[Brawl Stars Episode #1]-0 Trophy Colt Duo Showdown Gameplay

I realize I think we are all right so usually if you already are on I'm right now I play with my you know my first person so but okay what I mean is I'm trying to get 500 rupees for every brawler I'm usually doing Shelley but because I'm doing a livestream I guess I'll I'm doing coal so let's level him up to a power level 3 let's go in a thousand likes it's an OK map sorry for no in-game audio I don't know how long I'll be here all night that's the weird thing shoot enemy my teammates afk alright I see how it is trying to come this way are you trying to come this way oh god I'm dead I get my bed I'm dead I'm dead yeah I'm gonna leave that I have to go whoa this is good this is getting good ok I'm running back I'm about to die oh my god my teammate literally yeah her name is this lazy bear you're pretty lazy because you went afk on me you fool oh my god yep we're gonna lose so many trophies oh wait starting as they're otro fees Oh God why are you here well absolutely die now I'm sorry to say this oh my god do the framedrops on the streamer so bad make me want to end my whole life these frame drops actually suck around here yep yep yep you're most likely dead Oh God why are you here get on my face there we go that'll win see that guy's for too good at this game we got seven trophies on cold Rini like I said we're gonna keep on doing duo showdown I don't even like showdown that much but I'm only doing this for for let you know the views yeah what bad youtuber dude my phone so read it okay three minutes this is bash number two you should kill it yet there you go okay I could build a little bit my superior up okay I feel like no one's gonna wash this but I don't even care I'm just playing this live so yeah oh my god this lag oh shoot enemies goodness tonight open he has a super ready gonna dodge that easily his poco this poco has six though oh my god the frame drops are so bad oh god why are you here how stupid try to heal you I'm leaving my own teammate to die I don't care I don't know if you guys didn't see the really bad frame drops right now but they're pretty bad why are you here be honest fool you're dead we're joined by polo here is that great name polo like the like the company you know okay this team you just basically let me die oh shoot I was how scary yeah that bulk and instead of like kill me well my teammates going Oh stupid moron oh god this is bad yep we lost we lost we lost oh my god my team it was so reckless trash polo get your crap together you can't just charge for the reason what charge doesn't even do that much damage to begin with it's usually used to run away from like storms or enemies you know that's the good thing about it oh I actually do not know how long I'm gonna be here for probably a really long time Oh barley over here this is okay I want to close up on this kid oh I think that was esteeming yeah here I'll close in on this guy I'm not gonna use my super though is that stupid yep that was his teammate nope nope nope nope nope you're not killing my partner this this Daryl's okay not the best Daryl I've ever seen but you know semi-decent oh yeah I'm gonna probably use my super on this bull you're dead kid I chase after this nine-year-old don't know why you're staying in the bush like it's some sort of protection everyone just got clapped that match just got destroyed it clapped I mean this team a are splitting up yep this is bad this is bad I'm so laggy right now like frame wise holy crap this is like Vietnam oh my god what is wrong with my game oh my god it's literally prohibiting my movement screw you bro I don't know why he's running in a street pattern like a absolutely no I'm not going to use that okay maybe we'll use that yep we're using it right now yeah I'm gonna die oh my god I'm playing so reckless oh this this spoken may die oh he was standing what is wrong with this Pogo nope last team oh my god poco this pocket does not autoplay discharging who does that why do you think charge II strain two bullets will help you explain it there's a lot about teammates I have that's why I don't play it press play again cuz there's just two Biddy bat players there may be some good players but oh god see that alright I guess streams ending cuz freaking phone sucks

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