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Breaking the bank on DEATH STRANDING merch at the Sony Interactive Entertainment Booth #gamescom2019

[Music] Hakan is a craving for Gamescom put in 1980 it’s crazy yes yes a – yeah so many people here yes we’re in this place yes it’s trendy yet Beverly make Call of Duty controls all these awesome games sir we’re gonna check them out yep what is that controller hot one [Music] [Music] look at all the controller look at best it’s the biggest food okay here we have admit medieval medieval coats we came up later on and of course we have the 7 remake you get to play here yeah we have white twice we have BR Ironman Daleks Circle [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what’s going on inside are you showing a movie from the trick gameplay Wow gameplay footage everything so we line up and jump in yeah that’s it [Music] that was so good yes what I got too excited too good by much a lot of much yeah kind of yeah went a little bit crazy huh huh okay so first of all first of all teacher obviously well holidays Productions t-shirt wrap it up okay so it’s for me what know your Excel okay that’s nice shirt thank you as always he’s look really cool socks that’s right it sucks season so awesome oh it has the design oh oh oh what oh-oh-oh my son okay here yeah check out this mark this is so cool this mark right as you put in a hot hot drink of a black fades away and it leaves like the mark of the hands underneath oh that’s so cool sweetie put coffee in there we need coffee coffee and on top of that this is what is that Oh okay okay okay okay that was close okay this is one of the most expensive thing you’ve ever won the game triple chocolate no this was a about 350 euro whoa that’s like three that’s like $400 really yeah Oh together set uh-huh so let’s try open this up without destroying it like limited yeah that’s like limited-edition all then is the necklace of me yea-ah bling bling ding ding and then you put these on there so how do I look it’s very good when do you look better on me my 500 bucks but you can keep the t-shirt if you want if you don’t I’ll keep the t-shirt then this the neck can I have it back before you make one and stuff like you want one I want all of them it’s my move but it’s what is my $500 necklace yeah so do I get to keep the t-shirt give me back the necklace and mug okay it’s a deal okay I get the mug yeah the t-shirt and the socks in the talk know what this sucks yeah you get the necklace okay that’s wait wait a minute no I pay for that [Music]


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