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Brundavanam | Full Length Telugu Movie | Jr NTR, Kajal, Samantha

Brindavanam belongs to everyone…
Lord Krishna belongs to everyone… Why are you jealousy Radha?
Admiring beauty is everyone’s happiness… Brother!
– What? Got him?
– No brother, not yet. As soon as you get him,
lynch the bastard! Pick up the phone! Krish, Lavanya’s brother has come
to know, they are after me. Where are you now? Stop there, you bastard! Man with great strength and stamina… Dashing debonair… Man of action… Man who can charm anyone… He’s a winner… Got him? Why did you bring me here?
This is Lavanya’s house. You love her, right?
Risk is unavoidable. Who are you? Are you chasing the lover of your
sister without knowing who he is? He’s the lover. I don’t know if you were
a good brother to your sister, but he’s the man who made
you feel like brother, if everything happens as I think,
then he’s your brother-in-law. You’re right to go after him
for loving your sister, that’s why I’ve brought him
here to discuss, after discussion, if you dare to say no or impossible, If you can face the next
five minutes bravely, you can face anything in life. They want you not me! What happened to him? For next 5 minutes he’s numb. You go and get Lavanya. Brother-in-law, I’m eloping
with your sister, please don’t take it to your heart. Don’t try to find them. Because I’m between you and them If you’re confident of
going past me, then come. I’ll kill you! Not you, your confidence. What brings you here, son? Dad, I want 30 minutes of your time. My life is yours, son.
Come. Sir…what about this meeting? Cancel that contract.
My son is here. You in my office? He called on phone and asked
me to be here in 1 0 minutes. So, here I am.
– Come. Did you frisk them? Not only that he got us
married too, uncle. When I was young, I too had the same
idea of getting my friend married, but I couldn’t do it, he has done it.
– You always tell this story. Please bless us sir.
– Bless us sir. We are all young, so your blessings
could make them little brave. If there’s anything like that,
you please don’t do like this. Introduce her to us. where are you rushing off, son? To do what you didn’t do, uncle. what? Hot youth never cares anyone… Youth take a turn in college… Brain gets blown up
and is shocked… What more can we wish for it says… Young men’s heart…
maiden’s pride… Ready to face anything bravely
but not you… Rebelling youth but never
gets angry with you… Our aim is your order… Who is for whmm… Dream? Trap? Ambition? History? Future? Maiden? Thin waist…cat walk…
mock angers…many more… We don’t want freedom… We got imprisoned in
your eyes willingly… A story that moved every nerve… It’s you who did it intelligently… Isn’t our life blessed? If you look at us… It’s moonbeam in life…
It’s scary when your lips move… Eyes refuse to look straight at you… Mind is blown up getting
enchanted by girls… Arrogant girls…Iiars…
over smart…all the girls… Difficult questions…
can never understand you… We are lost and dazed…
all because of you… Never easy to get… But still I’m here for you… We’ll not trouble you anymore… You’re not the perfect match for us… How long should we be after you?
Your beauty kills… Who wants to go on praise of
beauty of moonlight in desert… We are in love for quite
some time now, girl friend is angry, don’t you’ve any thought
of pacifying her. we’ll follow you till you fall for us,
once fallen you’re after us. Mother…father..
– What’s it son? You told me to introduce if I’ve
any girl friend, she’s the one. I told about it just a couple
of days ago, so fast? It’s been going on for
a year now, dad. When I was young like you, I too thought of taking a girl to
my dad and introduce her, I couldn’t and so married you. I couldn’t do it, but he has done it. My father is like that.
– No, he isn’t that great. When ever he does anything, he feels
he also could’ve done it, that’s all. My mother is like this only. You come in dear. What are your parents doing?
– They are in America. I’m doing engineering here. I’m with my paternal uncle
and joined college here. What’s your plan after marriage?
– Marry Krish. Get up! It’s Krish, mom.
– Get up, let’s go to temple. Why should I come to temple?
– Why are you asking like that son? why do we go to a temple?
If we are facing any problem, we go. Do I’ve any problem?
Good mother and father. Indu, who loves me dearly. My friends who would do
anything for me. Wealth that can last for many
generations if spent lavishly. If I still go to the temple with
all this, God will feel bad. I need to meet you immediately.
– What? – problem. Is the problem big? How could you guess it right? When you scratched me,
it means the problem is big. Tell me. I’ve a friend. Should I kidnap and get her married?
– Listen to me fully. She’s very brilliant. She has many ideas about her career. She finished studies here;, she wants
to study further in America. She needs money?
– Listen to me. Her father wants to get her married
to aunt’s son in village. He’s a rogue. If she marries him, her life is ruined. To avoid that marriage, she told
her father that she has a boy friend. Good idea.
– That’s where she got caught. Now her father wants to
meet the boy friend. He’s better than her. She needs a boy friend
immediately to take home. Where can I get a
scapegoat immediately? Don’t say scapegoat. Okay, where can I get a boy
friend for her immediately? Oh no! Am I that scapegoat?
Have you gone mad? I should’ve understood
when you scratched me. Will you please leave her hand? I’ve seen fathers, who send goons to
bash him on knowing about boy friend, but your father is inviting him
like son-in-law for a festival… will he beat me there? If we know that
why would I choose you? I would’ve sent any fool with her. If you go, you’ll settle it and
return immediately in a jiffy. Do you feel like that? Good! Can’t you escape to America from here? She doesn’t want to hurt her father. That sentiment too! She thinks her father mustn’t get hurt, and you think she mustn’t get hurt, and I think you mustn’t get hurt, okay, what next? Will you be happy if I go with her? You’re the only girl to send your boy
friend as boy friend of your friend. Good! Okay…what will you tell your parents? I always told my dad after doing it,
this one also. When are we leaving? Tell me son! Dad, I’m thinking of going
on a world tour.- Why? You didn’t go, so I’m thinking of going. When are you leaving?
– Tomorrow, dad. The kid embarked on journey… Innocent kid… I can see clearly the tumultuous future. How many brothers and
sisters you have? I’m the lone child.
– Oh like me! So, you, mother and father in home!
I can manage easily. There are 20 people in my home.
– What? Mine is a joint family. Oh my God! My father Bhanuprasad. My mother died two years
after I was born. People say my father
became tough after that. Not only people in home but
entire village is afraid of my father. His word is rule. He’ll not leave if he likes,
if he dislikes, he ignores. Till now my father never talked
to me affectionately, Krish. I’m waiting eagerly that
he will some day.. This is my family photo. It’s like school photo with principal. My elder uncle Prasad Rao,
he loves playing cards, my elder aunt Mahalakshmi, their son chitti, younger uncle Giri, he came here 1 5 years ago
for harvest festival, he always says he’ll go
after next festival, my younger aunt Shravani, my uncles who are intern sons-in-law
are cheap to every one, my elder paternal uncle and aunt, my younger paternal uncle and aunt,
and their kids, this is my pet Kittu. Though I said casually scapegoat,
this is lndu’s plan, right? No, my grandpa’s. She has many dreams, she wants to
study further and achieve something, why do you want her to marry
and stay at home? Moreover with that rogue.
– What does he lack? If we search we can find a
defect in every man, father. I haven’t forgotten the promise given
to sister about giving land to her son. Why are you worried
when my daughter isn’t, father? Neither you nor l…
– What?- She has… It seems she loves a boy in city. Old fox! You’ve made a very big plan. The old man is there only, right? I can manage all of them easily. But what is in your father’s mind? It seems the groom is coming,
when is the marriage? You didn’t even tell your
sister’s husband also. I’m not calling him here
to marry my daughter, to send him away from here. When my daughter said she loves a boy,
if I say no and create scene, she may elope with him
as she’s major. She’s young and alone without
any family support there, he would’ve charmed her
with his word play, and this mad girl thinks that’s love, that’s why I told her to bring him here, we are so many here, can’t we make him hate us and
go away from here on his own? Can’t I divert my daughter’s
attention towards us? It means we don’t like him, right?
