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Rudie curtain calls play here we are that's a little I've moments uh me definitely noise ot rat-infested slightly delayed start here today because of dampness on the pitch look that he's all wired up because the noise will be huge her [Applause] because an incident opened the two empires but delivery and playing inside the lines origami by a long way your nerves around mama tummy's starting with a wide surov gondola feeling the pressure feeling the heat very early in the day a walking shot not turning the line not covering the swing [Applause] disappointment shown by sorry Bangladeshi he would suspect and India have lost their first wicket of the captain in the first tour of this big match what a striker muhammad sami sharaf dangling will be a touch disappointed with this he just carried on bowling in that channel wayward there was a little bit of wit he does like that with luli Carson took his time to touch that in favor of Pakistan only loss for India one this humming it's at the market the first ones of the back two to one [Applause] get something off it's gonna come back for the second soon they go running say what now exactly two thousand in one day cricket great entertainer great talent will be important to therefore India 12 indeed batsmen to get 3,000 runs in one day cook it the strike rate of 94.9 that is Korea strike way that's been strike end of the over six for one run straight ahead just going back to start you at the moment the picked up that dangerous wicket of sorry Ganguly in the first over and this looked like a good shot let's take to the field second wicket down well two wickets gifted to Pakistan first one by Sourav Ganguly a loose shot outside the off stump and this one and nothing shot in the end from devious Lots when he knew that the finger was positioned there to stop around not in a catching position it'd be very disappointed with that not being able to keep the ball down India 10 for two that delivery is a bit too high a cot assignment Oakland having a close look at that one on Rana Nevada Watson is exerting pressure on the opposition Aries falling within the stance the movement also a little heist definitely on the higher side but gone on to mr. Stumpf's by a long way it's a good decision well played since trade of that one [Applause] this is a good start from omelet Gap a very good shot on a seaming track you don't want to hit the wall hard you've got to time it and play with a straight one this one was beautifully demonstrated by Mohammed calf just a mere push through me Ron [Applause] why we was gone from this field to overthrow the steering gear fifteen for two again of the reserved slipped and it's sunny thinking that they'll be stopped by Monica Upton with and that Miss feel nervously one lot of joy to the Indians a photographer [Applause] very good shot come on look at he'll add the first bouncer from the runnin Aviles ha to in his lost soul at this time he was in control say Chuck we take a very good shot [Applause] dot edits but they did the job looks the aula geared up and they play according to the plan is full delivery or straight to the field [Applause] reserves form continues the Bell is vanity to the way I think it just shows you the lucky confidence the man has at the moment this is a very random player there's one man there he's picked here and that's where his 20 say while his very strong leg side that's Alex Benjamin those syllables pretend Indians 28:40 throughout Creedy usually very safe very very safe I think you just took his eye off the ball at the last minute this went straight to Scheider Phoebe one of the simplest catches the father great delivery made on the up and then just drop the give us a dolly [Applause] that's the light should be bad did you see that that's alive Mexico ghost report he wants to be a bola yeah I think we have the loss of time to me or to you as a bola somebody gets dropped and suddenly next ball BAM Aras and that is a top shot the mama cat sort of a length from back punch no need to run for that now taking evasive action Bullock bars the taker much-needed playing game stop bouncing from normal to me Cantus no time here and was a quick delivery 85 miles ha Spahn club on be led by for us doesn't matter how they come as long as they come conscience just started a bit awake the other end it brings the 50th for India in the 16th over this is right on top of the powers he's faded late many ways use the pace of the para squared the wicked and into the boundary very close to give up refrain send no doubts and it's a leg by he's not a big spinner of the ball so he's always a chance at have all my his kid on and hit the stumps it was a big stride forward a moment keV his claws before this Pittston line asking to raise the Bambino drilling in the deep on the on the side there to see to stay on the pitch little longer than anticipated jonad adapted lower-middle it very sweetly [Applause] that is a good shot because we have to place the ball here to the Bowery we had ample time to guard their back foot but there was a man on the deep Laurel as well as a people in wicked awesome elegant said his family got there cuz there are two men behind square on that offside the 3ds dropped just too short for both days of successive