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BTS Glambot 2019 Grammy Awards and Speech – BTS Camara Lento y su Discurso sub Español

it’s a blessing we can get so much love for doing what we love Stu growing up in South Korea we always dreamed about standing underground station thanks to all our fans for making this dream come true I would be back like where we’re living the dream I like to say thank to all the armies they made us they give us give us boss like you know we never imagined that we could always say it’s a journey but you know still can’t believe it on this red carpet I mean they made us they gave the wings they give all the opportunities to us so I’m sure they’ve been proud and they’ll be like you know you see all around like they’re here with us so yeah so we’re so proud thank you for the Army’s thanks I love you you gave all Ismay dollars we’re so proud and so grateful thinking

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