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BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production: Component 2

[Creative Media Production – Component 2] [music playing] During Component 2 students develop practical
media production skills and techniques in one or more media sectors, including audio
and moving image, publishing, and interactive media. Through practical workshops and classes, students
will engage in media production activities to learn fundamental skills across the planning
process, creating content and combining, shaping and refining that content using sector specific
software. For learning aim A, students will engage in
short production activities, individually or as part of a production team – they won’t
be expected to create a complete media product. This is an opportunity for students to experiment
with sector specific equipment and software. For example, they might experiment with different
camera movements when shooting video, transforming images through different image manipulation
techniques or adding interactive features to a web page. They’ll need to keep a record of their practical
skill development, which could be through annotated screen shots, narrated screen recordings,
annotated drafts of practical work and teacher observation. Having developed some underpinning media production
skills and techniques, students will then continue their skill development by reworking
part of an existing media product, either individually or collaboratively, for Learning
Aim B. This might be, for example, a narrative-based music video, a double page spread from a fashion
magazine or a level from a maze game. Students will engage in pre-production, production
and post-production activities relevant to their chosen media sector. The emphasis in Component 2 is on developing
and applying media production skills and techniques. So, for learning aim C, they will reflect
on and evaluate their own progress and skill development to highlight strengths and areas
for further development. [View the full details in the specification, pages 17-29] [ [music playing] [Pearson] [Always learning]

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