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Bratavio – ‘Boom Boom Boom Boom’ & ‘Barbie Girl’ mash up | Live Show 1 Full | The X Factor UK 2016

Do you have okay and now for something completely different? It’s Bradley and Octavia, and they’re now known as bret Reo We’re not shy We met her the first time at Uni it was an instant connection And then I went [straight] for his eyebrows and [flat] foot plus. I had some bushy eyebrows Italia and all you could hear was ah We never thought. We’d end up in the x-Factor live shows we thought we’d end up in the chippy any sources some vinegar Our x-Factor experience has been like a Rocky road I mean our audition it started off on a low you said it was about Trickett before x-Factor I’ve got really bad name showered on me now. It’s just raw chicken. I don’t mind this new name job Done We loved the performance [that] new he has planned for us. We are doing a vogue fashion Safari Editorial shoot he understands us creatively. [I] love it [Luis] saw something unique, you know it’s like his dream act in the laboratory. [I’ve] got some brilliant ideas on the clothes Sparkling neon oh, we love that original. Ooh a jungle theme outrageous What I’ve only heard [rumors] of what they’re doing. It’s gonna be awful, but that’s louie good [girl] When we go out and perform you will see that. This is us We ain’t say the only thing that’s fake a makeup and [you] know And you need a friend someone to make you forget your problem. Just coming I’ll be Wow, this is what I wanted That’s why whoa what I wanna me. Oh Bobby plastic, it’s one time like and I see Which is me everywhere? They like this I’m a block pillow fitzie up so my toe Kiss me here touch me there Thank you, you can touch You can pay You can say I always if the Wow, wow now? I don’t understand your name, but anyway I have [to] tell you something I think if Louie, and I would have children they would be you Don’t know when I’m watching a pant. Oh is it like Cinderella and the two ugly sisters Forget that don’t boo me because I think they’re quite fabulous. I think you’re brave. I think you’re creative and Who would everybody says cuz I like you Don’t know sure what just happened, but it happened. [yeah], did it like I don’t I feel like They pulled it off like I want to be right now Like a Brian Friedman split all over the stage Zootopia. It’s like brought soap. Yeah, [oh] Simon loves it. I love it. What were you thinking Simon? I was freaking fun [fun] something different for the show look it was like a musical horror movie I Mean I don’t know what to say. I mean genuinely. I don’t know what you’re thinking what who is thinking? So I’m going to hand this over to Louie guys listen I took a chance putting on to to the show, but I’m glad at least it’s different You know you’ve definitely got an audience out there And I’m really happy with what you and the thing is simon. They do sing at this thing in june. Oh, yes, yeah Can I just say simon this horror movie is certificate Simon Cowell? Glad you enjoy it best performance. I’m absolutely buzzing [yummy] those flowers everywhere he won. Yes Wow, the boys need your support to make it through to next week voting opens at the end of the secular. Yes We know they do well, so now it’s Bradley and Octavio otherwise known as pitarrio


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