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Black Panther – Oscars Love and Oscar Hate! Why Are Some Movie Lovers Mad This Movie Got Oscar Love

last week that was a movie that got a
bunch of Oscar nominations can you guess which movie it was wishes to challenge
for the throne this course is really uncomfortable so could we all just wrap
it up and go okay you guess how many Oscar nominations they got not one not
two seven Oscar nomination the Black Panther you see I’m geared up and we’re
going to talk about that in this video in time you will know what it’s like to
lose to feel so desperately that you write but to fail to read it justice what’s good YouTube getting a build with
y’all knowing and letting out feeling seeing our powerful just and all
everything the sex is hell host what do we do on this channel we review
everything tech core cutting pop culture snakes hot we review everything up here
and today we’re reviewing is it okay is it good black pepper got nominated for
seven Oscars and we’re gonna talk about it but first plus seven glasses of the
sexes hell baby because I’m working on skilling up my craft bringing you a more
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send me a message I’ll do it so Black Panther is the first comic book movie in
history to be nominated for Best Picture they got nominated for Best visual and a
whole lot of other good stuff one area I feel like they snubbed was Ryan Coogler
cuz if you’re gonna nominate Best Picture you might as well nominate the
director having said all that for the groundbreaking that this movie did there
were a lot of people that just hate it on the movie because they don’t like
this whole thing about having women minorities they a lot of people just
really and true that’s to keep this thing real a lot of people hate Michael
B Jordan Michael B Jordan ruin Fantastic Four for them and a lot of people hate
him so they bring their hate over here the Black Panther but ladies and
gentlemen you cannot deny this was a good movie and no matter whether you are
a marvel fan DC fans any comic book fan you have got to be happy that this movie
has been brought into the mainstream of Oscars it’s been hard for movies like
this comic movies to get into the Oscar world I do feel like Logan’s should have
been nominated for a lot I mean that was a hell of a movie to Logan was a great
movie but it didn’t and this movie did and this movie was more than just a
comic book movie ladies and gentlemen Smoove
had real-life dynamics that are even going on now you had a group of people
trying to isolate themselves from the rest of the world not with a steel wall
but with a hologram wall that blocks everything you had a person that was
oppressed from that group who wanted revenge not just on that group because
he felt like they could have helped with other people oppressing the world of his
same yield you had women leads that did a hell of a job you had all these great
great profound dynamics this was not fucking my deal this was not just a
shoot-’em-up comic-book movie this was a grounded deep comic book movie and I got
frustrated with one of my favorite reviewers and critics on YouTube said he
didn’t like that this movie got nominated because he liked Avengers
infinity war better which I did too but you don’t win Oscars on that you went
Oscar’s on the depth of the movie and this was a very deep comic-book movie so
I wanna just say to everybody if you’re a comic fan be happy celebrated you see
the pathway to getting your movie into the Oscar nomination and I can’t wait to
see what happens with Black Panther 2 they’re already talking about pushing
the date back on black panther 2 because of the success of Aquaman they’re trying
to bring in Namor I heard a rumor they’re trying to bring in storm 2
because y’all don’t know Black Panther you should get down with storm but I’m
guessing if storm gets into this MCU universe with Black Panther the key is
probably gonna have her ass electrocuted by storm but I digress a little bit so I
was I want you guys to let me know how do you feel about Black Panther being
nominated for seven Oscars do I think it’s gonna win any of those maybe one
and I’m gonna reserve the one I’m thinking about but it definitely ain’t
gonna be Best Picture you can forget that shit but I think it will win one
you let me know if you think it’s gonna win one
and what other comic book movies in the past do you feel should have been
nominated for an Oscar that’s gonna do it for this video don’t forget to like
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see you


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