Breaking McGrath's record won't mean much without WC trophy – Starc

it's part of my game plan again it was a warm week at today so we're fortunate that finchy want to toss and we got to that first look that bold well that start they they kept the tide and we had to rebuild through the middle there who they were the great partnership with was Ian and Alex there so I guess we keep learning from from the opposition when we do Bowles second and and I guess that full length and that straighter line for me attacking those stumps he is very much part of my game plan so I think as a bowling unit today we were were fantastic to keep such a good side to her to what under under 160 I think it was so it was a great performance play room not much if we don't win the World Cup no calm I'm just stoked to be playing a part in this and his group and continue to to contribute yeah I think I'm really proud of the whole bowling group the way we executed the last few games and as I mentioned before we keep improving as a group we're planning really well but it's that execution where we've been fantastic as a whole bowling group it's not just the guys who played today whether it be around training or cults and and rich O's come in and out schwarber as well we're just we're we're talking not just talking about what we're showing what we're capable of on the field so I'm just really excited to be part of this Bhangra it's a good question I wasn't part of the the group for the last few tours before before we got together for the World Cup so for more reports it's been a fantastic feel around the group in the in the UAE in India and to place our fantastic cricket heading into that that April break was probably the momentum that the group was after heading into this tournament so I think your chances are as good as any other team we've always spoken about peaking towards the back end of the tournament and we're still searching for that perfect performance we're not quite there yet we're showing glimpses of what the capable capable of with the ball with the bat and in the field but we've still got room to improve and that's exciting for this group and and if we can do that obviously we got to make a farmer first but if we can play our best game what we got to play this game and semi now and then hopefully better that in the final and that's what tournament play is all about I think it's worked very well for the last two games obviously but I think that the fantastic thing about our our 15 guys is we've got guys several guys that can open the bowling but several guys that make up good combinations we've had all 15 take part so far in the tournament guys are ready to go if called upon so the guys that were picked today did another fantastic job and I don't think we quite we've quite got the I play the perfect game if you like it especially as a bowling group I guess I could say but yeah we're finding ways to to just scrap and to restrict teams and and we keep improving every game I think the turning point was probably that Indian game when we had a good shot as a bowling group and a batting group and we've just continued to improve as a whole whole group of plays from that game so it's been fantastic I've not I think so the two series of different conditions completely it's Edgbaston in Manchester so very different conditions could be different team makeups we're just as I said before we're still searching for that that perfect performance and if we keep continuing to prove prove every gun whether we play in New Zealand or India or or anyone we're gonna have to plan really well and and then execute on the day so great result today but it's one win today's not gonna win you the World Cup I think since that game we've taken wickets through the middle fairly regularly and and whether it's attacking more or I think the biggest part was was the execution we're all probably a little bit off in that Indian game and they had wickets in the shed and exploded at the end so we've continued to win improve since that game through execution and being really calm and you can do that again next week against South Africa and and like that in Taylor momentum into the semi-finals it's gonna be great for the whole group


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