– That’s what he’s saying. just checking if you’d
understood it or not. One thing is sure, as I had promised my sister, my daughter will become
your daughter-in-law. He’s coming. Let him come. Venkatapuram 3 kms. Bomb…bomb… It’s not a bomb but bus tyre. Flat tyre in this village. Why are you getting down in this village? How dare he’s getting down here! How dare a man from that
village gets down here! A man from that village
has beaten our man. Stay away from the people
of this village, let’s go Krish. You don’t know about the
people of this village. Who…
– Me! You? Why?
– Bus stopped and I got down. I was lihting the cigarette,
he caught me by my collar, I didn’t like it. I beat him. Do you know what would’ve happened
if had come a minute late? Another 1 0 people would be
unconscious like him. Whose guest you are there?
– Bhanuprasad. Is that why you’re so proud?
Boys! Tie him! Let me who will come to release
that bus and this boy. Come on. Brother! It seems they’ve stopped the
bus coming to our village. Stop boys! You may think you’ve escaped,
you’ve to return in this road only. Mahbubnagar district limit ends Kurnool district limit begins The man who is scared to face you
is daring to come to you. He’s going extreme, brother-in-law. Junior madam is here! Grandpa, madam is here. How are you doing, aunt? Uncle! Rummy or drop? Grandpa! Greetings grandpa! Watch, how I’ll play with him. It seems you got down in that
village and beat a man there. Are you such a courageous man? You’ve told everything about me,
it’ll not be nice if I say again. What’s your name?
– Krishna, my father’s choice. It’s little old, so changed it to Krish.
– What does your father do? In the big conglomerate Krishna
group of companies, he’s a small clerk.
– Are you a clerk’s son?- Yes. Why did you choose my daughter
though city boasts of many girls? Why did you ask me like that? There are so many fathers in this world, if I ask why have you become
father of the girl I love, what will be your answer, sir? Smart boy! What do you do?
– Not yet decided. How could you like him? There can be reasons for disliking,
why do you need reasons to like? He can answer only if he knows it. Take him in. Come Krish. Krish, this room… I understood it while talking
to your father. How the treatment will be here. For my father talking to you like that… How do you expect him to talk to me then? I’ve raised my daughter for you only,
come and take, would he say so? Father of any daughter would
talk like your father only. Little hard. Am I your original lover to feel for it? But one thing, I was always happy
and in happy surroundings only. First time I’m seeing hatred.
Let me experience that too. By the way, why are you so dull? Do you know how my girl friend must be? Do you know this?
My father always says, I’m the most handsome eligible
bachelor in this state. If it’s not true,
why would he say? I think he’s right. That’s better! That’s how people
should be with me. How many hurdles I had crossed?
Can’t you thank me? Girl friends will not thank boy friends. Oh good development. We met entire family,
but where is he?- Who? For whom I’ve come here,
your aunt’s son. If your sister is pregnant,
how can you say it’s mine? She got cheated with
a promise of marriage… I wanted Bhumi before
I grew a moustache. Wveryone here knows
I’ll marry her only. But still your sister slept with me, I can take it as she desired me,
how can I think she loves me? You should’ve come to you for this, why did you try to go
to my father-in-law? Get her abort it in another village, if not your wife who goes to fetch
water daily will not return home. Your children who go to
school will also… Brother! There’s man here to see you. Who are you? I heard about you and imagined wrong, you’re much better.
– Who are you? In a way, I’m your younger brother. I mean you future wife’s
future husband. Hey, you’ve committed a mistake. You should’ve inquired about me
before coming here. I’ll let people know about me,
I’ll never bother to know about others. The moment I reach Bhumi’s home,
I know you’ll come to show your power. Before that happens,
I must show you my power, right? Listen to me and forget Bhumi. I know it’s little difficult, brother.
But do try! You can’t avoid it, right? Bhumi, come. Leave me, father. You may misjudge me as
soft lover boy from city, just made a try as the
character is new, the original is intact inside, if you make it come out,
it’s devastation only! Why did you stop me, father? I would’ve killed him as
she watches it. Till now whatever we had done,
we did it secretly behind your uncle, your uncle promised me,
he’ll take care of him. Come in grandpa. You thought about your
grand daughter’s life only, you didn’t bother about a
scapegoat’s life getting stuck. What’s this grandpa? Fear…fear dear. I just thought what would’ve happened
to her life if you hadn’t come? We all joined together to raise
a motherless child, but nobody could become
mother to her. As her name suggests, she hid
everything inside like earth, never shared it with anyone. She told me about everyone in
this home before coming here, only you’ve told me about her, grandpa. There are so many here,
won’t he listen to your advise too? Let any mistake happen here,
nobody here would dare point it. Because they think they’re
don’t have that right. May be I too! You saw on the bride about people
of two villages breathing fire to fight, I’m responsible for it. Though their mothers are different,
their father is one. I’m their father. Are they both your sons? you came for my grand daughter
but I’m telling you my tale. Forget about that, grandson. You said your father is some clerk, you would’ve lived in narrow lanes
and match box like homes, did you see how vast the house is?
I built it. Stay happily till you are here. Keep this Rs.500, for expenses. Ask me if you need more,
don’t feel shy. You took Rs.500 from grandpa,
how much you took from Bhumi? Hey you! Are you a hired son-in-law? But why are they making so
many plans to drive you out? Brother!
– Hey, how dare you touch me! If I twist your hand will break. Brother, that’s an imported watch. If it’s imported watch,
won’t it work on my hand? One punch can break your heart
into 1 6 pieces. Come here boy! What will happen to you if uncle
comes to know about this? No brother, I’ll be dead. Brother, that’s my shirt. One punch on nose will drain
out your entire blood. Pack everything. What am I to pack after
you’ve packed everything? How dare you raise voice on me! I’ll pluck your eyes balls and
play marbles with it. Maintaining glamour too?
Do you really need it? You’ll stay here for one night only.
Uncle won’t come till morning. Uncle won’t come till morning! Hey kid! You pack everything.
Pack everything. Sleep…how could you sleep boy? I told you to pack your bags, right? Brother, last night I went out
to shoot a film. What did you see in darkness? I filmed everything I could see, brother. Why don’t you film me?
Come on… I’ve already shot your film, brother. Am I appearing smart?
Am I handsome? I’d be more handsome than you.
Show me…show me… Rathalu…Iook what I’ve got you
from Dubai? Scent bottles and powder cans? Wait for two days,
I found a scapegoat, as soon as uncle comes,
I’ll uncle about him, and rice mill will become ours.
After that it’s fun all the way. My fate brother! pant is oversized.
Keep it. Imported watch brother, keep it safely. Hey! You underestimated me, Kid! What’s this?
– That film is on this CD. I’ve about 30 or 40 copies of it. I think I’ve handled Chitti little tough. Useless Chitti no need to talk about him will your punch break
my heart into 1 6… Pluck my eye balls and play marbles…
– Oh no, forget it. A punch on nose will drain out…
– Forget it. will you over act?
– I’ve stopped it, brother. Brother! If my matter leaks out not only
from you or anyone else, I’ll release this film,
‘Rathalu and Rice Mill’. I got it, brother. From now your tensions
are my tensions. You were asking for uncle
since last night, he has returned. Come fast! I called you like that to make
them believe us as lovers. Is it good? Is it the way to call a lover, Krish? Didn’t you feel like that? But your friend always
calls me informally. I must keep her under
control immediately. Okay, come and have breakfast. You’re good in long skirt and half sari. Okay come. How long to wait! Come brother, sit. Is it fear or humbleness? It’s respect with humbleness
and fear, brother. Sit down. Just two dosas only for you. This plate is not for strangers.
For members of the family only. Mahalakshmi aunty,
she’ll fall easily for praise. A Goddess like you’re here but
Bhumi praised someone else. Whom did she praise? Her name starts with Ma…Maha…
– Mahalakshmi? That’s her! I don’t like praising her
when you are here. What else did she tell you?
– Changed the plate. She told me a lot. Whether anyone likes me or not,
but Mahalakshmi must like me. I don’t know if she’ll like me or not. Son!
