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Brad Arnold 3 Doors Down Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey, we’re backstage at the Grammys. I’m Shira Lazar this is brought to you
by Turbo Tax. I’m right now with Brad from 3 Doors Down. Hello hello. Hey, we were talking about some Mississippi stuff before. Yeah Your from South? I’m from Escatawpa Mississippi which is about as far south as you can even go in Mississippi. Okay, so we’ll be saying a lot of y’all in this interview. That’s right. So you have your fourth album out. First self titled. Yeah How is this one different for you guys? What can we expect? You know what, it’s a 3 Doors Down record, but I think this record really shows a lot of growth for us. We had a little time off before it and we had really
kinda had a chance to catch our breath and be inspired and for the last three years I’ve lived in Nashville. That really rubbed off a lot and really taught me a lot. It’s a very inspiring place to live. It’s just
great musicians and stuff there, you know. I think this record just overall just shows a lot of growth. Yeah, I mean Nashville is the hub of music
it seems. It really is. So many artists. It really is. Inspirationally it’s a cool place to live and just like logistically it’s so easy to like work and live there. You can go into town and record rather than having to fly to a
city that has a good studio in it or somethin’. So how are the Grammys treating you here? Great, I’m havin’ a good time. This weekend for me is all about my wife. She’s never been to the Grammys before, so she’s havin’
a ball. She’s actually out shoppin’ right now. Of course, you gotta do that in LA. That’s right. And Hollywood. And what about you being here, I mean, is it different? It’s cool for me to not have to worry about being nominated or up for worryin’ about anything, to just kind of be here enjoy it. What advice do you give the nominees then? The newbies. Don’t sweat it if you lose. [laughter] And don’t show disappointment when you lose, on
camera. That’s right, you’re like, awe man. Do you have someone that’s guided you through your career? That one person you go to for advice. You know I always just refer to the advice of my dad and my mom have taught me in my life, you know. I try to just stay grounded and my wife helps me so much in doin’ that and just keepin’ it real and acknowledging that music is a powerful thing and it can be used to do something really good. Totally, in terms of anything free you’ve gotten. What’s the best thing for free? Best thing for free. They’ve probably got some pretty
cool gift bags out here this year. I’m not really sure what’s going on with those but I’m not really sure. The most thing I probably get that’s useful, The most useful thing I’ve ever got for free was probably a tempurpedic mattress. Sleep on it every night. Very practical. Heck yeah, I love that thing. I love it. Alright, thank you so much Brad. Thank you for havin’ us.
Best of luck with the new album. Thank you. Sponsored by Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax guides you step by step to the maximum refund you deserve.


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