[Applause] [Applause] what's good you – is your boy blue good sports TV back a child with another one so Oscar Revis who challenged Dillian The Body Snatcher white British Bunch beaten having heavyweight contender this past Saturday for the WBC interim mandatory spot to face the winner Tyson Fury Deontay Wilder should that fight come to fruition early 2020 but it might be you know four undisputed you know maybe Deontay Wilder goes on and fights Andy Ruiz should Andy where we jr. be victorious against Anthony Joshua in the rematch with that said anyway with that said you know Oscar Revis took on Dillion wipe this past Saturday reports came out yesterday that Dillion white failed not one but maybe two drug tests by the testin performance-enhancing drug testing allegedly you know um and that Eddie Hearn Dillion white and company knew since July 17 the fight took place July 20th so Dillion white and eddie her news since july 17 and they did not inform oscar Revis as oscar Revis and his team have confirmed today that they knew nothing about this they were not aware of this they were never informed so all Eddie horn stated Eddie Hart came out and said that um you know when it when it came down to Anthony Joshua and jerel big baby Miller as you know I had a Jarell baby with a head of jerel big baby Miller's June 1st showdown with Anthony Joshua for Anthony Joshua former British undisputed unified heavyweight champion fight his debut here in the States as a professional because before hair as the amateur as a professional at Madison Square Garden jerel big baby Miller failed numerous the drug test and um with that said Eddie Hearn was destruct right Eddie who said that Anthony that Anthony Joshua life was on the line that he was disgusted in the entire situation and that anybody who failed more than one test should be banned for life this other words that came out of Eddie her's mouth should be banned for life for putting the sport of Isis is already dangerous enough and you put in another man's life engine and jeopardy as you enhancing your performances your abilities and further and make it a fight even that much more dangerous a guys should be banned for life especially after two times if once okay but twice that's too much and you should be gonna receive a Lifetime Bing right he said the developing baby Miller he cited that Jarell big baby Miller failed a drug test when he was in kickboxing and early in his career and things of that nature saying that you know multiple times he should be banned for life well heavy heard what about Oscar read misses life Oscar Rivas you know three days ahead of the fight that it was a strong possibility that Dillion white your fighter had failed drug test on two until proven otherwise right not to mention this would be his second offense as Dylan white failed drug test and was suspended had a two yet you kind of been in 2012 and wasn't able to return until 2014 when he fought there ISA sorors Eddie Hearn don't do you now feel like Dylan why should be banned for life as you sow felt like um um Jarell big baby Miller should have been right because we know that Dillion white now failed for um serious offenses okay these are not out of your small offenses Dylan white fell for serious offenses right this is what he fell for so Eddie Hearn do you feel like Dillion white should be banned for life that's the question that needs to be axed to eddie her right it's Delia white going to be banned for life do you feel like that now that is your father do you feel like you put a scary versus life in danger because that's what you did you put Oscar rebuses like in danger right because you knew July 17th and this the fight took place July 20th so you knew 72 hours to three days prior that this was the case and you still let allow Oscar Revis to get in the ring knowing what when he was up against so should my question is this should any Hearne be suspended now that's my question should any harm be suspended Oscar Revis life was on the line I mean you see this is a double-edged sword right you see what happens when you put this out there and you put the horse before the carriage you're not knowing with your your own fighters are doing behind the scenes and you don't know what your own fighters are doing behind the scenes and then come back to bite you right now rightfully so we understand that Jarell big baby members should have been suspended it was the no joking matter right um he fell for multiple tests and any harm was correct but Eddie hurt when you found out like you were soaked you felt so strong about Doral big baby Miller filling these tests and you felt like it should be lifetime bans and so on and so forth because it not included just your friend I'm not included just your fighter but your friend and Anthony Josh what his life was on the line but you didn't think to UM put you didn't you didn't put Oscar Rivas his life wasn't important when you knew that dealing it was a strong possibility because Dillon white had failed drug test just 12 and 2012 so this is a second offense right uh Dillon white failed for Dino ball and and Mattel meat meter bullets I can't pronounce it Dino ball and metabolic metabolic and I know ball right this is what billion white failed for the WBC was unaware they just came out made a statement they had no clue so this is a serious and his team come out and confirmed that Eddie Hearn and doing white nor did the bbbc inform Oscar Revis which is very sad because they knew this in the sport they're so dangerous we just lost two fighters another fighter passed away today we lost two fighters in the sport in one week just or for share punishment and trauma late they received in the ring and Eddie Hearn has so much to say about jerel big baby Miller but here his fighter pot dirty three days prior and he still allowed IC Remus to get in the ring with him didn't take his health and his life in the in it in the consideration so that's that's a neglected Eddie Hearn and may be any harm should be facing a suspension as well but that's all I got for y'all y'all really know what it is is your boy blue blue blood sports TV hey like comment and subscribe you haven't subscribed hit the subscribe button hit the like button hit the bell icon to get all the new notification follow me on instagram at blue box watch TV over work y'all ready know what these shots out to the entire l DB see shots out the new media shots out the black media roll make sure you like to share these videos Oscar Revis who fought Dillion white this past Saturday confirmed that he had no idea they no they did not inform him he knew nothing about Billy and white possibly failing drug tests or did failed drug tests going into the fight and they still allowed him to go on to the fight so I got for y'all man peace

  • You evidently have all of the info sir, and you signed sealed and delivered your verdict. I aint taking sides with anyone, but those of us who are not bigots and believe in justice will wait for the proof of guilt before we condemn. The absolutely heartfelt shock and tragedy of the recent deaths is enormous. However, Dillian shouldnt be demonised and held responsible for the tragedies. If Dillian is guilty he will pay the price. If he is innocent then we have hyped up nothing but potential emotional trauma and destruction of his boxing career.

  • Whyte allegedly tested positive for a banned substance three days before he took on – and defeated – Rivas wow

  • Wilder said that VADA will notify both camps. With that said I take it UKAD does not notify both camps just there corrupt Boxing Board. Rivas should not be subjected to the corrupt British Boards opinions in this matter. He has the right to say if he will still participate in the bout or not. Who do these people think they are putting a mans life in there hands for the benefit of their coutries relevance in the boxing world.


  • UK boxing system is flawed and no fighter will ever be notified as its UKAD rules to only tell the fighter who tested positive.. Time to boycott the UK until UKAD bbboc change the rules

  • All Eddie Hearn fighters on the 💉🧪 I’ve been saying this especially aj was on it too and that’s why he got ko by Andy Ruiz

  • You ASSUME that Eddie Hearn DID NOT KNOW what his fighters were doing behind the scenes. So there is the hat trick: Dillian Whyte, Billy Joe, AJ???!!!!

  • exactly blue….2 x cheat….band for life…Eddie need to go to jail x 2…for dillian..n sending joshua in concussed…the man has no soul

  • n he tested for dianabol…😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵..LIKE WHAT IN DA HELLLLLLLL……TRASHHHH…GARBAGEEEEEE

  • and because OF this …Joshua gots to prove himself over here in America …end of question…. if he fights in UK nobody is going to take that's fight serious …nobody Dillion and Eddie have made his hole set of Fighters look trash…SMDH😱😱👀👀👀

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