– No mother! Yes? That Mahalakshmi… …it’s me! You? You? Are you Mahalakshmi? How dare! How dare she makes you
serve breakfast to me? Please sit down son…sit down. What’s it Krish?
– You wait. You have your breakfast,
I’ll be bacK in a minute. Oh no! You’re no ordinary actor.
– What?- Actor par excellence! What’s it aunt? Whether anyone likes him or not,
I like him very much. Please don’t tell anyone that I like him. Krish wait, I’ll get you two more dosas. Sir, bulls have grown old.
No use at all. What shall I do, sir? They worked till now for this family. There are many here who eat
and do nothing for this family. Feed it along with them. Brother, he told about us only, right? Any doubt? By any chance
will you get angry and leave? You can go if you wan to, how can
I go with Dasara festival near by? Place is good, uncle.
Good selection. What are you doing here? Get up. Why are you saying like that? I must also settle here
some day like you, uncle. Let’s share this place between us.
– What? I’ve also decided after seeing you, uncle. I’ll also become intern son-in-law. What to do now? If he comes, he’ll be star son-in-law
and we’ll be extra sons-in-law. What shall we do now?
– Let’s trap him. How?
– Shut up. Look, nobody will talk to you here
other than we two. Ask me what ever you want.
– Okay uncle. Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law! He didn’t care our warnings
and sat between us. I can judge what he is when he
came uninvited wagging to you. Be careful.
– Okay brother-in-law. Grandson, don’t take it your heart. Are you feeling for it?
I’m telling you don’t do it. You don’t worry, grandpa,
these little things won’t hurt me. Now that I’m here,
I’ll finish the job and go. Oh no! My dad! Where are you now son?
– Where am l? I’m in South Africa, dad. There’s a big zoo Known
as National Safari, you can find different kinds of animals, you wouldn’t have seen them in your life. You’re right dad. I’ve never seen so many
varieties of animals. They are fine…I mean good. Miss you too, dad. My father thinks I’m on world tour. You haven’t yet given me
a tour of your village. Let’s go out. Wntire farm you see is ours. If I’m here to take you and
this vast property, not only your father,
any father would feel sad. Shall we drink palm milk? Tender leaves swayed gently… The young maiden’s heart
too swayed, O parrot… Jasmine says yes…it’s fragrance of
jasmine in eye, heart, soul and on me… It’s tempting and
spread all around me… It’s beautiful jasmine… Sun…hot young sun like man…
has come to my village… Red sun…young sun…has driven
away darkness from my life… It never happened like this before…
sky has become shadow of earth…. That savvy young man would’ve
filled the sky with light… Hey boy, it’s our day, take chances…
this place is all ours… Hey boy, the game is ours…
fight your way to glory… Hey boy, raise dust…
do it to blow up brains…. Hey boy, dominate from beginning… These legs know to dance… It realised after you came into my life… This flower knows to smile… It laughed after knowing about you… Oh God! What happened to this maiden? She’s teasing and
spreading her charm… Wven stones would talk
if it’s with you… What am I to do, tell me dear? Hey boy, make the sky bend
down for you… Hey boy, make the evening
dance to your tunes… Hey boy, let the colours enchant…
go all out for it… He came courageously…
he stood by ground… He charmed…he moved… Those eyes are making merry… It’s happy only after hearing you… Those steps are turning mischievous… Your song is inspiring and
excitement is hitting crescendo… What am I to say if you
attribute everything to me? May be you all together and
created this wonder… You created this magic, if you say
we did it, what am I to say? Hey boy, rock this place… Hey boy, shatter the world… Hey boy, shake up the nature…
smash it out… The paddy pods have opened up… The swallow has reached
it’s nest, O parrot… Now I Know why you like
Kittu, the tortoise.- Why? It too hides the head
on facing danger. It’s free and happy when
there’s no one around. Just like you. Your stay here is very short, so do look
around as much as you can. Are you sending us marrying off? If uncle wasn’t between us,
I would’ve killed you by now. Bloody…women are here, brother.
Not nice to use bad words. May I tell you one thing, brother? He’s a man, who kills when he wants to, if I want to, no power on
earth can stop me. Bhumi, come. He’s finished today. This is not city to roam around
with an unmarried girl. This is village. Don’t you’ve sense that people
would be watching you? It’s you who brought me here before
marriage and announced it to all. He’s right. Don’t you’ve the knowledge to
inform us before taking her out? Accusing you is waste,
it’s your parents’ mistake. Brother! Didn’t you tell them? what? You both are lovers,
why are you sitting in home? Go out happily like love birds, and
said you’ll manage uncle, right? Didn’t you do it? Oh! Did I say like that? Did you? That is father…
if you ask me did l… Why is he staring at me? If brother says it means I’ve said it. Did you expect I’ll go away with this? Not expect, I’ve already packed
your bags, brother. Give me a minute, I’ll unload it.
promise on my mother. Who is calling at this hour, brother? My real girl friend, I’ll talk to her. Why am I knowing all the truths? Have you settled down? You want me to?
– I’ll kill you. I meant no problem.
– No problem. Why don’t you also come here
as Bhumi’s friend? It’ll be fun. Just 1 0 days only, I’ll tell about us
with my parents after exams. After that all my life is
with you only. OKay, I’ll call you tomorrow. Got a joker? Come early tomorrow morning. Spray fertilizers in the farm
– Yes sir. There’s a marriage at Basavarajus,
we’re busy so can’t attend, anyway you both are idle,
have a free feast there. We’ll save atleast a meal here. He’s here again. Why is he calling so cheaply, uncle?
– Who else? We both. What’s this uncle?
You’re his sister’s husband, right? How can he address brother-in-law
with disrespect? That’s it.
– I didn’t liKe it, uncle. This is unjust,
come let’s taKe him to task. What task? They’ll throw us
also out with you. You’re too much.
– What’s this uncle? Agreed we are useless,
idle and do nothing, can he abuse us like that?
– He’s wrong. Now the… What’s this? Sons-in-laws are talking
here, can’t you do it later? Go away.
– I’ve lot of work to do. You go inside and talk. Did you see uncle? He’s working, right? That’s his proud. He’s not insensitive like us, uncle. He’s passing comments
without thinking. Because if we fire him, he’s confident of earning livelihood by
working elsewhere if not here, uncle. Father, come. Food is ready.
Let’s have food, come. As your son, taking you as role model,
he’ll become like you only, How can he come good in life, uncle? Find a home for him also like you,
he’ll also live a miserable life like you. Not many more years left, already
spent a good part of life, uncle, few more years and we’ll be gone, those useless guys are dead, reduced the burden of earth, without shedding a tear,
they’ll dump us, we’ll not be there to feel
bad about it, right? What do you say? Let’s spend our lives like this, uncle. Till this sit out is there, there’s
nothing to worry about life, uncle. Bye uncle. But uncle, I’m sure about one thing, instead of people asking
what a miserable life they had, after death its better they ask,
what a great life they had! Try to live like that, uncle. Your life will also have a meaning. Where is the tractor with fertilizers? They’ve gone, sir.
– Who? Both sons-in-law have gone to the
farm with tractor early morning. Did they go to farm? Did my husband go to the farm? What? Did he go to farm? Have both sons-in-law gone to work? Sons-in-law have come back. We’ve finished the farm near the pond, I don’t think the stock is enough,
get another load of fertilizers. Okay brother-in-law. There were fewer coolies,
check and pay them. You check and pay them
yourself, brother-in-law. What’s this aunty? Though I’m smiling for this world, this is my real face. It’s very difficult to hide
years of despair and sorrow. My aunts are very happy. I know you’re responsible for this.
Why?- For you. Though you’ve so many people around,
you’ve come a stranger for help, do you know the situation
in which you’re living? Though the house is named
as Brindavanam outside, people inside are living
as individuals inside, if you need any help in future,
you mustn’t turn to people like me, your maternal and paternal uncles
and aunts must stand by you, if it has to happen,
they must change, when I came here,
I knew only one thing, to stop your marriage
with your aunt’s son, if I thought that was it,
I would’ve done it and left by now. But you want your father
to stop this marriage. That’s what you want,
if it has to happen, your father must change, Bhumi. My father will not change,
you can’t do it. This home can do it. Do you think it’ll happen, Krish? How can you be so discouraging?