deliveries a little job that you say thank you very much this is just the kind of hole what that is about inside of the New Gloucester indicates you need to gain some momentum send a message to the opposition as well [Applause] wasting away citta doesn't mind waiting out of all that delivery distracted Muhammad gave he's paid a penalty for it now because that one is a thin little naked two thin little edge straight into the gloves and India have lost another wicked well this is a basic ill agree I think the fastest delivery sure buck tillers goal it's surprised KF extra pounds for the past Baylor as well learn Cohn making no mistake and Pakistan getting the breakthrough once again just at the right time careful is looking good departs from 2773 before let's take a pose it's a dentist I can disable a shot after biggest on these supporters of theirs in the club could be jumping up and down to summarize yet this has got Pakistan into a mighty strong position Yuvraj Singh come and gone in a hurry today well it's a short of a man shot of runs mr. lien is links to attempt a shot of that nature especially against someone rolling with his tailor toughened blow for Pakistan yet serve up the striking twice in the silver there have lost half their say gasps straight 73 to play he's gone hard there's a little bit of work from sure about that Mahmut summit is a very good athlete what they're the flash [Applause] it's close by he's alright Booya just flips the ball away isn't as you say good athlete Abdullah's not continuing in singles [Applause] that one brings up 204 [Applause] Abdul Razak strikes again for Pakistan India now looking down the barrel 106 for six garmiskar departs first wicked Bob the result it's another good delivery seems away from the left-hander Ron gamma scan never looked in never looked confident in that innings he was trying to work hard trying to build a partnership with drove it and in the moms ideas have worked for the moment we've got a wicked that kept around our hundred and six for six in there [Applause] the times so afraid to the landowner he could to try and catch up with that couldn't quite make it I was a great shot it was dented Yorker just two doors x side and round diamond is very very strong here a Phoebe is behind it and there was a desperate effort he was nowhere near the ball yeah straight to Fela and Islam just finishes nobody close let's eat that looks very close but Emily's turn up turn up everyone's always a very close call well good piece of work yes nagarkar called through for the Ronettes Razak who's still in the thick of the action when it's running off his fingers and I think he's home [Applause] [Applause] so his time heals [Applause] we've seen some better disguise in the revenues we talked about our products serve all dr. this one quite so well concealed two per second here [Applause] something is triggered mysticism through all the time in comes the referee they're asking that has been touching that was the question they were asking shake of the head gives the answer sir back terraces raised the level here a little bit there was a quick clearing almost 86 miles an hour just the tiger Oh signal tambien para so about Central Java [Applause] Travis fifteen or eight ninety three balls to force has been patient but he had no choice that was the situation he found himself in when he is again super Coleman the backspin that still got there a doctor who can be davis-besse again he can strike the ball that's for sure let's he picked that snore delivery and Madan was up has hit through the line that's what India need two boundaries at this stage never singing that's good failing but it could be expensive to asking the question so really Curtin is going to see direct hit direct hits tend to be very close so this could be either wicket number seven or five to the total it's just seeing the body language of the Pakistan fielder's you know that these are extra runs that comfortably in the ball ricocheting off the stumps and going into the boundary – I've done it before we will target a 3-2 offensive Russia inside the stage I think is the man we love take the chances Najib a Gurkha definitely Stellarium take the chances he is a good striking of the ball India can get up to about 200 they just have an outside charge remember this is a pressure match it's a knockout when I hear goes through to the semi-finals he's got hold of that let's come right out of the schools six throughout the desert one six six four six this is a very good it's not that short is it in fairness to freely he might have been a little aggrieved it goes on to the sole problem who can hit the ball I've seen him deep we thought even useful it's delicate whose mom has been stood of snip look like a Bella's murder this time 17 shout about from this game but it comes alive fifteen thousand of them certainly happened it's amazing how in an india-pakistan laughs which is really not over till one team wins will you get two to ten 200 210 at this stage pick up a couple of wickets early anything can happen that's support placement very good triggered by droppeth the two last shots and showing the quality of our driver the first ball goes through this is quite deliver opens a face and this one he knows where the two men are on the lakeside he is a good