hi guys welcome to my youtube channel and today I am going to show you something interesting something mysterious which will make you happy so what I am gonna do today is I am going to share you the secret of pushing trophy so let's get started secret number one showdown many people they used to play showdown and earn trophy but your two situation where you must use showdown to earn trophy situation number one when you don't have a good team mate like if you don't have a pro insane trophy friend and you always keep losing because of your teammates in this situation you need to play solo showdown situation number two when your trophy is below 6000 if your trophy is more than 6000 then you must stop playing solo showdown I don't know why is the reason but pro people mostly used three views three battle to increase trophy you have seen in the leaderboard top player plays mostly three curse three to earn trophy secret number two well secret number two is like situation number two just opposite of it you need to have good team mate just invite friends and play together you can use discord also to voice chat and battle together to make it more easy for you to push trophy well guys this is all today for my video hit the subscribe button and like it and wait for my next video bye have a great time before I end up my video I would like to say please throw your waste in the dustbin our earth is getting more and more polluted and there is a situation where our planet Earth will be called garbage planet so I am begging you to put your waste to dust bin wherever you go bye bye


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