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BTS Performs “I’m Fine” on The Tonight Show

-Performing “I’m Fine” —
BTS! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Intro to “I’m Fine” plays ] [ Sings in Korean ] [ Singing in Korean continues ] [ Singing in Korean continues ] [ Singing in Korean continues ] [ Hip-hop beat drops ] [ Rapping in Korean ] [ Rapping in Korean continues ] [ Rapping in Korean continues ] How you doing?
I’m fine. [ Rapping in Korean continues ] [ Pop melody plays ] [ Sings in Korean ] [ Singing in Korean continues ] [ Sings in Korean ] [ Singing in Korean continues ] -♪ I’m feeling just
fine, fine, fine ♪ [ Singing in Korean continues ] ♪ I know I’m all
mine, mine, mine ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I’m just fine ♪ ♪ I’m feeling just
fine, fine, fine ♪ [ Singing in Korean ] ♪ I can see the sun
shine, shine, shine ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I’m just fine ♪ ♪ Just fine ♪ -[ Speaks in Korean ] [ Speak-singing ]
I’m just fine. [ Speak-sings in Korean ] I’m just fine. [ Continues speak-singing
in Korean ] -[ Rapping ]
I’m so fine. You’re so fine. [ Rapping in Korean ] I’m so fine.
You’re so fine. [ Continues rapping in Korean ] [ Pop melody plays ] [ Singing in Korean ] [ Singing in Korean continues ] -♪ I’m feeling just
fine, fine fine ♪ [ Singing in Korean ] ♪ I know I’m all
mine, mine mine ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I’m just fine ♪ ♪ I’m feeling just
fine, fine, fine ♪ [ Singing in Korean ] ♪ I can see the sun
shine, shine, shine ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I’m just fine ♪ ♪ Just fine ♪ [ Singing in Korean ] [ Singing in Korean continues ] [ Singing in Korean continues ] ♪ I’m feeling just
fine, fine, fine ♪ [ Singing in Korean ] ♪ I’m feeling just
fine, fine, fine ♪ [ Singing in Korean ] ♪ I’m feeling just
fine, fine, fine ♪ [ Singing in Korean ] [ Singing in Korean continues ] ♪ I’m feeling just
fine, fine, fine ♪ [ Singing in Korean ] [ Singing in Korean continues ] [ Cheers and applause ] ♪ I’m fine ♪ [ Cheers and applause ]

  • You have no idea how happy it makes me to come back here and see all the new fans of our boys and comments about Taehyung (blonde hair)

    Thank you to all new fans who are willing to learn more about these seven amazing men and thank you to ARMY who love and support BTS everyday. LOVE this family:)

  • Honestamente yo era una anti fan……
    Conocía a BTS y pensaba que eran gays que se vestían y eran iguales y odiaba su música …
    En la escuela tenía una compañera que amaba a sus “chinitos” y a mi no me gustaba incluso ella tenía una calcomanía de jimin en su libreta y yo de broma le decía que era jimin neutron , después por un trabajo que nos dejaron de educación física esa misma compañera bailó la dudududu de blackpink y yo por curiosidad investigue la coreografía y después me empezó a gusta blackpink , cuando estaba viendo videos de blackpink me apareció en recomendados BTS -idol la primera vez que oí esa canción no me gustó pero aun así seguí escuchando canciones y me di cuenta que ya tenía una canción de ellos en mi playlist desde hace mucho tiempo la cual era nada más y nada menos que la de Fake love y de repente me gustó la música de mis queridos BTS, mi cuart9 está llenos de pósters de ellos y tengo un choro de mercancía.
    Quien iba a decir que alo que odiaba mucho iba a terminar gustándome…

  • I've watched this performance for so long and only now something hit me with the thought that maybe Namjoon was inspired by Ross Geller's popular "I'm fine" line..

  • This song of them is one of the hardest to sing plus the choreography but one of the most powerful for me. Danger is number on my list.

