Brian McLean – 2019 5 to Watch Sport and Event Alumni Achievement Awards Winner

Brian MacLean is the founding volunteer president of akiles Canada a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide training coaching and opportunities for those living with a physical or psychological disability Brian actively recruits volunteers who guide and support runners who are challenged physically he provides training opportunities for more than 700 volunteers equipping them with the tools and experiences required to support akiles athletes achieve their fitness goals Brian's done an amazing job of not only founding at Kelly's Track Club in Canada but also growing it and he's very purpose-driven very dedicated to the members of the club and making sure that there's an opportunity in space for them to activate the physical abilities that you have in the year 2000 Brian created the annual Achilles st. Patrick's Day 5k race which is Achilles Canada's biggest fundraiser the race has raised over 1.9 million dollars for Achilles Canada he's approachable and he have believes in everybody that's part of the reason that he set up killers Canada anybody with a disability is welcome to join and he's always supportive of them and he believes in them and he helps them get out to the races if they need me Brian graduated from the sports and event marketing program at George Brown College in 1993 and has excelled in his work within the not-for-profit sector Brian motivates those living with a disability to seek opportunities and challenges that benefit individuals to strive towards both physical and emotional health he believes that everyone can achieve their full potential with support encouragement and belief Brian MacLean is this year's winner of the george brown sport and event achievement award you

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