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Britney Spears his dad Jamie has had it but the online speculation and blog posts about Britney's health on behalf of Britney's conservatorship Jamie is suing Anthony Stephen the creator of the popular blog absolute Britney for defamation the blog has accused Britney's team of manipulating comments on her Instagram by deleting positive ones to highlight the negative ones the lawsuit denies the blogs Aggies accusations calling them damaging and alleges Anthony is giving the impression that Britney is doing worse than she actually is now we did reach out for comments but nobody even heard back yet will this lawsuit put an end to all the speculation and conspiracy theory I think it'll start just just squash the noise it's too much noise and I know that we're seeing her documenting all over her social media we're seeing the rises we're seeing the different personalities but that's an entertainer you know what I mean always misunderstood anyhow in her own light I love Britney I grew up watching Britney I grew up singing her songs but in this sense it's negative energy and we're supposed to be together and this we're on this journey together like squash it stop the hate I know what they mean about the the social media comments though because I often go on my social media and I see like I'm like a really happy person always smiling and stuff so when I get a hate comment I hate that I want to delete that yeah how does that feel for you guys well you see hate on your social media at least pay attention yet I mean I know I'm not doing anything for that much hate so that means that they're watching you know for me in this whole situation I usually like to say wait for the dust to settle and it's weird to me that Britney Spears is team as well as her are getting involved in this battle with a blog and if you watch some of Britney's videos she starts them off with I know there are a lot of reports out there that say I'm not hosting my own videos or that I'm doing this I'm doing that the fact that they are actually entertaining this it's kind of weird is it though I mean hashtag free Britney had been trending for weeks I mean this was huge and until like you know the conservatorship you know we looking at it you know thing gets finalized you know I don't think it's going to end and I don't think that necessarily him suing them is going to necessarily help but I also don't blame them for trying I mean this guy jamie is talking about how he's just constantly been getting like death threats and and hatred everybody's feeling like you know whenever things get that out of control and Britney did put out a post trying to like stop it saying like guys I know you have a lot of questions about my life but I'm okay and you know we talked about it on the show and I we all said we gotta trust her in that you know as much as we do care for Britney and if something is happening behind the scenes it will come to light eventually but do you think this is because of this blog or do you think it's because they don't have control over everything that's going on in the camp because by the way if Britney's mom hadn't got involved in the whole scenario if she didn't you know get in those comments this whole blog wouldn't have blown up as it is but how do you blame her though she's a mother she's a mother protecting her child you know I don't blame her I blame the dad I blame the conservatorship I believe everybody for not keeping her in the loop because guess what if she was in the loop she wouldn't have to say what's the loop the loop is yo come to LA we're gonna go to these doctor's appointment okay I'm gonna let you see firsthand okay ask her mother what is going on here that's it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus youtube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling brick and hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on youtube will keep you pop-culture see you soon

  • We wont stop the BritneyArmy will support each other and continue our mission to help free Britney. And this is not a blog post, it was a blog that Britney's mother commented on and agreed that all the comments including hers was deleted. The blogger also used to work for Britney's team and is close friends with Britneys mom and ex assistant. Britney's father is known for attacking Britney fans many times even 10 years ago he tried to shut down her biggest fansite and sued the owner!

  • Not surprised. All these drama channels are getting real bold. That's why cardi is suing as well. Personally I watch the beauty and commentary ones for entertainment but if they go to far, like tasha k and John kuckian and CMC broadcasting then I pull out.

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