  • when i turn on subtittle
    (singing in korean)
    (singing in korean continue)
    (singing in korean continues)
    (rapping korean)
    (rapping in korean continues)

  • 1:56 V and Jungkook being so synchronized that they look like one person 🙌🏼 (for those who don’t know they are the ones on the left)

  • 却 和肉末送 参谈 有 白兰 咯是 包头市 💟💗💘💝❤💖💙💚💛💜💓💓💕

  • i hope taehyung got to read all these comments about his voice on here. i mean..majority are just here for the first time hearing his voice and 1 that stood out for them was his voice. hope he gets to read them.

  • في دقيقه 2:52 تعب صوت كوكي من صوتو مبين تعبان 💔💔😭وربي قلبي احترك اله يتعبو ويرقصو وراها. في ناس حقرا يجو يحجو عنهم 💔😭

  • 💜Our boys are slaying ARMYYSSS💜
    I'm whippped😭😭 help me plz..
    I cry whenever I think about future when they will disband or stop their music😑😑

  • All comments of « non fans » are such touching, I am so happy that thanks to their success, people are interest by their music and can admit their talent. Thank you all 💕😊

  • taehyung didn't even have enough lines but he is the most famous as blonde guy on the comment box because of his voice❤

  • the funniest part of all video are subtitles
    Singing in Korean
    Singing in Korean continues

    maybe i just didn`t understand something (i have studied english yet)
    but that is so funny to read

  • 4:07 that person screaming "WTF?!"
    is a mood. I mean, i'd also not believe they'd be in front of me performing, i'd think it's a dream :')

  • Fellow beginner armys or people who just saw this:

    blond guy with beautiful deep voice- Kim Taehyung(v)

    Brown hair angelic voice in mahogany like jacket- seok jin (jin)

    starting rapper- leader kim namjoon(rm)

    rapper after first chorus- Sunshine jung hoseok(j-hope)

    insanely fast rapper: Min yoongi(suga)

    Amazing voice who starts off chorus: golden maknae
    jeon jungkook (jungkook)

    High voice after jungkook- jimin with his radiance

    Hope this helped yall

  • See the comments? BigHit needs to stop sleeping on the best Baritone ever. International audience do prefer Tae's voice. And even when he has always had the lesser lines still manages to gain attention! That's V for you. The blonde guy in yellow/Green jacket!
    Ps : I was looking at his feet all the time due to his shoe lace on "Idol" hahah!

  • OMFG, When I put English subtitles, it keeps on saying
    singing in korean
    singing in korean continues
    singing in korean continues
    I'm like….

    that ain't helping ;-;

  • JHope's rap with background music ❤ Suga's one breath rap with that BG music ❤ Jin's "gwenchana" on high note ❤ Jimin's and Kookie's dance ❤ Rap Mon's rap ❤ and last but not the least, V's "I'm fine" in the end ❤
    They all biaswreck me all the time. Too hard to select one but ❤ BTS ❤ you are one such inspiration to us ❤

  • Gets hurt
    Bts: I'm fine
    Read hate comments
    Bts: I'm fine
    Falls over
    Bts: I'm fine
    Someone hurts ARMY
    Bts: NOT TODAY!!!!!!😠

    All bts care about is Army and all we care about is bts
    That's why I love ARMY & BTS💜💜

  • who’s the guy who said “hey, Hope world”? Damn his dancing is absolutely phenomenal. As a dancer for 10 years now, I gotta day he is far more better than I am. His visuals are great too. Think I might start listening to the group after watching this performance.

  • isso… <3 i'm always really so thrilled not only with the song, the feeling they put in their voice but this choreography too… and it really is. always been all for one, i love this philanthropy, this good of each one. never letting go of anyone's hand. Bangtan, i love you so much. so proud of you forever.

  • Since a lot of people have been taken notice of Taehyung here (stage name, V and the one with the blonde hair and green jacket), just a few fun facts about him.

