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Black Panther Best Picture Nomination – Oscars 2019

  • Congratulations to Black Panther for being the first comic book movie to be nominated for best picture. It's well deserved and I hope it wins. You have open doors for future comic book movie to be nominated in the future. Can't wait to see Black Panther 2.

  • Logan should have been nominated last year and the same with the dark knight but even do I’m happy for black panther, it’s a really good movie and deserves recognition a nomination is a little too much but good for them. I just hate how the Oscars go for representation and message more than great movies

  • I think we should stop comlaining about black panther getting nominated and making such a fuss about it and focus on the fact that a comic book movie ,a marvel one spesifically got as far as to be nominated for a best picture Oscar. That's history being made in my opinion and we should celebrate.

  • Unfortunately, the Oscars just saw a way to tick off two boxes in their nomination list: superhero film and black-led film. Black Panther came along and despite Infinity War being universally acclaimed and loved, it did not garner a SINGLE nomination.

  • The timeline of the Óscar Winners would be funny, Gone to The Wind, Casablanca, The Godfather 2, Kramer vs Kramer, América Beauty, Gladiator…..and Black Panther, the "cultural impact" is a joke that's something that had to be studied over decades, not in a year or months .

  • So ahamed disney let academy touch that film smh they know how to cause uproar disney knew most whites didnt like that movie so they pushed it in there face please leave blacks out of the politcal shit please my people dont listen they dont like you they just do this shit to expose racism trying to control people "make world a better place" all that bs

  • Grace, why no mention of Dragonball:Broly huge opening weekend for an anime movie… you've been slacking even on your hair ever since you came back from Disney World

  • I love your critiques and comments you are not being biased to any movie and always consider every movies despite their genre. We love you 😚

  • Black Panther winning would be a pyrrhic victory. If it wins, I think people will turn hard critical to the movie, while the nomination is enough to support people thinking of it outside if being "just a comic book movie." They can even go a super humble route, saying that they appreciate it, but it is sad that X movie didn't get the stoplight too. Winning in the other hand just puts a huge target on it's back.

  • Christopher Nolan said that he though this would be the first Superhero movie to be nominated almost a year ago and he was right!
    Who are any of these haters to talk up their opinions as fact when even Nolan thought it was worthy of the nom before all the buzz?

  • If you are not making good films no matter how hard you tried, not matter how long you have been in the business, you should not be recognized. It's time we feel ashamed Oscar 'recognized' it. I wish I could replace Black Panther with Leave No Trace

  • The nomination is pandering/fear of the mob mentality at it's finest (trying to avoid some hashtag drama during the Oscars so they nominate with 0 actual belief it deserves it) unless it wins then that would be taking up to a ridiculous level. Dark Knight is still a better movie than Black Panther and I liked Black Panther. I feel like Black Panther being nominated and movies like it cheapen what being nominated means. Dark Knight so far is the only Comic movie that I felt deserved a best picture nomination and didn't get it. While there are plenty of awesome comic movies they are pretty much my favorite movies I haven't felt like any of them were more than simple entertainment. Nothing life changing or special story wise very predictable safe movies.

  • Grace just said it has nothing to do with how well the movie is made but how it campaigns and yet people still don't understand.

  • The nomination itself is undeserving. It was a cultural moment for the USA, which is great. But artistically there´s very little there. Just one more comic book movie. It´s nothing like a Dark Knight. Obviously it won´t win so I don´t worry. But the nomination itself is a little bit unfair when you think of better blockbusters from the last few years which weren´t nominated.

  • This is a sad day for Comic Book/Movie fans. The fact BP gets nominated and could win eventually will make the studios more and more focused on ideology symbols instead of good and sometimes inspiring (I am looking at you: TDK) stories and characters.

  • I mix about this, to me movie was good; however Oscar for best picture? I feel the Academy Awards are do this for ratings and Logan should nominated.

  • I liked Black Panther but it's not even the best superhero movie of the year probably not even in my top 5 of the year with IW, Spider Man, Death of Superman, Batman Ninja, Aquaman, Incredibles 2 etc. Nominating a movie based on "importance" or "representation" is offensive and condescending. No matter what skin color is in a movie it should be judged on how good it is. period.

  • What sets Black Panther apart for me is the impact and widespread influence of the movie. Schools, programs, community groups and many other (not just from the black community as well) were involved in the premiere and subsequent theatrical showings. It blew me away and I've never seen an impact that widespread beyond Heath Ledger's The Joker. Its a phenomenon like Titanic or Avatar.

  • Come on Grace everybody know that Black Panther is just an okay movie who doesn’t deserve a Best Picture nomination AT ALL.

  • Having a cultural impact is a good thing. We live in hateful times. If film can make a cultural impact that inspires new generations of black artists- if a motion picture can do that, it should be nominated. If it wasn't your cup of tea, cool, but it satisfied several thousands of people. A Best Picture nominee SHOULD have made an impact on a large percentage of its audience. Movies can change the world. Some think it's a compensation move, but others feel it IS deserving; on multiple levels.

  • Worst best picture nominee since extremely loud and incredibly close in 2011. I don't care that now more comic book movies might receive best picture noms. Most comic book movies are shit and now that the mcu has the x men and dc is copying the tone of the mcu movies there will never be a truly great comic book movie ever again.

