Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – All Items List (Item Collector Trophy/Achievement)

  • bless you for this video. all the guides online right now are still the pre-launch SEO bait sites that are all copying each other.

  • This game is glitched, cause i collected every item 100% but the achievement didn't unlock :(.
    I play on GOG by the way.

  • Do not get me wrong, this video is helping me immensely and I thank you for it, but it might be a good idea for others who are watching to set the video speed to 1.5x or more. Again, thank you for taking the time to make this video.

  • If I had one suggestion for the devs it would be to put some kind of indicator in the alchemy shop that you've already crafted that item before

  • When comparing list, I have a Katana between Grand Izayoi and Spear that does not appear on your list and it's the only thing I'm missing. I assume this sword is possibly the Clan Sword from here: and apparently is being made to be hard to find/"earn". Now I'd love to earn the sword itself without spoilers on directly how to get it. But there aren't any clues that I can resolve from the update on the website. The only thing I've got going is on the Grand Izayoi (which looks a lot like the Clan Katana) is that it mentions that it "Grows and has a mind of his own". Initially I figured the Grand Izayoi would upgrade a lot like Bloodbringer, in that leveling the sword familiar to lvl 99 would max its potential *which I actually did*. But there are no indications that the sword (Grand Izayoi) is "leveling up" when I exp farm in the castle and just exp farming doesn't seem to be much of a "if you can earn it. And don't worry: IGA and Inti Creates will make you earn it." Exp farming does spell out, earning it" to me… a lot to read… but does anyone have any ideas. Picture for reference:

  • Showing all items required for the Item Collector trophy/achievement. I'm also showing all shards required for the Shardmaster trophy/achievement.

    The boss medals are not required for Item Collector or any other trophy. I'm not sure if the 8-bit weapons are required for it though.

  • Thanks for this, my game seems to have glitched and never logged Rat Teeth despite having some of its items crafted and my demon log 100% complete and I was stuck for hours trying to figure out what it was!

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