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Kensington Palace shuts down Kate Middleton Botox rumor on Wednesday a British plastic surgeon claimed the Duchess of Cambridge uses Botox posting alleged before and after pics on his Instagram account in a lengthy caption he claimed our Kate loves a bit of baby Botox and wrote note the reduction of fine lines on the forehead the post has since been deleted Kensington Palace quickly shut down the claim selling enews this story is not true a spokesperson for the palace also told the New York Post quote the royal family never endorsed commercial activity baby Botox is a type of Botox injection that's said to offer more natural-looking results by minimizing wrinkles while still allowing for facial movements the New York Post contacted the clinic and asked if Kate was their client the market manager told the publication we wouldn't be able to disclose whether she is a client or not due to non-disclosure agreements and also said their doctor posted the photos because he just wanted to show the transformation that it can create and obviously how it can be used for subtle results and how it's really good for anti-aging given how seemingly flawless Kate Middleton is it's no surprise that royal watchers are trying to figure out her beauty secrets baby Botox just clearly isn't one of them breakups or rest in so much more

  • They really should have taking a page out of the queens book never complain/never explain. Now they are back peddling that it is rose oil she uses for her wrinkles. Do you think ppl are that stupid. Who are you trying to convince her followers don't care and the rest of us know better. Let me just (quote) a (term) you the UK media/royal journalist love to use when it comes to bad press regarding DM.

    "Where their's smoke their's fire". I'm calling BS on the palaces attempts/the media's for playing alone. After all DK pass pics are on the internet for all to see the before & after results.And all the rose oil in the world wouldn't have produced her now after results. I just can't help but see the double standards when it comes to these two duchess. PH I hope you have a plan for your family moving forward & if not you have some very important decisions to make……

  • Oh yes it is true very true she did have botox. I have the original post from the Doctor Who stated she had Botox. That's also stated she had her nose done
    And I have that downloaded into my email on that post Photoshop from the doctors who stated she had both Botox and nose job done
    When that came out on Instagram the doctor was ordered to put it down by Buckingham Palace the shut down the rumors that she didn't have it isn't that a shame

  • So Kensington Palace releases a statement denying that Kate used Botox when judging from the before and after pictures, she clearly has. Yet, the Palace has remained silent while the British media has slandered and bullied Meghan for well over a year now on a daily basis. Seems the Palace will defend Kate from any "rumors" but when it comes to Meghan, they stand back and allow her to be smeared by the British press. There are 52 Commonwealth British countries where the Queen is Head of State and many of these countries have already removed the Queen's face from their currency. By the time William ascends to the throne in 20 years or so, I doubt there will even be half of the British Commonwealth countries left that there is today. Many of these countries and its citizens are watching the double standard and mistreatment of Meghan by certain members in the Royal Family and their staff. It is not a good look for Kensington Palace and their treatment of Meghan speaks volumes. They are not doing anything at all to protect Meghan, yet the Palace can try and kill a story about Kate using Botox? Give me a break!

  • WHO cares if Kate shoots a little b-tox. Millions of gals (world wide) do it. OMG. It's no worse than whitening your teeth these days . Get with the times . Was it a slow news day or what idiots?

  • Why do Brits worship these Royal Reptilians, like they're God's and Goddesses? They're nothing but rich welfare rats, spending the peoples wealth, while the peasant sit at the pub getting drunk and watching other people play soccer everyday.

  • She looks old for her age but she still a pretty lady and she is also a thin girl as well!!! OMG WOW !!! E is doing negative news about Kate what the what? Y’all are always hateful towards Megan!!! Must be a slow news day REALLY!!! SMH!!!

  • Honestly I don’t blame her. I would too if I was basically 24/7 being photographed. I would want to look as best as I could with that much press

  • Kensington Palace is different from Buckingham Palace. And she uses bored. She’s too thin and it’s aging her quickly

  • It amazes me how they can speak up about botox but not the other harrassment that has been going on. Just saying….

  • I mean they just said she didnt endorse that post not that she wasnt using it. She always looks perfect either ways 🙂

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