I’m making a sincere effort. Can’t you be little encouraging? So, you’re on the job. Come grandson. Would you like to have a drink? I do but rarely when I’m disturbed. Me too! That’s why I drink every night. What happened grandpa? My sons have not shared
just the property but me too. They can’t cut an share me, right? So I’m 6 months here
and 6 months there. 6 months are over, I’m going to
younger son’s home tomorrow. What happened, grandson?
– What else? Elder son couldn’t take bear
my second marriage, after few days younger son was born, as time flew away, the distance
between them also grew far, after that my eldest son-in-law
turned this distance into enmity, younger son in that village,
elder son in this village, I’m living like this with memories
of that place and this place. Cool grandpa, just 6 months only,
it’ll fly away in a jiffy. I’ll die there only. Grandpa!
– Calm down dear. Don’t thinK I’m repeating
the same words again, if I die there, keep your enmity
and prestige aside, come without fail. Because as elder son
you must cremate me. Hey grandson! why are you coming there?
– You brought me here, grandpa. How can you leave me alone there? No, my elder son is waiting
for an opportunity, if he comes to know you
went there, that is enough for him
to throw you out. Leave it on me, grandpa,
I’ll take care it. Instead of shuffling between
two sons, why not unite them? It’ll not happen in my life. It’ll happen, will you do as I say? Yes to anything you say, grandson. Come father. We got him boys!
Tie him up! He’s your brother’s future son-in-law. Is he his son-in-law?
Give him extra thrashing. But your brother hates him. Stop! What did you say? He’s your brother’s future son-in-law
but he doesn’t like him. If he hates him then I like him. Hey, come in. Smart boy! Man with sharp brain… Grandson, younger daughter-in-law. She’s also our party, she too is eagerly
waiting for the two families to unite. I’ll get the lunch ready, father-in-law. Does he know you’re here? By now the news would’ve
reached him. If he doesn’t know it,
tell him yourself. That you came here. The man who doesn’t know our
traditions can’t be my son-in-law. How dare he goes to that house!
Doesn’t he know that? Any man going to that house
can’t step into this house again. Is it anger for going there or
a plan to throw him out? He gave him a chance. What’s this Krish?
Dad is very angry. Did I make him angry? What will he do?
Would he scold me now? Come let’s go. No Bhumi, anyone from this house or
anyone your father likes goes there, he can get angry, if he’s angry on
me for going there means, your father has a soft corner for me. He has been cornered.
– You feel like that.- What else? Why did you go there?
– For your grandpa. Uncle, Krish is finished with this
incident, I’ve packed his bag, throw him out… Looks like you’ve a strong wish! Have you packed everything? I thought you’ll be thrown out
seeing uncle’s anger. Ask Bhumi if you’ve any doudt. Hereafter I’ll not follow uncle,
I’ll follow only you, brother. Give me a minute,
I’ll unload it in 30 seconds.- Go. I’m sure, it must be Krish first. I don’t agree, I’m sure its Bhumi first. What’s the problem, aunts? How did your love story start? There must be a love story, right? Tell me…tell me Bhumi. That day… I was standing a bus stop. After that…?
– It rained then, right? How can it not rain in
such scenes, aunty? Were you alone then? I had few friends with me
just like you. Look, hmw great this dress is. A big car came then and stopped. Krish was in it. You said he was a clerk’s son, right? I mean his scooter was next to the car. Krish was riding it.
It seems he saw me then. Since then he chased me like hell. Not that who fell in love first.
– He fell first. Fell down?
– In love! After seeing you,
I’ve forgotten to sleep. But I’m sleeping because
you’ll come in my dreams. I wanted to die…but living with
a wish to live with you. If you say no I’ll give my life
right now here. What did you after that? I didn’t want a man to die
for my sake, so I said okay. What next?
www.DownloadsGuru.Com Don’t you know what’s next
after falling in love? Is it true? Am I day dreaming? Anyone I see…I thinK it’s you… I’m your dream…
waiting for you like truth… I’m becoming you
for you now, my dear… Life in me is you, dear… Let’s unite into one… Let you and me become we… I don’t knmw its love or what
but it’s killing me… First love is hurting me
deep inside… The blowing wind hitting me
is pushing me towards you… The happiness I never knew
before is entering my life… Gentle breeze reaches you…
becomes a part of your life… May I present you that
happiness to you, my dear… I’m yours any day… The rotating earth wants
to rotate round you… My wishes are out saying
I’ll never forget you… Not restricting myself to wishes,
I’ll be your partner for life… Come what so ever, I’ll never
think of leaving you, my dear… I’m with you always… Hi grandpa.
– Come grandson. Of late money is losing the value. what happened, grandpa?
– Asking me what happened? It seems one Surendra has bought
a company for 4000 crores. Don’t call him informally,
it’s hurting me.- Why? 1 If anyone calls your father
informally, will you keep quiet? Why would l… You mean he is your…
– Father! Return the Rs.500 I gave you earlier. Why are you asking Rs.500, father? Nothing, he challenged to win
over me in the game, I said bet is Rs.500. Are you such a great champion? Play. Greetings sir. How is your son studying, Mallanna?
– It’s all your mercy sir. What are you studying now?
– Preparing for civils, brother. I don’t know what you do,
you must study well. The smile on Mallanna’s face
mustn’t fade away. Go.- OKay brother.
– We’ll take leave sir. You’re looking after a worker’s son
like your own brother. Why are you then hard
on your own brother… Which brother? The man who understands he’s
your father too along with him, and one who sent him to you,
your elder brother. He’s not my brother! He’s just his son. Though we are sons of the same father,
he listened to bad advice, and calling me a bastard
he threw me out, that man! Is it my brother? He made me grow like a orphan
though I was among relatives, are you talking to about him? She came here with dream of
being daughter-in-law to a big family. He denied her a warm welcome
too by sisters-in-law. She has me as companion
and I’ve her to live. My father is here who comes
here every 6 months, and this village which
stands by me, that’s all! Brother, he boarded the bus just now. Uncle told me to just scare him,
you kill that bastard. It must look like a clash
between two villages. Come on, go fast! Go back! He’ll kill us! We’ll die if we go back also. Jump out boys! Do you know who ordered to beat you?
– lsn’t it you? He’ll not dare touch me
unless you say yes. If he makes a try,
I know you’re behind him. How could you still be here
after knowing this? Tell me what should I do
to get rid of you? How much you want? Tell me your rate to leave my daughter. What’s the rate of your love
for your daughter? The same rate. Good orator. I don’t liKe my daughter to marry you.
I don’t like you. What made you like him, sir? Won’t you listen if I say?
– I’ll not care even actions too. You tried it already. Don’t try to get closer to Bhumi
by telling about this incident. Why are you going on saying
you ordered to beat me? Infact I had beaten your men. My father is behind this. Are you mad?
– Enough of it, leave it. Please go away. You came here confidently
because I’m with you. If I go I’ll make your confidence
come true and then go. Though you may change people here,
they’ll not dare face my father. Even if my father changes,
he’ll never like you Krish. That’s what I want. Your father must change
and he mustn’t like me. You said he’ll not leave anyone
if he likes. By any chance he likes me,
your friend will kill me. You said you were always happy and
lived in happy surroundings only. That’s not true, Krish. Happiness is there where you are! Everyone is happy
where ever you are! He’s from that village, tried to
elope with a girl from our village. Do you love him? Do you love him? You must inform your parents
and marry if you love. Why did you elope? If she had told, this situation
wouldn’t have risen. We would’ve killed her by now. That’s why they tried to elope! You don’t know about the enmity
between the villages. Tell me, why do you hate that village? Why you hate a man from that village? You’ve made two people’s personal
rivalry into village enmity, which these people born and
brought up here aren’t aware of. How would I know? What’s this? You were born here,
you grew up here only, here one who lives with revenge
is man not one with love. Man with hatred is great! They’re not bothered about anyone
in their one-upmanship tussle. Even if it’s their mother…
or father! The only mistake yours is
you were born in that village. Come. Sir, he’s going away. We’ll not get him again,
say yes, we’ll kill him. Who is it? Who said that? Who is the man who will dare Kill him? The entire village is one side
and I’m on his side, Iet anyone who has courage to
touch him & go bacK alive can try. Come on! I’m taking him, am I not?
