Bulletstorm – Chop Chopper Achievement/Trophy Guide (HD)

hi everyone its Haller again and today I have yet another achievement for you in Bulletstorm this is going to be the chop chopper achievement you can get it in act 4 chapter 2 and preferably you're going to need a sniper rifle that has the charge ability by this point it's just going to make things a lot easier to get this so when you get to this point we see that structure you're going to hear this helicopter coming and once you get it in your sights you're gonna have to track its movement now using a charged shot helps because of the explosion that you can use with the bullet as you can see I'm kind of chasing the chopper right here but because I was able to use the explosion from the bullet the chart shot I was still able to kill the turret gunner and that's what you need to do to get this achievement so that's pretty much all there is to it and if you want to see more Bulletstorm achievements gameplay and content go in my channel check it out subscribe rate and comment then thank you very much


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