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Blue Ivy wins award for songwriting

  • That's so stupid. This kid is going to be such a spoiled brat.
    And the name of that song is "Brown Skinned girl"?
    So not only is she going to be spoiled, but also a racist.
    I can't wait

  • Tom Ives, gonna be spoiled…….
    H. L. she is already spoiled. Bey and JZ are working on being zillionaire when they give up singing and rapping. They're passing the torch to BLUE definitely!!! Forget that!!!! Bey and J make me a thousandnaire 不不不不不 不不 不. You won't miss it!!!! Help a sista out!!!

  • This is a joke right… Meanwhile somewhere out there. A real songwriter wasn't acknowledge… All the shit money can buy.. blue ivy is a horse

  • This is so silly. Some rich people really live in their own bubble. It's time for that sucker to be popped, and come back to reality.

  • i mean no harm but….???? I thought this was an old song…oops. and just how much of the song did Blue Ivy co-write??? just saying….

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