I’ll take him. A man from my village is
getting beaten up there, mmve aside. What’s this son? For each punch you got a man from
that village will lose his hand, Ravi. That’s all? I thought
you’ll say kill them. They’re not responsible for what
had happened to him today, you too are responsible, What should I do with you then? You gave a life to him as
his elder brother. But he’s going away without
informing you too, do you know the reason for it? You stood by him in everything but
he fears you’ll not support his love. You had hope that he’ll achieve
what he wants in life. But he’s standing before you
defeated unable to win his love. What else can he achieve in life? You made him what he is today,
you’ve all the rights on him. Becoming his support or hurdle
is in your hands now. He’s not fit to be my son-in-law. Did you fall in love with such a man? Forget him. Come…are you a macho man? Macho man? Did you get my village to
show your manliness? Are you so great to change
55 year old enmity in a jiffy? You’d be dead by now
if you weren’t my guest. Though I hate you so much, aren’t you
ashamed to hang out here still? She may’ve liked you for your
monkey tricks and sweet talk. But you can’t become my son-in-law
if she only likes you. He must like you, he must like you, she must like you. I must like you.
Entire village must like you. But nobody likes you here. Nobody likes you here. Do you think she can’t live without you? Once you leave this home, she’ll forget you in few days with the
love and affection of this family. Listen, I’m the head of village
and this family too, my son-in-law must be a heir
who can protect my honour, not a cheap person like you…
– Stop it! Stop it! You talked about what this
village thinks of him, do you know what your
family thinks of him? You say hatred and
we say surrender, brother-in-law. We mustn’t talk about manliness
and greatness, brother-in-law. You invited him here and then
ordered goons to beat him, yet he’s amongst us with
an unfading smile, that is greatness, brother-in-law. He bashed up your hired goons,
that is manliness, brother-in-law. Uncle, you calm down.
– Don’t stop me. You may be thinking of throwing
out me for talking against you, we lived here till now
with that fear only, he gave us confidence
to live with dignity, brother-in-law. How is that?
I can become son-in-law, he can also become
your son-in-law, even that rogue can become
your son-in-law, but this man who wishes this home to
be happy always can’t become son-in-law. Isn’t it brother-in-law? Brother, I don’t know if Bhumi forgets him
in love and affection of this home or not, but we can’t forget him who made
us realise what is affection. Brother, this village always
followed you blindly. But we want what you actually think. Brother, one thing is true, we can’t find a better man
than him for our Bhumi. Sir, you don’t bother about them. As you said they fell
for my antics… I thought they respected me till
now with love and affection. But you made me realise it’s fear. Do you Know why I’m going
on saying I hate you? In the fear that I may like you. I lost my father as a kid, I thought my wife is my life but
lost her too in two years, after that she’s my life. She’s my world. I didn’t even tell her that. I don’t know why I’ve become like this. I forgot to talk affectionately. Unable to stay away from my sisters,
I’ve made them stay here, fearing my daughter will go away
after knowing she loves someone. I was selfish to marry her to my
nephew so that she lives here only. That’s why I called you here. I wanted to get rid of you
from her life at any cost. I wanted to win over you
with their support. But you won! I’ve lost! Lost! Come. I told you to bring the man you love, but you brought home love! I like him. I told about us in my home,
they’ve agreed. Do you Know how tensed I was! Have your parents too agreed? Whose Lord Krishna he is… Krish, you go away. Our worst fears have come true. My father likes you. I was eager to hear a word of
affection from my dad. You made me realise
that I’m his world. That’s enough, Krish. I don’t want you to be here
and get embarrassed, Go away. If I go away now,
I’ll be a cheat to your father, it’s bound to happen
today or in future, that’s not a big deal, but your people who supported me
with love against your father, if they come to know
that trust is false? You may’ve to bow your heads
all the life with your father. This problem is because
your father likes me. Let’s tell him the truth. To my father? I’ve a little hope that he’ll
understand us now. Come. First time I’ve failed to
keep my word, brother-in-law. Can’t avoid it. My daughter will not marry
your son, brother-in-law. Your sister is dead, so you’re
burying the promise given to her. Had my sister been alive,
I’m confident of convincing her. I’m worried that you must
understand it. I know Bhumi is happiness
is with Krish, she won’t be happy if I forcibly
marry her with your son. You too can’t live happily. What should I do to make
your daughter happy, uncle? I’ll feed her with three square meals, I’ll make her pregnant in a month, I’ll present you with a grandson
in 9 months, is that enough for your
daughter to be happy? Till now I didn’t respect you
with any regard, for the desire on her, ever since my teens
I always thought she’s mine, if you say no now,
am I a eunuch to keep quiet? What’s in your mind is
now in my mind too, to kill you, if you dare touch anyone
in this family again, you’ll have only one hand
to eat and wash. Will you keep quiet if your
son dares to hold my collar? So all these years people l
considered as mine are strangers, and one whom I thought
is stranger is now mine. Till now you thought your son will
become heir to this family, I’m telling you now,
the real heir has come, my future son-in-law! Trusting a stranger, are you
breaking relationship with us? Trusting you, I gave up my own brother. But this trust has shown me
what I’ve lost in my life. I’m going to his home,
I’m going to my brother. I’ll bring him to this home. Get ready the vehicles. Come. Brother! I’m not here as village head,
I’m here as your elder brother. Father! Wlder brother is here! East and West have met… Darkness has broKen the fences… He came…Iike a lightning…
brought with him delight and fun… It’s happiness all the way again… It’s excitement in the air… The fun is touching the sky… Entire village is exhilarated… With the ambassador of happiness
came a new light into our lives… Colourful rainbows are
appearing in our smiles… Never had experienced this till now… Play the band…
young Krishna is here… Play the band…
he removed all the hurdles… Play the band…
magical Krishna is here… Play the band…
he spread happiness around… Sky is above…earth down below… Everything between them
is world of love… Life is a festival…
everyone is close to us… Bond is the way to unite you and me… It’s essence of Geetha
in your voice… The line of difference vanished…
it’s your magic… Play the band…
apostle of Geetha is here… Play the band…
he joined hands with us… Play the band…
flautist Krishna is here… Play the band…
he says the festival is yours… If you trust he’s your God…
your heart beat… There’s God in a tough man too… You’re a brother to yourself…
never became a companion… He’s wealthiest who has many
close ones to stand by him… He’s a man of heart…
all of us… Where ever we are…
its heavenly Brindavanam… Play the band…Iittle Krishna is here… Play the band…
changed our colours… Play the band…
Radhakrishna is here… Play the band…
he gave us new hope… Wntire village is united…
there’s nothing to stop us now… Is it she? Why would she be here? Stop it! Brother, my daughter is here. We don’t have children, brother.
Daughter of Lakshmi’s sister. More than my own daughter. She’s my life, brother. Come! www.DownloadsGuru.Com Dear, my brother’s future son-in-law. My brother’s daughter Bhumi. Don’t know from where she
found him, he’s all gold. All the happiness you see
here is his magic. Krishna, you’re getting
engaged to Bhumi in a week. Don’t feel bad for taking
decision without consulting you. Any first function here
must be yours. Call your parents. Enough Krish.
www.DownloadsGuru.Com I thought if you come here
as my boy friend, my problem will get solved
and we’ll leave this place, but do you’ve to marry lndu
and come here? No Krish, I’ll tell the truth to father. We can’t tell, Bhumi. But they are talKing about engagement. They’re not talking about marriage, right? If you tell them the truth now, if they agree for our marriage,
let’s tell them right now, come. Your father has changed
and two families are happy. Two villages are happy. If you tell him the truth,
all this happiness will vanish. The drama we started for you
must continue for our families. What do you say? what? I said just now in a flow
that we can’t tell. But after hearing you,
I fear I may not tell in my life. You played with my life,
don’t you know you were sisters? I asked her
which is your native place? She said Rayalaseema.
