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Brock Lesnar assaults Kofi Kingston after The New Day’s victory: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 17, 2019

There it is.>>Big E
>>They’re thinking about the RKO Machine, and instead it’s Big E is
sending Orton into the post.>>Good news Big E just in time.>>Double DDT.>>Wow.>>Woods purge up top.>>Bad knee and all.>>There’s no way. Nobody is in-
>>Woods with the elbow.>>Almost the entire distance of the ring.>>Unreal.
>>Right now it’s Kofi Kingston back up to his feet.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Don’t turn around Dawson, don’t turn around. Trouble in Paradise, down goes Dawson. Cover.>>One, two, three.>>Kofi Kingston [SOUND] and
The New Day win.>>Here are your winners, The New Day.>>Let the good feelings and
the good vibes continue for The New Day. [MUSIC]>>[NOISE]
>>In Layman’s terms, Mr. Kingston,
what that means is the following. Kofi my client, Brock Lesnar hereby challenges you to a match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship of the World on Friday night October 4th, at the Friday Night SmackDown
premier on Fox. [NOISE]
>>When I won this WWE title at WrestleMania,
I made a promise to the entire WWE Universe that
I would be a fighting champion.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So as far as your challenge is concerned,
>>I accept.>>[APPLAUSE]>>God, my God.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Lesnar, F5 to Kofi.>>Not a wise decision, Kofi. The WWE champion just found
himself in the crosshairs of the biggest gun in the arsenal. [NOISE]>>An F5 is harsh reality. [MUSIC]


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