player just watch the way he's pacing the Sims slowly shifting gears it's waited and waited and waited that's up in the air and it's taken you once again picks up the wicket to Pakistan and is that a good day two wickets in the saucepan and now Ranjan Masek wickedness not expecting the bouncer he's in first week picks up his third wicket Gandhi's birth in the partnership let's then well Chavez patient nervously not under the circumstances comes to an end he's gone the 67 is a hundred maybe a percent that's in the air that's how monkeys on the field short fine leg was up in the circle and I'll do that later let's hit the bone strike deals of fever this is a lucky Mercer and Cody have been a wide slow ball is down the lakeside and this one man fortunately Duncan didn't get on with it he's roaming about with his glory has come to an end 4750 balls 93 in the final over now that's up in the air and good land safely these batsmen told about of everything this is the pace of collective it's allowed [Applause] what is a an edge it's done probably 60 at the love hang time which allows you to run two runs I can certainly delivery smitston patterns half after the shop stuff snore born and it's not for sure about that then they're losing the lines wicked and Johanna gets another catch – change of pace doing the job for Pakistan wow this is right off the toe of the battle that's why it's gone nowhere and the reason for that probably the last thing that the fam was expecting [Applause] you couldn't get much further down the back room at the go no it has gone nowhere Cynthiana makes no mistake whatsoever the piece of bowling lines would give us down van is gone for six it sounded 1911 tonight show him up to the dancing at first lucky to get the single missing the stunts importance and what would have been out for the best of all is he can see the funny side of this he's had a throne he's missed the stumps it is in Harbhajan Singh who's running away now watch what happens to the ball here it keeps him on the leg and almost deflects onto the stumps [Applause] and Hannah does well to stop the overthrows we won't have to change direction well it brought the 200 up unit came in just 41 deliveries so India doing well to reach 200 [Applause] it took his time ran in two paces looking for the direct hit right sir I do I get there before he runs back in the end Lorenz sure that the batsmen are agreeing on the situation very excited in excitedly character emergency now it's narrow back one strike and so there should be taken comfortably taken by Afridi and an excellent performance by sure about the he picks up his fault wicket and it's been a good performance by Pakistan good all-round performance in the field to restrict India to 200 the South way we saw the West dismissal off the bottle about this is off the top of the pack right up near the splice he goes absolutely nowhere no mistake whatsoever sure back to four wickets for him before committee I've wrapped it up John left [Applause] it was always a struggle for India who eventually reached 200 thanks to a JIT a Gurkha and his 47 Dravid painstakingly getting that 67 but he rescued India from 28 for 3 with Pakistan's fast bowlers doing all the damage look at those figures Navitus son for for 25 in 9 overs and shoaib akhtar 9.5 for for 36 and a wicked apiece for Mohammed Sami Abdur of Zac here's the fuzzball [Applause] a young man with a very mature cricketing brain starts off with a shot fetch delivery he usually balls a very straight delivery puller in length and gets that in swing most times on target but starting off with a short one and surprising Yaser [Applause] identical start here he's lost the wicked in the post Ola again great delivery from Irfan Pathan swinging away from Enron karate is not balanced when he was looking to drive it through the offside he was on the move and when the ball is swinging and you're not really established out there the trees then you've got problems and it was a major problem for in a to the keeper Pakistan one for white explain advise me on the lakeside I did Arbor Podesta the ball back to kill a player on Gavaskar does the cleaning up [Applause] nicely played it's gonna be a long tears here or a sprint for Ashish Nehra that's for a world of good for the spirit of the Indian team [Applause] that's the risk that the ball will have to take there was a name swing from their fan ppattani open area there Ashish Nehra not doing a great job at all trying to stop that one with the boot but his tiny supporters would want him to do that regularly and quite loose it's origami with that effort is that yes it is we founded on this truck second time in two was I tell you this guy is a star in the Indian team for these reasons water speller bowling shred Malik will be disappointed good face from him good bounce from their fan baton and in the right channel in the ball bouncing a little bit more away from the body not a great shot from shred mallet he's over the moon what [Applause] is walking back after getting five Pakistan in trouble tempeh to driven is father gap the very short boundary on the side that you brought thing the commitment there but couldn't prevent the ball from going over the ropes [Applause] my god the scenario here is changing two wickets that he ended the picked