I said Telengana when she asked me. I thought it is politician’s problem
if a state has so many regions, how could it become a problem to me? Oh no! My dad! Father!
www.DownloadsGuru.Com Are you enjoying my son?
– Enjoying like hell, dad. I could understand what joy is
after coming here. Where are you now? At Niagara water falls, dad. Come home quickly son.
– Yes dad. He has asked to call your parents,
what will you do now? That’s what I’m confused. Let’s do one thing,
shall we hire your parents like you? How do you get such ideas?
Never stagger for moment. Let’s ty that too. He’s my father. She’s mother!
www.DownloadsGuru.Com Son? What about my father then? How much I missed you my son? why is he hugging him? Looks like daddy is still angry on me. Daddy is still angry on me for
coming here without informing him. Are you my son?
I thought that short man is my son. Don’t talk much and manage it carefully. I’ve got a rare chance of live character,
I’ll give a riveting performance. Get the luggage. Welcome brother-in-law.
– Greetings. Was your journey safe and happy? Was journey nice? Did you’ve food?
Are you fine? I’m allergic to such routine questions. When will you leave? That’s Bhumi.
– Future daughter-in-law, right? He is…
– My future kinsman. He is…
– Bride’s brother. I’ll slap you.
– No…no…I’m his brother. Brother of someone, right? Adjust. What? Gym?
www.DownloadsGuru.Com No…no…I won’t do anything
until I cut down few logs of wood. I mean yours is cutting nature. Why aren’t you saying anything, sister?
– Talk to her. What ever he says, I second him. She has only one dialogue.
– Shut it. She’s your second daughter.
– Wrong, my daughter. Why is he countering me? Watch now, I’ll give him
a run for his money. Your daughter is also of
marriageable age, find a groom for her also, if not of
the range of my son, find someone, it’ll be over. How was my shot?
What’s that? What a brain!
Like son like father! What do you say lndu? Uncle!
www.DownloadsGuru.Com You said you love a boy in city,
call him here. I mean…uncle…that is… I’m telling you, call him here. He left to some place getting
angry on me, uncle. If anyone leaves it must be we,
how can he leave you? I’ll not leave him even if he leaves. It’s their family problem,
why are you getting tensed? Come.
– Come. Go to lndu’s college in city,
it seems someone cheated lndu, present him before me
in two days. Go! Okay brother. Hey short man! Why did you come here?
What have you done? Why are you bothered about
his daughter’s marriage? Do I look like a comedian to you? Why are you talking me down? They said it’s ‘Bommarillu’ film’s
father character. I must be talking you down. One more scapegoat. I don’t know what’s going on here,
but I know something is going on, if I reveal the secrets,
you know what will happen then, till then… Please don’t take it to your heart.
– Go away. Uncle? Maintain this fear. I feel like seeing myself
on seeing you sir. Isn’t it brother? Initially we feel everything
is in our control, but slowly it goes into brother’s
control without our knowledge. Who is this fool? How much did you pay him
to praise you? I can understand your future,
I can see your future, he’ll get it,
his head will get blown up. Festival brother-in-law,
engagement is just a week away, take all of them to city
and buy anything they ask. You gave the responsibility,
leave it on me. Hyderabad 40 kms What’s that nasty driving, stupid? She kissed brother. They’re getting engaged,
nothing wrong if they kiss each other. The kiss came from left side
not the right side. Where did you see it?
– In the mirror. In mirror the images is
always opposite, stupid. Go! How worried I was!
Thank God it was from left. Had it been right, it would’ve
created a big problem, right? Younger uncle is very tough man. Forget about left and right,
whose did you see in the mirror? It’s strange I saw lndu’s face.
– It was lndu who kissed me. Invited trouble from elder uncle, if it necessary to pick up trouble
from younger uncle too? I’m confident that you’re there
to take care of anything. How confident you’re on me, brother!
– That’s it, come. Show me the ones on left side,
how many for the bride? Two! Yes…yes hubby!
– You take 20! What are you looking at?
Tell me how many for the groom? Krish, for you…
– For me… Why are you asking him?
I’m the one to decide. Take three.
– Then 30 for you, brother? Though you appear like a fool,
your maths is very strong. My condition is like this for one night,
what about him, brother? Isn’t that sari nice?
– Aunty…aunty… Why are you shouting loud? Aunty…is this sari good on me? Sari is good,
but I doubt if it suits you. You’re talking to her as
if you know for long time. Brother is always like that only,
brother is too frank, he never hesitates, what ever it is,
he says it openly on face, do you need to know
a person to tell an opinion? Isn’t it brother? I’m telling you… This sari is very bad on you, lndu.
You know that? I didn’t expect this. I can understand your tension. Keep it aside. He’s a pain. Coming daddy. Try it.
– Do you select for your son too? I’m Bommarillu father,
I select and he wears. If I select shorts, he must wear, go.
– Okay daddy. Why did you come in?
– You…isn’t sari nice to me? Why are you sweating AC also? Are you here?
I’ll try those clothes. Do you know why I’m sweating now? What’s going on here?
– Don’t try to know it. You’ll die. You’ll get it….
you’ll get the stick of life. Do l? What is it? Where is brother? You both are here, so he’ll come back.
He’ll be back. Why haven’t the vehicles started yet? Let anyone see us, we mustn’t
be seen by him, brother. We missed him once,
that doesn’t we’ll miss him every time. We’ve a good plan this time. Brother! Have they left? Sister-in-law is in the first vehicle. I’ll call you once the
vehicles start, brother. Why did he run away suddenly? Brother, we bought whites for all of them. White briefs and vests too. Have you finished them without
making a sound, brother? A small doubt brother. The counting is wrong,
another one is missing. Did you find that rogue? No news about his
whereabouts also, brother. What should we do now, brother? Do one thing, bring his parents,
he’ll come here on his own. Brother, his father is a big shot.
– Bigger than me? He’s one of the biggest in lndia.
– Just do as I say. Leave him…Ieave him… Move… Brother, we brought them. Hey bald head! He’s my kinsman,
give him respect. Sorry brother-in-law.
– Please take your seat sir. Brother-in-law?
What’s all this? Indu dear! What’s it uncle? Uncle…what are you doing here?
– That’s what I too don’t know. Isn’t it their son who cheated
you and ran away? Ran away?
My son is on a world tour. Did that rogue tell you like that? Let him be America or Amalapuram,
you must be here till he comes. Here? No use in building body.
Learn how to raise a son. You’ve grown tall like a palm tree. Did you see him? Do you know
how he has raised his son? He has raised him like a tiger. Call your son, brother-in-law. Hey where are you boy? It seems your younger uncle’s
kinsman is here, bow to him. Okay daddy. Greetings uncle… What’s that look?
Forgotten how I raised you? They may not be rich like us
but elders by age, right? Greet them. Greetings uncle. What’s this father?
Will you go to any place? Can’t you tell me before coming? Son, you were on a world tour.
You’d in South Africa or Niagara falls, and we didn’t want to disturb you. Moreover you’ve set up
a new mom and dad too. Sorry dad, I lied to you.
Couldn’t avoid it. Anyway you would’ve thought of doing
like this in your youth but couldn’t. That’s why I’ve done it. I never thought of doing
anything like this. Why did you come here? That’s what had happened, mother. I didn’t expect you’ll be in
trouble because of me. My son wouldn’t come here if you
were doing anything wrong. Because my son will never
do anything wrong. That’s my mother, tell him also.
I’m unable to see that face. I’m unable to tolerate this heat too. What’s that dirty dress, mother? They didn’t give us time to
pack our bags, son. I thought my son will take me
to very high place. See from where you’ve
brought us down. Phone didn’t ring. Hello, your face looks familiar. You came for last year’s
wrestling competition, right? May be. Come. May be forgotten it. Brother! I didn’t even think in my dream,
that we’ll be together. Had he come here earlier,
we would’ve been united, brother. You know my husband loves jasmine. Son-in-law, you’re a big shot.
