BT: Aicelle Santos, wagi ng silver medal sa ASEAN+3 Song contest 2019

we live in an premier Napoli coulomb hello la goodbye I am singer actress Melissa Santos my bag Ankara Milan Paris Sabanci Naruto I'm starving Joaquin a silver medal I'm traffic de venecia Santos asean-plus-three Song Contest 2019 so Vietnam Suhani on Instagram account pin assalam upon young composers nun Canyon Moroccan and toss competition nas in a Jun Jie Marcelo at Jana Gibbs special shout out Dean supposed and pop up in our contestants thus in a pimp Aveeno at Steven better Lido players and fans Alden Richards at the free Barnardo's our premier Napoli : hello love goodbye [Applause] Khalid in a christian bautista Vietnam Somalia cherry Solomon valley Montenegro Maggie ketose at Rue de Madrid seven inaudible Akula present dan see Jamie senior assistant vice president for alternative productions Gigi Santiago Lara showing now Villa de Oro


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