up just changed the equation a little bit we don't under attack from Yasser I meet nice driver who drives well in that area square through the oxide opening the face of the blade letting the ball run down it's important every not the place develop two things event that's a boundary but Xing [Applause] some closest associate level but not the place to bolted the great thing when the greatest Pakistani produces was the next Idol in Z just played at ease it shows how much time he's got as far as the talent he has and this is beautifully played one France and his straight damn fine legs he juggles with versus me tethers at all losing split-second the silence from the crowd then he hung on to it and it erupted that's what I was talking about inexperience short delivery a bad delivery for Allah greatest of all you just hit it straight to the fielder Chardonnay route towards its next um there was only one man there you could have played this easily on the ground as well has to play big shots comfortable catch Venera Jovovich but he was gone for 15 from 29 balls it's 27 for 3 there's a shot from the bow there is a start and then no share and then a shout from behind the Forza little lies somewhere on the other let's have a look let's sleep it looked Claus keep a sort of slap keeper was little Nate Rocca went up the keeper and everyone followed now that's powered a way off the back foot it's the first boundary for Johanna [Applause] boundary after a long time and that surely will raise the hopes of the spectators in also that nicely struck by use of Ghana in the slot little bit of width is what Pakistan need is a partnership of sorts they need to hang in there for the next 10 20 overs without losing a wicket and the good news from Pakistan's point of view and says the Sun coming out it's been over cars up to now on the ball has done a bit it's been good conditions to poll and it can make a big difference when the Sun comes out it's amazing how the sting from the sample scale look disappear these are consecutive boundaries laughs or you're hung up first one of the back foot and that last occasion just fractionally over pitched and he was on to it in a flesh he's a stylist lovely player to watch a beautifully constructed cut shot and Linda's nice drive through the offset what a shot that's a loose in every and it gets a treatment chance for a moment one talk he had holed out into the deep but the timing was there for the ball to go all the way for six [Applause] we've been talking about safe breeze blowing across the ground and now this shot would have helped that fall to carry over and maybe from the fielder put point from his otherwise that would have gone down the fielder stroke that's its weekly play it's prison timing the footwork was good [Applause] for boundary therefore use of Uehara and Pakistan that was a fine short-term use of unit was quicker from her was insane no flag of dissipation just using the face of that ball and he was playing really well in that area opening the face of the blade letting the ball run away [Applause] let's play late we're Pakistan that was intentional phone-ins about what we wanna see is was it a pic deflection cause this was from Ronald Robin not very close he knew that there was no slip in place so an excellent shot in the increments among full of confidence us opening the face of the blade and letting the ball run down our button product must close yes it was close an edge but that it's carrying the ball over for a pork [Applause] there's nonsense at that third boundary of the offer this is a good one for Marcus Allen and the pressure being put on her but insane seven counter-attack this is excellent bedding not only from mr. Bertram Inzamam risk-free brilliantly early to the pitch of that one and picked it up early to split the feel of the inside what a shot it's mind games we played out there the moment that we'll attack it with two men close in and his brothers reaction from the Pakistan glares the boundary for use of two boundaries foils Imam it's amazing how sometimes in the middle of a tight situation or over like this can make the difference 2000 was gone 60 73 where's Farmiga rates 10,000 runs for in general hook in one day to national it's a major landmark this one resonance structure crickets now just a moment mr. one can also test runs as well the congratulations to him [Applause] faranzano Pakistan he deserves a 10,000 one-day international levels the first Pakistani to pass that record what are cheaper password safe [Applause] [Applause] that's very very depth lovely wake up no one able to cut that one off nice finish to the over the Pakistan 80 83 every running their greeted with excitement let alone the boundaries is any better with we still look at that turn have Burton he got it there but it's just a fraction shortened no pace on the pitch [Applause] [Applause] there is a great shot one bounce into the fence that's in Z at its best [Applause] just say the tension on the engine controls good for him to see his gold pumps straight back down the ground back over his head into those boundary board support [Applause] straightaway he's going to go for pole that's not a good start the same way [Applause] something of a gift for ends well it was it was slightly shot but NZ was quick at it indeed just