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BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts: Component 1

[Get to know the BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts: Component 1] In this first Component, students will develop
an understanding of the performing arts by examining practitioners’ work and the processes
used to create performance. A practitioner, in this context, is an individual
or a company with an established reputation and presence, nationally or internationally. Sometimes we may take for granted that students
will know how performance work is made, and this Component should act as an introduction
to the different processes that professional practitioners use. Students should have access to live and recorded performances, as well as the classes and workshops you provide, to understand the following. What are the creative intentions of the work? What are the roles of those involved? How does a particular choreographer or director work with their performers? What happens during the development and rehearsal process? What is the relationship between the performers and the audience? Students should be introduced to a range of
performance styles – these can be in one or more of the disciplines of acting, dance or
musical theatre. You could link the work together by looking
at how the different practitioners treat a theme, or how they communicate with audiences,
or how they might interpret or update a style. Students will need to keep a research log
of their findings, which will help them meet the requirements for learning aim A. This
could include recordings (of the practitioners work and their own practical explorations),
written notes, research findings, images, it could be blog, an audio recording, or a
presentation. For learning aim B, students can present their
understanding of how the practitioner works with the performers and other creative theatremakers
(such as designers) during rehearsal and performance. They will practically explore different approaches
to making work – they might use recordings of these practical explorations to illustrate
or justify their analysis in a presentation. They could produce a written document, such
a programme notes, or an interactive demonstration which includes images and clips of the practitioners
in action. The main focus of this Component, and this
course, is performance, and therefore student exploration and investigation of how others
work should be as practical as possible. [View the full details for Component 1 in the specification, from page 7 at] [Music playing]

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