you in the middle of this circle getting your whoa on watching me on stage like I'm telling I know your mom's gonna be standing up dancing tonight yeah I know your dad's gonna be standing up dancing tonight are you okay with that I am I'm not one of those kids that are like super embarrassing mom you you know I'm not like that I feel like that's kind of stereotypical with like teenagers so no no I love when they stand up and have a good time because when they're sitting down I'm like bro I live that best life live it yeah one more extra hit the subscribe button in the Bell you never miss a video


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