saw the lamp early he was in the flash and there was a pop shot between Lieberman Rebecca four runs I resent it data takes another catch and it does confront the club get some support Porchester saying is partnership this thing in it very much at least and he's very well if you send now and starter – until the captain's the big wicked just looking to run the ball gets it off the face of the bat damn it makes no mistake India celebrate the game is back on [Applause] which passed a milestone 10400 plus now in one day internationals he's gone to 4172 Nepal beautiful drivers should get two for this previous Laxmi [Applause] fifty-two years of Johanna very well just appreciating his efforts our military supporters despite very very well the materials work for India to get the spit is on for after result just can restrain himself with a shot [Applause] forgettable first always struck in a second then apply the stuff he's chopped it into the ground onto the stumps those act we'll see then he's got the wicked pissah is going to now Miss 127 to 5 that's the way and it takes our young is a very useful boundary of the stage of the innings to the control shot four years of your honor [Applause] he controlled it then short delivery and was very very nicely with all of the rest and Harbhajan tried well but he was nowhere near the bomber welcome module to Pakistan [Applause] yes relaxing good the front and jibraan saying Esperanto beauty and this is a very very crucial record for it was placed on you only up there was no movement at all and he was in a start and what a catch that falls off fury from your oxen could be imagining catch from you Raj yes the team gets into huddle again battleships once again loin con gospel 10 Pakistan 152 for six yeah that's a boy Shack but you wrecked it what's going on the Tschida 3d has come out and straight away there's a action out there there's chaos everywhere I've told you about a Phillies gonna play his game doesn't matter whether circumcised that was a stupid run I mean he was miles out he hit that ball middle did straight to the fielder and he just ran punches a doctor back foot 4,000 runs in one day internationals for Shia 3d his cafe is hitting my sonars not just clear the ropes is cleared the fence it's the crowds in Pakistan back in business [Applause] Shaya 3ds has hit his hundred sixty seventy six in one day international what I hate strong it pressure back on India that's all the time as well as a great shot looks like sigh afraid instigators I've been done way beautiful striking the power of the man couple of big shots this one even better than the first one [Applause] the return is justified as well as Ward's limelight it's another couple by the way is aimed at everyone [Applause] betaine the two batsmen [Applause] sorry he might have changed because this mess but he's also open it up again now for India as well this is very ordinary cricket from sharpening [Applause] first ball that he faces from your garage sale doesn't size him up straight down the trail of long gone from 12 balls 187 4/7 Pakistan mr. Kohana is asking the umpire where they could have a runner now [Applause] allowed to run or not well he's certainly signaling for it and if he needs it I guess I should have it to be honest [Applause] pitstop is parodied they're running through and missed – as the touching jung-geun to back up in time bors been carried lift bullets and Center you brass did well to get down on it first then got the turn Ganguly wasn't quite quick enough to back up parented himself the net result two more runs to Pakistan's calls partly for Pakistan Yusef Johanna is batting strike couldn't get behind that one good running between Ron and Naveed and shred Malik well that's where the runner makes sense dear Sarah you see for hundreds own out there who might well have been just the one they had to settle for so that's where the runner has gained them a run and he's down while batsman's down but to all those who are still capable of run Tony for the second there's the one that makes the scores legal here with Pakistan on seven wickets down and that in itself should be enough [Applause] – do believe all the suits pass the field Pakistan have won this contest jubilation and nutrition there's tribulation [Applause] as Weston and it's you sit here and we've seen the millenniums of seer politic persistence and it's needed studying the story stamina tested out there he's kept his pool he's kept his head [Applause] the decent thing out there room shakes all round this has been a tremendous game of cricket between India and Pakistan Pakistan 201 for seven in the fiftieth over they were 27 for three with em fun for town ripping out the top three for just 27 runs you sir but Johanna doe with that 81 keeping Pakistan on course and in Samar wood that 41 became just the second batsman to reach 10,000 runs you know the first it was Sachin Tendulkar apart three for 34 in nine over 0 1 for 45 a Gurkha 1 for 33 intent and his 47 runs he had a great all-around match a wicked a peaceful select and for Yuvraj match summary then India all out for 200 drive at 67 a Gurkha for tea 747 avid for Hassan for wicked show back before his Pakistan getting there thanks to you sir to Hana his 81 not

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