okay and you're watching what school you – is she a boy who blood sports TV back out job with another one so it seems like matt reum CEO and promoter Eddie Hearn and his fighter once beaten British heavyweight contender dealing in the Body Snatcher white under a lot of pressure as Oscar Rivas now beaten then undefeated colombian heavyweight contender and his promoter Yvonne Michelle seem to be in in pursuit of legal reputation reputation and they're looking to you know go after Eddie Hearn the bbbc dealing in white you know that they're very upset in this entire situation not to mention it was brought up that um Oscar Revis was reported to have rumen have failed the test and they saying that's a deflection tactic and whoever brought that up to will be under investigation as well here's a few things they had to say quote we are still amazed by what has happened and more we don't understand what has been the overall process said Michelle that's um Oscar Rivas is unpromoted and manager he says if white tested positive for PD why why he has been cleared to fight on what ground rules so they're saying if they have dealing white had tested positive for any peds why has he why has he been cleared to fight on what ground and or what rules was he cleared to fight right he says that decision has certainly made a huge impact on Revis his future in and out of the ring he continued by saying nobody told us anything we got in this situation before the fight or after the we've only learned this information through media we are now collecting information where wherever it is available we will we will take advice advices in order to protect Oscar Rivers's interests anybody who pretends Oscar rivers tested positive or anything is just throwing smoke screen and is simply lying anyone who will pretend it cannot have any serious evidence Rivas never tested positive for anything during his successful amateur career and or his 10 year plus year career as a professional this is what Yvonne Michelle exclusively did an interview and he's very upset you know he plans to file legal you know suits against um Eddie Hearn and matt reum and the BBC and whoever else was involved he stated that you know how did they notice you know hours and days before the fight and still allowed this fight to continue on without informing us you know they did not inform the WBC who the WBC now is collecting data and collect the information on this entire situation as they're very upset you know this whole situation is spiraling out of control and it's a mess you know Eddie Hearn dealing in white the BBC is the British Boxing Board of Control they're gonna be under investigation not to mention dealing a white old glove scandal in this situation billion white was allowed to wear gloves that weren't sanctioned that Oscar Rivas weren't informed that he was wearing would not let Oscar Rivas inspect the gloves before after the fight you know this situation with the arm positive tests allegedly reports are that he tested positive for being uh speedy substances and now his team is stating that you know um you know they didn't they weren't allowed to be they weren't informed prior or after the fight as well with that situation so ice cream is his life was that danger I see rebuses career was on the line you know and not to mention you know other things you know his his life wasn't taken into consideration his health wasn't taken into consideration you know other people was informed of this um this positive test then you know let's say he would have gotten hurt in the fight then he wouldn't have been able to receive the benefits of his health insurance because of that you know so there's a lot that goes along with this and Eddie Hearn and dealing in white and the BBC the British box and border control are all gonna be subject for questioning this is a mess and this is this is not gonna turn out too well you know for Dillon White's career you know they're waiting front of the sample of the B sample to come back you know now all of a sudden that has been a week you know this was this fight was last Saturday you know this was the 20th he tested positive allegedly report saw July 17th he was notified so that means you know at the very least on the 16th you know today is the 28th and they're still waiting for the beat be sample to come back again that was retested so you know there's a lot that goes along with this you know this is a big mess and you know the WBC is stating that you know they don't believe that this is qualifies as a laminator so he's gonna lose his position as being a WBC mandatory fighter for the WBC title obviously that Deonte the bronze bomber undefeated WBC American heavyweight champion holds so you know this I can't wait to see how this unravels how everything plays out but um it's not looking good for Evie her and Gillian white and the bbbc but that's all I got for y'all man you already know what it is it's your boy blue goo blood sports TV hate 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  • Doesn't matter who fails or passes a drug test top ten heavyweights are on gear just need to man up and admit it.

  • And if I was Andy ruiz . I now definatley wouldn't be defending my belts there if . That's what goes on if it's all true . Waiting patiently . Where's the b sample . Frank Warren says for400 quid you can get it within 36 hours where is it . …..

  • Eddie if is guilty of anything should have his promoters licence revoked fined and banned just like the fighter if he is proven guilty . Frank Warren did a great interview . If strong stances are made and people are made examples of . Then what message does it send .let alone risk the lives of fighters that are father's family members. Sorry but enough enough . Rivas has to.get his l taken away . And this is a great explanation what our man is saying . Have a look at what is at stake lives at risk . Sorry but as a long time supporter of boxing . This is disgusting if everything there saying is true .

  • Someone needs to hold their hand up to this scandal, an A sample says you got banned substances in your system but because you were cleared to fight, you tell the public you were cleared to fight instead of saying your A sample was clean and now we must wait for a B sample

  • The B sample is going to come back negative. The British boxing commission cannot afford a scandal and they will hush it up I am sure. A lot of money will be put under the table. Real corruption in process here.

  • I just love how all these British assholes are getting exposed. AJ getting knocked out and whyte testing positive. lol.. I still remember the days they kept talking smack about Wilder. lol how the tables have turned huh

  • Keep them coming blue blood, expose them uk tea fucking clowns. They try to rob andy from his belts by forcing him to the uk. Aj is a bum and can’t beat Andy in a fair match, so it’s the only way for them to assure a win. Eddie and his bitchasspussyroom are a disgrace for boxing, all these years i suspected them from cheating and corruption and now that gut feeling turned out to be true. It also doesn’t suprise me if aj is a cheater aswell. I hope wilder will give whyte the ass whooping he deserves and aj gets another ass whooping by Ruiz. They are bums period.

  • osca rivas life was a risk this is the biggest pile of crap ive ever heard , I bet We Be Crooks corruption council were the source , no doubt ,He was cleared to fight the same thing happened when povetkins team were awarded 4 million for refusing to fight he was cleared , Whyte has not been found guilty but already hes been thrown under bus, Whyte fights the dangerous fighters and its ironic he becomes mandatory hes a ppv star wilder last 2 fights hes not fights Oldtiz i wonder why?

  • Biggest load of crab i have ever heard . You believe this nonsense, but he was cleared to fight , Funny how the same thing happened to Povetkin but he was cleared also awarded millions in court damages because wilders team refused fight. Same here is happening hes not even been found guilty but already being from under the bus , i would't be suprised if it was the wbc 's corruption to avoid yet another live opponent .Hes innocent , smells complete doggy , how ironic that hes had the fights paid his dues been avoided , made mandatory now this. We Be Corrupt at it again no doubt . haymon and shirley the dirty rat jew master stinking up boxing.

  • Salute BB, Team Rivas should go after Matchroom and Hearn for improper practice and lying to the public-

  • They both should be banned for life in my personal opinion Rivas was set up to fail from the very beginning of this whole thing and now Whyte possibly had loaded gloves and Rivas's team wasn't allowed to inspect them before it after the fight was concluded this whole situation just stinks and hopefully justice is served.


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