– Brother, you’re the big shot. If big shot says he’s bigger shot,
what’s bothering you man? From today son-in-law
too is big shot. Fixed.
– Okay brother. They’re talking so much about him,
why not say something but your man? Come on tell. He’s no match to my boy friend, mother. My boy friend is a sharp dagger. You’ve a dagger here and one there.
How many daggers! You know how many lovers my boy
friend had united in college? He’s a real man. He’ll take any risk for me,
you know that? When will he come here?
When will he marry me? When she’s talking about
a lover who isn’t here, how much you should talk
about Krish who is here? Say something. Come on tell.
That he was ready to die for you. Did your boy friend say
he’ll die for you? How can you dare compare
your boy friend with mine? Your man united lovers,
my man united two families. He united two villages. Do you know my man can do
anything for my happiness? One can be happy for few
minutes from a boy friend, can be happy of few days, but my life has changed
because of Krish. I never in my dream imagined
to see such a day in my life. She’s talking so much
about her man, uncle. Why not say something about your son? My son is super! If your son is super,
then my son is bumper. If you can say like that for
a son who isn’t here, how much I must say about
my son who is here? Why don’t you say something?
Tongue tied? You cool down daddy.
– You shut up. It isn’t great to have children,
any couple would do that. Matter is whether you’ve
a dagger like son. I challenged to make
him a star on birth. I’ve made him a star. Raising children doesn’t mean
earning billions for them. Shut up. You must give him the capacity
to earn billions, I’ve gven him that. Daddy, stop it now.
– You keep quiet. You’ve a son who has escaped. Uncle, you don’t know about
your future. I know very well about my future.
It’s in my son’s hands. Shall we go to sleep daddy?
I’m feeling sleepy. He’s finished. How lucky you are brother-in-law! Your son still wants to
sleep with you. Let’s go to sleep.
– Come. Are you shocked? Did you see how I built your image? Why am I here instead of there? Why are you after him?
You know your height? If you stand next to him,
you’ll barely reach his thighs. One punch from him and
you’ll die, bloody short man! You didn’t get my performance,
I had praised you, right? You didn’t praise me,
you were abusing me. How is it? I was abusing his son, right?
– I’m his son. Poor man! What did you just say now?
– That is… Wait, I’ll tell. Did you raise to make me a star?
– Yes.- Is it? You said another thing,
I can’t recollect it. No need of those details. Will you beat me
remembering those lines? He blabbered about millions or billions.
– You keep quiet, don’t prompt. He remembers everything. I remember everything clearly. Had a good sleep last night? Ae you asking after knowing
everything, sir? Couldn’t you’ve told me
that he’s your son? Did he trouble you?
– Trouble? He started the music last night
and continued till morning, never gave a minute rest too. Looks like you’d a slept very
well last night with your son. Very soundly! Last night you said something
about your son. No need to repeat it again now. It was music to hears,
say it once again. I mean strength.
– You’ve it, brother-in-law. Me? I’ve a doubt. What could be our situation
if they know this is drama? My son is here to save me. How would I know who is
here to save you? Give me that, dear.
– Look at this. Why are you indifferent?
It’s your engagement, select. Mother, red bangles will be
good for you, try it. Your son knows very well
what suits you best. Come…come… Come I say! It’s better he gives my CD. what are you doing?
– Just now took a BP tablet. Please deal carefully, brother. Okay come.
– He’s taking me to hell. Tell me.
– Tell me? You must tell and I must follow it.
– Not you, look to your right. This is routine…routine… Make it hadit. Looks like you and Bhumi are very close. Do you smell anything
burning here, Chitti? Every day a part in my body is burning,
I don’t get any smell, brother. She told so much about you last night. Each person understands us differently,
she understood me like that. Good if he doesn’t come here. I beg you, I’ll fall at your feet,
I’ll do anything you say. younger uncle is coming,
let’s go away, brother. What are you doing there, son-in-law? We are discussing about breaking
up of lndia-Pakistan peace talks? Isn’t it brother? I didn’t ask you coward,
did you see lndu, son-in-law? Indu? How could we see her, uncle? We didn’t see her, uncle.
Tell us if you see her, uncle. I’ll beat you with slippers,
are you mad? Who asked you? Indu is behind you, uncle. What are you doing here, dear? They are buying bangles down
there, you too join them. Don’t roam with that coward,
he’ll make you also go crazy. Uncle, you don’t know
who is fooling whom. What great news, Mallanna!
I said your son will succeed in life. Has he become a police officer?
Congratulations. Why are you tensed, brother-in-law?
What happened? Nothing much brother-in-law, I’ve a friend,
thinking of doing a great job, to help a pair of lovers,
acting as the groom’s father, he went to the bride’s house,
it’s a factionist family, he’s fearing the drama
may be out any moment, what do you think will happen
to him if the truth is out? They’ll hack him. Hack…?
– Hack him. They’ll hack because
it’s a factionist family. It won’t happen here, right?
We live, eat and be happy together. Is it any TV soap? If anyone does here, I’ll cut his legs
and smash his head to ground. That’s it.- Why do you befriend such
insolent people? Fool, he’s a damn fool. He’ll never listen to good advice. His fate, what can we do? Where are you going, brother-in-law? Still awake? My fate! Looks like you’ve packed and leaving. I got a call from office. Need to go urgently, can’t avoid it. I think you’re angry,
somebody has troubled you. Tell me who is it,
I’ll hack him to death. Why do you repeat that
word ‘Hack’ so many times? Does your son know
that you’re going? He’ll not let me go if I tell him.
He loves me to death. Where are you going daddy? Are you going away without
informing me, daddy? Son-in-law, your dad is angry,
take him to room and pacify. No need to go to room,
he’ll do it here only. Come daddy.
– I’ll not come.- Come I say! Pacify him strongly, he must think
of leaving without informing again. Shall we start? You say there’s no other choice.
– No daddy. Should I’ve to cancel all meetings?
– Yes daddy. What a great affectionate
father and son! I can understand your pain,
my dear son. Looks like he pacified you quickly. Quickly? He took time, right?
I’ll not go anywhere. For safer side, sleep with your dad. Use me, come. Wxcuse me…excuse me… No…I’ve seen you somewhere… Where did I see him? You saw in newspaper that day, right? Rs.4000 crores, a company in Dubai… You got shocked reading
that news, right? He’s that man. You mean he is…
– My father. The girl you love in city?
– Your second grand daughter lndu. If ymu’re shocked to hear this, how would I be going
through it, grandpa? You scripted this drama. The end is also in your hands. What’s there to tell you?
Follow my foot steps.- What? I mean you must marry both… Bloody old man! So many wrong
ideas at this age also! Won’t you let me live peacefully? How do I appear to you? How else? You appear like
Lord Krishna in Brindavanam. Come…come…do something… Come…come…play with us… Younger one this side…
elder one that side… If they dance with me,
won’t the pulse rate rise? Give yourself to me… Beauty on one side…
charm on one side… If they join to stun me,
won’t I get into the mood? Come on pinch me… Our youth and beauty is
in rocks because of you… You’re making us cross the
boundary and all out for you.. If you say so I’m ready
for the game… If you say yes,
I’ll unravel your secret… Already my youth is in hurry… Moreover both are tempting
and teasing me… That’s what we both want… So, don’t let us ask more for it… Hey don’t let your charm ooze out… I’m swooping down on you girls… Come, I’ll show you bliss in a mess… Come, I’ll take you to heaven… Stop baby…Iet’s have it… I want to flow away in love… I forgot in my work, dear… The bliss of sweet love
and romance… Do we’ve to make you remember it… You must start with kissing my waist… Watch out baby, I’ll rock you… I’ll fulfill all your desires… Come…come…become slave
of these roses to rock… Come…come and barge
into the tent of fun… If you say so I’m ready
for the game O girl… When is your son coming? That is…
– They’re children. There will be little tiffs in love. Tell him to come quickly,
lndu is also my daughter. Let’s fix lndu’s engagement
also along with Bhumi. Brother, beat…beat…
I’ll definitely catCh it. If you catch it, I’ll kill you. What’s it dad? When you told me everything
looked so easy? But I fear seeing the
turn of events here. What’s the end to this? They’re happy trusting me,
they must be happy when I go. I’m sad because you both are
struggling here for me. I don’t like it, dad. Our happiness is where you are! We’ll live watching you, son. Doctor, I’ve body pains like
a road roller run over me. Oh no! I’ve not seen anything,
I don’t know anything. Did they enter his room? Younger uncle called.