  • Great for Marvel and the African American community but Black Panther is not that good of a movie… This feels like a pity nomination… like "yawl black folk tried real hard"…"heres a nomination"… guarantee they won't get the award…

  • Black Panther should be nominated for an Oscar. What impressed me, was that this was the movie that show people that black people can star in big-budget superhero movies, and make a lot of money (Black Panther made $1.344 billion in the box office.).

  • Men lets get one thing straight … Wonder woman is not a good movie… Lets all stop pretending it is. I mean not an Oscar quality movie for sure. If wonder woman would have been nominated as best picture we might as well could award George W bush with the peace Nobel… Its ridiculous.

  • Wow the hate for Black Panther is strong down here in the comments!!! 😂😂 Y’all sit down let’s just be happy for them whether they win or not!!!! Success for one comic book movie is success for all comic book movies!!! Okay 👌🏽👍🏽

  • In my opinion The Dark Knight should have been nominated and won Best Picture. Ten years later I still believe thats one of the biggest robs ever for movies.

  • The Inceptionist of Youtube reaction, revîew & discussion! Like Leo in Inception, you let us know the facts behind the facts and the facts behind those facts & so on. Legit, logical & realistic youtuber ever. Always…The no 1….Grace ✌💪

  • Oscars are a joke. Stop hyping them up. Nobody cares. The viewership is down and when normal films like BP gets nominated, I wonder when they'll start nominating movies like Jumanji.

  • I'm the biggest MCU fan but Black Panther is not even in my top 5 favourite list. It was a fun and uplifting movie. It has great costume design but that's about it when it comes to excellence. Not even the CGI was exceptional in a time where it's considered normal to have mindblowing visuals in movies .

  • Wonder Woman was actually going to be released on International Women's day like CM but because Logan was going to get released on the 3rd of March they moved the release date.

  • Sometimes Grace, I have to wonder if people truly watch your videos, or just read the title, go straight to the comments and post this. "I like black panther but it really isn’t worth an Oscar." and many.. many other comments like this

    You LITERALLY explain, IN THE VIDEO, that it isn't just about how good a movie is… It's a lot more than that. BUT EVERYONE SEEMS TO NOT LISTEN TO YOU. It's frustrating

  • Think about the fact that Kevin Feige has already made history books, meanwhile the MCU could potentially be just getting started.

  • Why Black Panther won’t win the Oscar: too much CGI and just a tiny bit too focused on spectacle.
    Reason it was nominated: it clearly and succinctly makes a deep valid point about the world we live in.

  • 0:20 Marvel Grew up fast 😩😂

    Black Panther Spoke more to the African American community that's why it sky rocketed Movies Were filled In my City I mean EVERYONE you had to wait to get an seat sis those other movies didn't have that impact so if it doesn't win I'm give the whole thing the side eye

  • Black Panther was a better movie than Logan and Dark Knight. Strong actors with a great story that hadn’t been done a thousand times.

  • Hey Grace, what’s your next film review gonna be? Have you seen The Favourite? Wondered what your take on it was.

  • Roots. ROOTS!?!
    Grace dared to compare BP with Roots so I suppose Roots was a fictional story settled in a fictional world and those events never took place in the history of mankind. 🤣🤣🤣
    If there is a god, take those condescending and insidious white liberals away first.

  • Wasn’t even the best super hero film of the year. Super hero movies are gonna get nominated/win once they start making better quality films and not a by the numbers film

  • Black Panther ..Best Picture Nomination ? Really is this a Joke ? Making up for last years No black Nominations thats pretty Sad Panther was Average Not Bad ..Not Good ,But Average

  • The Oscars are nothing more than a popularity contest, rather than the chance to award and promote actual art and artists. If this news doesn’t prove that, I don’t know what will.

  • Grace….. I love your videos…but did you forget your own video saying that Disney is basically running the Oscars ….so is this nomination a real recognition of the cultural importance of BP or just a kickback for broadcasting the show…..???!!!

  • they should've done Watchmen a truly well crafted film and it would've been the best comic movie ever, appealing to the cultural side and the comic side of the public.

  • Black panther is mediocre for me. Nothing special with the story (the king got torn down by enemy who's gonna replace him as a king, everyone thought him died, but he's coming back to seize his throne. That pattern is so familiar to me). And fight coreography is meh. Western audience has a low standard for fight coreography in hollywood by saying that black panther, john wick, kill bill, matrix, etc has good fight coreography. It's like, they never see fight scenes in the raid, ong bak, protector, flash point, etc.

  • While BP wasnt the best superhero movie I've ever seen…it's cast alone was better then 99% of all superhero movies….it's really elite in that respect. Last but not least it's a very culturally relevant movie….I would say it's akin to discovering fire for the first time….

  • Black panther getting an oscar is the Hollywood version of OJ Simpson being "innocent". Terrible decision that was absolutely racially motivated appeasement

  • A superhero movie is nominated for best picture at oscar yay!! i know what most of the people thinking, besides the one's that are angry about it. that from now on superhero will be recognized by the oscars, but don't get too excited because no super hero movie will be nominated for oscars Best picture as long as it doesn't have black people or homos in it!

  • Wow! This is just sad. Talk about The Bigotry Of Low Expectations…lol! This proves that it's alive and kicking and going strong within Hollwood…. Black Panther isn't even in my Top 5 when it comes to Marvel Movies let alone something I would even consider Oscar worthy…. This is just pathetic.

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