    1. Taehyung was from a family of farmers and he was raised by his grandmother through half of his life since his parents were too busy.
    2. He always dreamed of being a farmer too.
    3. That was until he learned how to play the saxophone, from there he got the interest of learning how to dance since he thought that musicians should also be able to dance.
    4. He didn't plan on auditioning for Bighit (BTS' company), and was just accompanying a friend there but the staff noticed him and convinced him to audition. He didn't really prepare anything as he was only there to look around, but the staff member called his parents, got permission, and he auditioned. He was the only one who passed the audition.
    5. Since he was from the countryside, his parents bought him an expensive jacket for him to wear when he went to Seoul to train so that the rich city kids wouldn't make fun of him. Because of this, the BTS members originally thought that he was a spoiled rich kid, when in reality it was the complete opposite.
    6. Before debut, BTS members were allowed to post on their own Twitter account to interact with future fans, and they were recording logs and uploading it on Youtube as well, all except for Taehyung, who was the last member to be revealed because he was the 'secret weapon' according to Bighit.
    7. Bighit didn't specify why but the game BTS World tells us that it was to prevent other companies from recruiting him. Because of that, V felt lonely and would sometimes record blogs and say something like, "Today I did this and that. I'm lonely, this wouldn't get uploaded, right?" When the other members would take group pictures or record group videos, he would be at the far side of the room, beside the trash can where the camera can't see him, watching the other members.
    8. So when he finally got revealed as the last member to complete BTS and when he received his first fan letter, he was so happy that he read it several times and couldn't stop thinking about it that he couldn't sleep (this baby huhu)

    There are soooo many fun facts about BTS and their story is very inspiring. I can't tell how many times they pulled me out of the dark times, and how many times they've motivated me to do things (exercising, skin care, eating properly, working hard, etc.). There are articles and interviews and facts pages of them and I encourage people to take a look at them! They are all very warm-hearted, humble, individuals <3

  • Let’s just appreciate Suga’s rapping though! It’s great.
    And I’m watching this 1 year after it was published ..

  • Everyone in the comment section : OMG The blonde guy killed it!!!



  • I live in a place where girls love bts but most of the boys hate kpop band especially boy band but being a male myself I love them because their music is unique and refreshing, I usually ignore them

  • Wow these guys are so professional! The stage is so small, and you can see they have to keep their formations smaller. As a dancer, I know how it's hard to modify movements and formations on the day of, but they did it seamlessly. And the mics were a little breathy too, yet the singing and rapping was very stable. With all these challenges, BTS still managed to put on an amazing performance!!

  • Ahh a throwback this was the first bts video i saw and now im a huge kpop stan its honsestly so amazing to come back to this video
    Its still one of my favorite videos ever and now the song makes me cry all the time knowing how this is the song that got me in to staning these beutiful 7 angels they deserve absaloutly everything

  • All the green jacket/ blonde hair guy enthusiasts (aka Taehyung) should check out his song Winter Bear 🐻 ❄️ on YT

  • WOW, I've watched this so many times yet it still amazes me every time. The singing, the rapping, the complex and theatrical choreography, their gorgeous looks, their facial expressions, … just WOW. Nothing but love and respect for these guys

  • I' m so glad because i like Jimmy Fallon and here the first time I saw Taehyung !
    I felt like my heart skipped a beat
    ! He stole the show! Definetely!

  • I love BTS so much💜💜This performance was amazing like any other performance💞I cant believe it’s going to be a year since this video came out.🥺😭💗💗

  • Wooow…. Their performance is really mindblowing. I think I am getting in to the fandom. The blonde hair guy who's singing at the beginning just stole my heart. His voice 😍
    And also the Rappers literally nailed their parts. How is that possible to be so perfect?

  • this is the first video of bts i saw, I remember all the feelings and thoughts i felt and what i thought each of them were like, it’s completely different now im an army, it still brings me back

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