Bloodless Boss Guide / Tourniquet + Bloodstained Trophy [4k 60fps] – Ritual of the Night

hey everyone sweet Johnny Cage here back with another guy for blood-stained ritual of the night this time I'm going to show you how to defeat the boss bloodless as well as get two trophies the first is tourniquet you get that just for beating the boss but then there is an additional trophy called blood-stained that you can either get immediately or make some serious progress towards after defeating this boss so once she's dead do not leave the room very important this boss is easily one of the biggest difficulty spikes in the game especially midway through or about maybe you a third of the way through the game it's it's serious the reason for that is because most of her abilities will put blood on the walls ceiling or floor and then later on as she becomes weak she has the ability to drain that blood and absorb it healing her so you kind of have to kill her a couple times in order to burn her really die so it gets a little annoying but she has a lot of abilities so we'll go over them the first one he saw is a big stream I usually want to jump over her as it's happening the ability where she launches her umbrellas they will not attack you into a very certain point they will turn upside down and try to fly towards you at that point they can deal damage but you could touch them all you want this ability here is probably one of her deadliest she puts a big stream of blood and tries to arc it towards you you can jump behind her I have had it happen where she bends backwards and hits me with the stream anyway very rare but keep an eye out for it so just try to be safe the the silver knife familiar is incredibly powerful here he can help block her projectiles and keep you safe so if you found him deftly bring him along she also has a wave ability where she can throw a blood wave on the ground back to be pretty annoying but you gotta jump over it again the umbrellas are out but as you could tell I'm jumping into them and they're not dealing any damage they only become active when they're trying to fly towards you so as she hits you your own blood will spill on the floor as well so trying to memorize her patterns and make it so you don't get hit is very very important you want to make it so she absorbs as little blood as possible although it's it's very tough but you just don't want to add to the problem if you can avoid it her umbrella swing ability has two versions one of which is a guaranteed critical that's when she opens up the umbrella that does a massive amount of damage and the other one she just swings what they closed still a decent amount of damage but not as bad as the critical so I was playing on patch 1.12 stand still not be well on her I don't really know why I'm sure we get patched out eventually but as a launch day it's past one point on one so you know maybe this is the day one patch I'm not really sure eventually she will kind of turn inwards and then start absorbing all the blood on the ground it should be happening here soon no but as you can see the the blood stream if you were a against a wall just jumped towards the door here she goes she's healing now you can see all the blood being absorbed off the walls and it's healing her as this is happening just keep hitting her you don't want to let up cuz as you can see she's still healing there's so much blood that she just keeps healing and healing and healing so it really drags out this fight if you have any prepared meals or potions you're probably gonna want to use them you know don't be afraid to spend your resources on this fight because it's a long one it's almost like a four and a half five minute fight and it's one of the longest in the game until the final boss and it's simply for the fact to give to kill her multiple times really you got to keep draining that health pool over and over until you overwhelm her as she gets further down in her health pool she'll bring out a new ability are actually two new abilities one of which is a sort of like wall of blood that comes out of the floor and then the other one is a blood tornado and that one's a little bit more difficult to to tell that it's happening because it's uh it's just not very obvious so there you can see the blood range from the floor it also comes out of the range from the ceiling it also comes out of the floor there's a bigger blood way that she can summon I'm gonna heal up now using some using a rice bowl these late stage abilities deal a ton ton of damage and are very difficult to avoid because they just start filling up the entire screen so here comes the tornado she's sort of like bends inward looking like she's about to start absorbing blood but instead she summons a tornado that fills the entire screen and really limits your mobility so it's very very important that you try to get on the other side of that and of course it doesn't put too much blood on the ground but it still can and I think she's about yeah okay so she's very very close to death I'm looking at my timeline markers here she's very close to death so you know probably around the time she summons that tornado that is usually an indicator that she's very low in health but just keep at her and she will die and you'll get the trophy tourniquet when the boss dies you will get her crystal and it's very important that you do not leave the room this crystal is blood steel very similar to a low cards ability in Symphony of the Night but you'll notice that there's still a lot of blood all over the place so what you want to do is you want to equip that shard and use it immediately this will allow you to absorb all the blood just like the boss does and you need 1,000 pints of blood and you can track this in your menu in your personal data you need 1000 pints of blood in order to get this trophy and chances are there is enough in this room to grant you the trophy so be very sure not to leave the room and use this ability before you leave you should get the trophy afterwards if not when you drain the fountain near the entrance to go to the next area in the game you you'll probably get it then – all right if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment I'll do my best to help you out if you're looking for more guides for blood-stained ritual of the night please subscribe to the channels you get alerted when new videos go live if you like this content a whole lot please consider becoming a channel member by clicking the blue join button below this video and that about does it almost with Johnny Cage thanks so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye bye

  • Im curious now…can you complete the game 100% without drinking blood at all?Can you sequance break the blood fountain?

  • It’s a small detail I think it’s nice. In the options if you change the blood color it also changes her dress and umbrella. Nice cosmetic detail.

  • I crushed this fool first try. Reason it took so long is you didn't even use magic. Also weak weapon. I used a greatsword and it was super easy.

  • i love how she just steps a tiny fucking bit into you like the bitch knows she's got contact damage on her side.
    seriously, contact damage? in this fucking century? i get that old castlevania games did it but that doesn't mean we still bloody need it now.

  • Using Blood Steal to absorb the blood in this room and fountain only gave me about 600L… xD. Off to hope there is another source…

  • What do you do about the blood rain though? I have already beaten this boss but the fact that I didnt really know what to do about that still annoys me haha

  • 4.5 minute fight? Probably because you're not using any shards at all it looks like. Don't even have the basic damage passive shard.

  • In case you do miss the blood in the room after the boss fight and the fountain doesn't give you anything, you can farm it from normal mobs. Its just that most mobs don't leave a puddle most of the time so its best to farm where there's a lot of mobs in one area/panel. Easy spot is Underground Sorcery Lab past the save room (right side) where there's 6 monkeys(they break of the glass).

  • I just used Welcome Party from the poltergeist paintings along with how you fought her. Fight went by fast.

  • My only issue with her was that a few of my deaths came from her bumping into me alot unfortunately. Glad im over this now smh…

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