– What? Younger uncle called you. He’s downstairs says urgent. Did you call me?
– Not me uncle, younger uncle. Why did you call me?
– No, I didn’t call you, brother. Then call him now, uncle. Are you making fun of us?
What’s going on? Kill me or do anything but nobody
must enter this room, uncle. Why?
– Nothing uncle. You rogue! What’s happening inside? Are you three inside? All the three are discussing inside,
are you suspecting them? Uncle, slap me. Shut up! You both are not able to talk in home,
so I planned this outing. It’s been many days since
I saw Bhumi so happy. You scratched me once and
I’m in deep trouble now, if you scratch me again I don’t
know where would I end up. He’s sending you with courage but
keeping fear with him staying back. But once you dared
to touch Bhumi, this is not the fear
I’d like to see in you. This fear is also not enough. How could you forget that
I would be with Bhumi? why did you stop?
Come on dare touch her! Touch her, blood idiot! Before thinking about Bhumi again,
tell him to think about me. The thought would die down. I thought people at home were mad
to believe that you both are lovers. But for sometime
I too believed it. That’s my involvement in character. Till now it was your uncle only,
I thought of winning him easily. But they are now three! His younger brother,
and above all that city boy. We can’t win, son. Forget Bhumi. I thought you were my strength till now. If turns into fear and advises me
to leave Bhumi, I’ll start hacking from this hmuse. Now I know their strength. I want to know their weakness. It looks like bad omen. Why are you here? Come. why all these arrangements
for a fake engagement? I’ll not come, you go. If you don’t come, your duplicate son
will take you to the room. You’re right, let’s go. Sir, please exchange the proposals. Take it brother. Take it brother.
– Okay. Anyway it’s your kinsman is
giving, you too join him. You too have to receive again.
– Go ahead. please come sir, it’ll give me support. You move. He’s shivering in happiness. May the bride and groom
exchange the rings. Come on exchange. Why just engagement now?
Why not fix marriage immediately? A man like him with you,
I don’t have to worry about you. You wanted to study, right?
Go ahead. You don’t have any problem, right? I’ll fix marriage when ever you
both come and tell me. Thank God! How tensed we were for this?
It’s all over. From here your life is yours
and my life is mine. You go to America for studies, call your father from there,
Krish cheated me, and tell him you’ll not marry him. They’ll think I’m a cheat.
I don’t have anything to lose. After that if not of my range,
you’ll find a scapegoat, that was just fun, Bhumi, you’ll definitely get a good man, you will be happy. Why did you come into my life? I can’t bear the thought that you’ll
not be with me from tomorrow. I can’t stop myself from
telling you this, Krish. Till now nobody ever thought
about me like you. Nobody will ever think too. In these few days I’ve seen
what really life is. Promise me Krish. After going from here,
never again show up in my life. I’ve come to know that there
is breathtaking sorrow… It time can stop,
let it stop this moment… If love had a heart and
if it had voice… If it sees me in this situation,
it won’t keep quiet… Is love a crime?
Is love a burden? Is it silence of heart? Tell me… My dear…eternal bond… Are you a hell? O my love… Brother, hit it. If you get too much involved in
the character, it’s trouble. why were you un-moved when
Bhumi opened her heart to you? Why did you stop? Did I come before you? If you hadn’t sent Krish here,
this wouldn’t have happened. I’m thinking of giving Krish to you. What’s your idea? You’re proud of sending
your boy friend with me. Are you giving him to me? Infact I’m giving my future
husband to you. Take Care of Krish. Why are you crying now? I’m realising now how painful
is to leave the one you love. It would’ve been better
if I wasn’t aware of it, but I knmw it. What did he say? I don’t mind if people here think me
as a cheat after going from here, but it’s enough if you’re happy, he totally forgot that after marrying me
he must come to the same home. Who is your lover in city? Uncle that is…
– lsn’t it Krishna who cheated you? Get out! How dare you enter this home!
Get out! Are you suspecting Krishna
trusting this man? They’re jealous of such a fine
man becoming our son-in-law. He was responsible for you
to come to this home. He’s the man who united us. He is… I trust him more than myself. Only him. Do you know what is he saying? It seems they’re not your parents,
they are your parents. It seems you cheated lndu with love, and you came here to act
as Bhumi’s lover, what are they blabbering? Tell what are you to them. Tell them all are blatant lies. What he said is true.
– All are lies… He’s right. Father! We thought you’re our man. How dare you cheat people
who trusted you like God. Uncle, please stop! You hid your lover in this house
and said he ran way, ymu’ve lost the right to speak. Uncle…
– Shut up! Father, please stop him. Please father, tell him to stop.
– How could you think of cheating me? Tell him to stop brother-in-law,
he may die. Let him die. I told you to come here
after inquiring about me. Bhumi is and will always be mine. I swear on my mother, I swear on the desire you’ve for Bhumi, come what so ever it may,
I’ll not let you have Bhumi. Forget her! One more word about Bhumi… I thought you reformed me
into a good man. Did you cheat me? I was eager to see you both
joining together to beat someone. But if I knew you would beat him, I wouldn’t have let you both unite. Father, he… Beat me first before touching him. Hey, fearing your daughter’s
life getting ruined, he’s here for one lie I told you. Father, he’s the cheat who
ditched my daughter in city. Infact it was your daughter
who sent him here. He’s playing with Bhumi’s
life now, father. He’s a cheat, father.
– Who is cheat? Do you think he’s here for your property?
To cheat you. All our property together isn’t
worth a percent of his wealth. He’s heir to thousands of crores. Leaving his comfortable life there,
he came here for your daughter, he turned this mad house into
a celestial Brindavanam. What did you say?
Is he playing with Bhumi’s life? Your daughter loves him. You wanted to hate him
yet you started loving him. Your daughter is nothing. There’s no human or heart
that won’t love him. He’s like that. This home tasted love because of
him but we made him bleed here, if you can please forgive us. Brother! He’s taking away Bhumi! Not anyone of us, He must go for Bhumi. Grandson, you promised to go
after completing the mission. Go…bring back Bhumi. I like your commitment. But bloody fate I came between. What you desire is here,
Come and take her, bloody! Come…come…come… You wanted her, right?
Come on get up, bloody! Come…come…come…
if you miss now, you’ll never get her. Get up…get up… Come…come…come…
– No…no… If you get confidence of getting Bhumi
taking on me, come for her. I’ll kill. Not your confidence but you. She loves him and
she too loves him. Who is in your heart, grandson? How can he tell?
Elder son, you tell. How do I know? Ask him. Tell him.
– Me?- Yes you. They’re saying no.
How can we say? It has to be decided by those three only. Get up, let’s go to temple. Why should I come to temple? why do we go to a temple?
If we are facing any problem, we go. God, I said why should I go
to temple in arrogance, why did you bring me
to your feet like this, lord? Man! Lord! How come you’re here?
– What happened, son? You know everything but
asking me so coolly, what’s al this, Lord? It’ll be like this initially,
slowly you get used to it. Get used to it?
It’s very difficult, lord. Anyway you’re here, lord.
Find a solution to my problem. Solution? Lord…Iord…I asked for solution
and you vanished. Does he mean…oh no! This Govinda is trapped… Dance…danCe…dance… It’ll bring fun and excitement… Hot romance will bloom…
If you break into a jig… The world must get shattered… If you colour the town with red
with your romance.. It must create a sensation… When all directions merge
in one place to have fun… Stars join the fun… Happiness that can make
you go mad… Our hearts are shaking
with happiness…


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