what's up fight fans this is kurta filled with kind of punch boxing news and I have some new news concerning Oscar Rivas Oscar Rivas has broke silence on what he feels and how he feels about this whole Dillion white incident okay he says that the only thing to do is to wait for what the WBC say because these are the things that are really very anti sporting I think yes if they want we will try and fight for the same title he goes on and says thank God I'll continue unbeaten the truth is this defeat cost me a lot of distress but the support of my people pushes me on we have to move forward now what Oscar de ribas now is proposing is for the failed drug test to be erased I mean the actual loss on his record to be erased okay due to the sample eight okay now I think now what it is since he has failed the sampling it's a bit for Oscar Rivas to jump the gun like that I don't disagree with that if the the sample becomes out when that comes out and he tests positive I would be off for that because I think there's a lot of Fighters that that should have happened and they really weren't on top of it like they should have liked the Antonio Margarito situation they should have checked his gloves right after that fight you know what I mean and I think that would have stopped a lot of mischief on a lot of speculation that he didn't have the dirty hand raps when he fought koto okay now we can't prove that he did I mean we can but we can because we never really saw them in there but we saw the condition of the raps after he took the gloves off they look like nothing I ever seen I've never seen raps that that's swollen like that and then they were starting to crack in this situation they do have a positive sample a a dirty screen test okay I think Oscar Rivas is I understand how he feels because he should have known about the sample a regardless you know but the thing about it is that the the sanction not the sanctioning body but the organization that found this dirty test didn't have the authority to call the fight off okay so but Oscar Rivas I think if it does come back on the sample be hell yeah they should take it off his record because first of all he didn't supposed to be fighting dilly and white with that him knowing at least give him a choice to see hey this guy's dirty he failed his first test but we have to wait for the sample B to come in until he's he's totally guilty or you know or certified that he was taking something give him the choice you know he didn't have the choice they kept it from him and that's the problem I have with this situation why did they feel that they needed to keep that from him you know if you two went out there and got up and hurt then the things that we're seeing or should have seen was kept from us it would this would have been a very big difference right so you know I think they have to wait to see what the the sample B is but we're making that call but I wouldn't be against it you know I wouldn't be against it at all because it is what it is I think that Dillian white has a history he had a history of taking something over the counter and he claimed he didn't know what was in it and honestly from that he should have learned from that particular mistake that you can't take anything from granite especially medicines right Pharmaceuticals they have all types of in them you've down there have to be a chemist to know exactly what is put in your body because that's what you're responsible for bottom line you know because you know the UK anti-doping you know they haven't learned his beat like I'm reading it to you guys they don't have the power to ban fighters until the process has played out other words like I told you guys they do not have the power to close or to ban any fighter unless the sample B is came and I guess by the sample a that was on the 17th what you know is weird I think they should take and we should get the sample B but there's a lot more to this because they're going to re-screen dilly and white according to this secret interview and that I'm going to talk about live right after this of course you guys tell me what you think about Oscar Rivas wanting the expunction officer's record the loss expunged right of course please subscribe leave your comments below and you guys been counterpunch peace

  • How can an A sample test positive and a B test negative? Are you stupid or what ?There will be obvious corruption if that happens

  • Boxing drugs tests and rules are an absolute joke and a disgrace! It is such a corrupt sport and money talks which could come back to bite boxing hard! If someone gets seriously injured or dies against someone who has failed a test it’s going to ruin boxing

  • Imagine how good it would be if they were allowed to take whatever the fuck they wanted.

    That said, Mike Tyson purposefully obliterating his ego on DMT wouldn't necessarily have bolstered the division…

  • Dillian need to fight Miller for the Best Pharmacist Title and a Belt made of a year supply of PEDs given to the winner

  • Dillian the Villian just like Big Baby was doing Peds for a while but eventually got caught. The bbbc decision was for Whyte & Hearn's benifit and not Rivas. If the Wbc was allerted about the a sample they would of temporary postponed the fight and Hearn would be bleeding. Hearn now has joined the King/Arum club of scandals. Dillian pulled the glove switch on Rivas. Dillian's excuse was such classic mumbo jumbo bullshit!😜🤣🤣🤣

  • You have to be brain dead to use PEDs so close to being mandatory. Considering the allegations so far, I won't rule out the possibility of the "A" sample being doctored. Looks like a set up to stitch up Whyte. Reliable sources say that Rivas has two very close friends, STE and ROID.

  • there are a lot of changes that need to happen in order to make sure the sport is clean and its disgusting that rivas didnt even know before the fight.

  • Nobody talks about how Whyte has been pointing fingers at Anthony Joshua that Aj is a drug user, meanwhile, Dilian Whyte himself is a kingpin drug user such as big baby Miller. Wilder is another guy pointing fingers , with time they will all be exposed , mark my word.

  • Whyte popped and he changed his gloves….FACTS….so why do you say Rivas shouldnt jump the gun?😒😒😒…You cant apply the rules to those who you dont like. Rivas didnt know about the dirty test. You can't get around that. Whyte, Eddie, and UKHD are DIRTY

  • False. UKAD can and does suspend fights if there is an adverse finding hence the reason there was a hearing.
    Now it is also true that there are grey areas that may turn up a negative result with traces of a banned substance but not necessarily indicate doping.
    Over the counter medication for every day ailments, contaminated food or water, and other unforeseen scenarios fall into this category.
    The fact that there were two testing bodies, VADA & UKAD, and only one flagged a negative finding indicates it's not a straight forward doping case. VADA reported no adverse finding hence the hearing and the go ahead to proceed with the fight.
    Get your facts right!

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