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Bruno Mars – Runaway Grammy Performance 2012 – MissP Recap

Let me talk about good
old Bruno Mars. He was one of the first
performances that I saw that really had some high energy. I loved how he commanded
that stage. One thing about him, with
his voice, he does a lot of good ballads. But the dancing was great. I loved how he did the
little James Brown. I was like, yes, Bruno, that’s
what I’m talking about. And I love how he just
broke it down. The little boy in the back
with the tambourine. Everybody was synchronized
and in step. I loved it. Nobody was off. It was just great. I think Bruno Mars had
a really, really good performance. He commanded my attention as
well as everyone else’s. And I’m glad that he had
the audience into it. It was just great. I think one of the best
performances of the night had to be with Bruno Mars.


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