Bushnell Trophy TRS 25 Red Dot Sight Review

the Bushnell Trophy TRS 25 coming up on gun destruction welcome back to gun destruction my name is Matt start off by saying this optic is not an EOTech or even a vortex it's about a $70 optic when you open the box for the optic you have a few things right on the top one is a product registration card the next year the manual on lens cloth the optics come with what appears to be silicon lens caps that unfortunately are not attached flip caps to W a better although they are sufficient for protecting lenses for most objects and debris well for reigning employees mounting the optic is fairly simple using the supplied allen wrench test those optic I have a mounted on utg MedPro compact riser mount which ensues that the red coitus is perfectly with my backup iron sight the red dot itself has eleven settings from zero being off to eleven at the brightest the highest setting is probably more than you'll ever need it is actually excessively bright for most environments I find that I mostly used the level five or six front lens features a tilted amber front limbs which uses reflective LED light gave the red dot and the amber helps reduce glare the battery seems to do pretty well just be sure to cut it off after use at this site does not have the auto all features of some more high-end scopes or of exist have on both the battery cap and the sight tower caps feature thick rubber gaskets that ensure waterproof seal the target towers are easily adjusted with a flathead screwdriver or a wider flat object such as a coin or a spent casing the optic itself is 1 X 4 the 1 MOA per click adjustment and the dot itself covers 3 MOA Yap because nitrogen-filled making it fog proof and with the caps tines correctly it is waterproof the sight is also parallax free and features unlimited eye relief the optic itself is about 2 inches long by about one and a half inches tall without the riser weighing in at only three points announces again I will stress this is not a premium optic or even a mid-level opting it's a sub 100 our optic with that said I think the Bushnell TRS 25 is a great little red dot for the price especially if you're looking for an optic that doesn't take up very much real estate you're on a budget and thinking of buying a $30 no-name Chinese outfit and tell us in a few more dollars and at least get this one seems to hold its 0 pretty well I've topped it around the truck carried it through the woods and it seems to have no issue keeping it zero I think if you're looking for our optic in this price range it's a good one to check out if you're interested in this optic I'll have a link in the description now thank you again for watching gun destruction be sure to subscribe we'll see you next time you

  • Olá moro no Brasil e queria comprar uma Red Dot desse ms não sei em qual site comprar alguém poderia me ajudar ????

  • great bang for the buck, just add flip up covers after the factory ones break, got one for my 10/22 sr 22

  • ive had mine going strong since late 2014 and about 2,000 rounds through it, has always held zero perfectly and tracking is pretty alright aswell. mine is the yellow print model but my buddy has had a white print model for a few years also and his has never had an issue either

  • one of the best bang for the buck, great on my Ruger 10/22 SR22, gonna buy another, superb for the budget minded

  • Nothing new , I read the specs in the Amazon web site. It would have been nice to shoot for a few hundred rounds and then review for durability and accuracy.

  • Not a quality optic like it once was. I have one that is a replacement to the first one I bought that I had issues with and sent back for a replacement which has the same problem as the first one. The dot disappeared as you look around between 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock. I only use it for my M&P 15 22 now. I purchased a Sig romeo 5 which is a awesome red dot for the money for my ar and would highly recommend it if you can't afford an eotech or aimpoint.

  • I have this Red Dot, nice and bright at the house, Dead on at the range but at my outdoor range on a nice bright day, I can not hardly see the red dot at all, It makes the dot look like its battery is just about dead. Has anyone else had an issue using this outside on a nice sunny day?

  • That "1MOA click" under the turret caps (and in the manual, if you read it) surprised me when I first got mine. I believed the specs on Midway's site, who got their info straight from Bushnell's own site. Both state that the click adjustments are .5 MOA at 100 yards. We all know what MOA means, and at what distance it is measured. I called Bushnell out on this deceptive behavior via email. They don't seem to give a crap.

  • I just read another review, and it was highly recommended vs more expensive red dot optics. Thanks for the review!

  • You are wrong this is a premium optic/red dot It is tried and true for years by countless people. So sick of people ignorantly thinking if it doesn’t have a premium price tag it isn’t premium. So I guess if someone sells you a brand new Ferrari for $1,000 it isn’t a premium super car lol.

  • super detailed review, really awesome video man. seems like a ok optic on a budget, especially if you toss it around and say holds zero pretty well.

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