Bulletstorm – Red Barrels Achievement/Trophy Guide (HD)

hey everyone its Haller again and today I have another achievement for you from Bulletstorm this is the red barrels achievement and you can get this in act 5 chapter 3 once you get in this helicopter basically all you need to do is just to start shooting any red barrels that you see basically anything red there really is no trick to this it's just a matter of finding everything you can the one barrel that I thought was a little hidden is behind you right when you lift off is that right there other than that that was all I pretty much did was just shoot anything you see that's red and another tip I have for you is if you want to do this on very easy mode to help curb the damage if you're looking for red barrels and you're getting hit by everything else you can take a little more damage it gives you more time to look around but you don't get a lot of time on each section because this is effectively a rail shooter' section so you do have some limited time to hit the barrels on each part of the sections so after you're hit you'll come to another section again with more red barrels there's some up on this balcony at times I've seen it up there right where I'm looking right there so you want to make sure to definitely get there there are red barrels on the walkways here and if you miss it at this point you still can come back you're going to circle around again and get another chance at those barrels so even if you miss them on the first try you can still come back for those ones at least I only think the ones at the very beginning are the ones you can miss so you need to make sure to get all those like I mentioned here's another chance for you get the barrels near the walkways there's one up on that small platform up there and that about does it so thanks for watching and if you want to see more below some related content in achievement walkthroughs feel free to subscribe rate and comment

  • Anyone having trouble with this only shoot the RED barrels. I missed this one barrel a load of times, but this tip finally nailed it – ''After you fly through the window, aim down. Next to the second planter thing you fly over, there's a red barrel standing next to a guy. This is the one I missed like, 20 times. If you hit all the other ones before that, you'll get the achievement.''

  • If the achievement doesn't appear by the cut scene, dashboard and reload your campaign you should be in the helicopter as you take off. Meaning you don't have to restart the chapter

  • Another tip. In that first section, look to the left to that roof top, there are a few barrels up top there, as well as the roof top higher and further back from that (the barrels that he mentions are "sometimes" there). If you take those out at the start, it makes the second section a bit easier.

  • After several tries, I understood what is really necessary to get this achievement.

    After leaving the elevator, make sure you don't shoot the barrels. One of them will blow automatically but that wont matter.

    As soon as youre with the heavy gun, aim to the right. Most people dont notice that single barrel on the helipad. Once I found that one out, it was a piece of cake.

    Doing this on very easy and simply forgeting about the enemies is key.

    Hope this helps

  • Took me forever to get this, even with vids, didnt realize i missed the barrel at 1:52 cause i didnt know it was a barrel.

  • @1993wright
    awww dang it!!! i been wasting time and i thought i was gtting the trophy but i ended up accidently shot the red barrels when be4 the helicopter scene xDDD

  • @AirJordan337 ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? I've been trying this trophy now for about 2 hours but I think I shot one barrel before getting in helicopter. Thank you so much for letting me know this

  • @1993wright I actually shot 2 barrels before getting on the copter and still got the achievement. Yes it is better to be safe and with my advice they know its SAFE to shoot some barrells beforehand =p

  • @1993wright This is not true dont believe this guy, I shot 2 barrels before getting on the copter and I still got the achievement =)

  • @1993wright yea, ishi will shoot most of them leaving that last one that you find just behind were you lift off. If you shoot them all you will have to start over to the point before you shot the barrels.

  • dont shoot the barrels wen you get out the elevator cause u hav to be in the helicopter for the explosions to count

  • okay there is two "secret" barrels first: the barrel behind you second at 1:06-1:09 he destroy some rotating fans there is a barrel near og behind that you can see

  • Can someone somehow make a good video displaying where they are cause telling me to shoot anything red when my screen is shaking and red is not very effective.

  • make sure you don't shoot any of the barrels before you get in the helicopter, if they blow up on their own it's fine but just don't shoot them yourself. If you do it will screw it up for you.

  • @Benomac1984 lol yea i tried once, i missed a few barrels, i came here to see where they were, didnt need any other videos, that comment was directed to the guy that said that video is useless. didnt think so, got my trophy/achivement. again ,if you think this is useless, OPEN YOUR EYES, they're glowing red barrels ffs

  • I learned from playing this chapter 3 times is that when your getting the banshee don't shoot the barrels around it no matter what since it won't count to the achievement. Hope this helps some people

  • if you didnt need any help big boy why you looking at this vid you fucking mug making out you so high and mighty.

  • I tried this about 5 times before I realised that it wouldn't count it since I shot those first 2 barrels before getting on the Banshee. -.-

  • @auburok do you really need him to hold your hand and walk u tru the street? i mean cmon, youve got eyes open them.

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