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blake shelton just had a very confusing birthday I don't really even understand it so I'm gonna have to let him explain yeah he's also telling us how he celebrated with Gwyn and the kids June 18th turned 43 years old and I had to keep checking to because I couldn't I thought I already was 43 we got some good food which is obviously my favorite thing McGuinn got me a big sign for my ranch like a big welcome to the ranch sign which is really cool handmade things so and then the kids got me some got me a cap and some cool things some odds and in what today is gonna be a lot of fun because it's literally nothing more than just a party that MasterCard is throwing for some lucky VIP winners from all over the country and I'm gonna come out and play a few songs acoustically which I never get to do much anymore so I always enjoy that and and maybe answer some questions and try not to try not to suck it wasn't that confusing yeah I forget how old I am all the time I also maybe I should admit this on television forget what year it is all the time you really are an old old man trapped in this lake when it's coming back to the voice on there be she see she'll be competing against Blake once again that's right so the question is do they ever get sick of each other we have we literally have so much fun together it's it blows my mind personally I go with her when she's working and she comes with me when I'm working even if it's our days off you know we just we like to hang out we love what we do whether she's even on a season or not you know we talked about it I can't win either way it's not gonna pay off for me to upset her by stealing an artist or arguing with her or something like that it's I'm a win in that moment but I will have lost the war if you don't I'm saying I have to go home and it's I'd rather have success at home than on the show that makes sense so what if they get in a fight right before they tape the show carries over could you work with your wife oh I don't know if I could I don't mind fight with my wife worked in our building but if we worked in sort of that capacity where she could rub it in my face at work and then once we got home I mean she's not a vindictive person like that maybe she would be but but yeah Oh only under some circumstances then again we've got a baby so I'll do anything that anybody pays us to do that's fine how about you I could work with them if we were in completely different departments like we don't affect each other's workflow at all that's fine different office spaces different floors do I get I like the the work/life separation and like that you need it you need it hey there thanks for watching don't forget to hit that big old red subscribe button below for more great enews content from breaking news stories to a-list celebrity interviews enews on youtube will keep your pop culture


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