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BLAME Official Trailer (2017) Strange Romance Movie HD

Abigail, your parents and I feel that it might be better if you started school with your own class. This way, you can start off the year just like everyone else. Oh my god, she’s back. Hey, what was that name everybody kept callin’ her last year? *giggling*
Shhh, stop! Welcome back, Sybil. My name is Jeremy Wood. You guys ever read The Crucible? Arthur Miller? Abigail Williams- this is the villain of the play. It’s a great, great, great part. It’s a difficult part. Anyone want to try to tackle that? I’m gonna have to go with the namesake- Abigail. Found that paper. Abigail! Thanks for… for doing this. There’s not really anyone else that I’m… close to. I don’t have anyone that I’m really close to either. I’ll do the scene with you. ♫ Instrumental music ♫ ♫ What if I told you ♫ ♫ You wanted someone quiet ♫ ♫ I just kept running fast ♫ ♫ Away from my current past ♫ You can pick me up tonight. ♫ Oh child, you got that lion in you ♫ ♫ Let me lay you down ♫ What are you doing? Get out! What- what is this? ♫ He said, oh child ♫ Why didn’t you pick me for that part? Why did you pick her? You know she was in a psych ward for like six months, right? He doesn’t know, does he? Shut up. You know what- don’t tell me how to talk to you! At least she’s not obsessed with some pedophile! Do you really not see that she’s just jealous? ♫ Instrumental music ♫ ♫ Oh child, you got that lion in you ♫ You


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