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[BTS] 방탄소년단 뷔에게 편지를 전하지 못해 어쩔줄 모르는 영국 수공예디자이너 (Turn on caption for Eng sub)

Hi everyone! This is K-pop Shock A handicraft designer was at a loss as she couldn’t deliver thank you letter to BTS V This story has to do with an English independent handicraft artist Kate Rowland Kate Rowland is an independent designer of playful accessaries such as paint palette brooch In June last year, she had a rush of orders for paint palette brooch from all over the world Kate Rowland couldn’t make out the reason af first, but she figured it out after she searched on the internet later That was because BTS V was wearing her paint palette brooch in the airport when he came back to Korea from a world tour V, who loves to paint in his free time, purchased the brooch at a handicraft shop in London where BTS held a concert After media covered V wearing the brooch, it sold out in a few hours Kate Rowland, who was an unknown artist, has gained fame as a handicraft designer since then Kate Rowland wanted to send thank you message to V for the impact he had on her life after wearing the brooch, but she didn’t know how to deliver it On Jan. 7, she asked ARMYs to help her deliver thank you message to V on Twitter “Help me out! I want to send a thank you message to V, but I don’t know how to do it” BTS fans who saw her twit showed her how she could send the message to V It was to post her message on Weverse which is a Big Hit Entertainment’s official fan community Kate Rowland wrote her thank you message to V on Weverse on Jan. 7 “I’m not certain that this message will get lost amongst the thousands you receive daily, however I feel I owe you a thank you!” “A small brooch you purchased in London during your UK tour last summer changed my life forever” She has supported poor independent artists since she gained fame thanks to V BTS and ARMY’s good influences seem to be spreading everywhere It has been K-pop Shock


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