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Black Eyed Peas Interview Grammy Awards 2010 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

What’s up guys? It’s Michelle Marie, I am here with
Taboo and apl of The Black Eyed Peas. We’re celebrating the Grammys right now, aren’t we? We’re definitely celebrating. Yeah,we’re doing great stuff. How are you doing? I’m great. Very excited to perform. You’re nominated for six Grammys, but you’re more excited to perform. Tell us more about the performance and what we can expect. Well, don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about the
nominations as well, but to be able to to be able to perform on such a
big stage. We’ve done the Grammys before Now this is our first time being nominated on camera. So hopefully we can take something hoe for the city of Los Angeles and all the people who support The Peas, you know. I’m been seeing you around town for years and years and years.
You guys have been around and I mean I remember having the album back in the day when I was in high school and
you guys have just stuck to it. How old are you? I’m twenty-one. Nice. [laughter]. Apl just turned twenty-one. Yeah, it feels weird. You know, to be able
to drink. Now you can drink right? Yeah So what’s going on for the weekend? I saw you guys last night on stage at The Palladium. You guys killed it.
What else are you guys up to? We have the Clive Davis party tomorrow and then
get ready for the big show on Sunday. You guys have just kind of blown up this
year. The mainstream success and you’ve always had it, but this year was just like
the icing on the cake. What was a few things you could tell us about that was your most memorable moment? Oprah, yeah and the flash mob. Twenty-six weeks at number one. That was pretty cool. And then you know we did
the first leg of our tour in Asia, Japan. So that was good. Now with this album you guys really just created more of a fresh
sound and it’s a little bit different than your previous albums. The thing about us is we go to
clubs, dance. Will and Ap our DJ’s. So you know it was the movement of the
youth. The pulse of the youth and you know and the electricity really kind of inspired and you know, we like to get inspired by other different sounds You know it’s a good thing to re-invent your sound. To experiment and to try new things. So what’s next for you guys? What are we going
to see next with The Black Eyed Peas? We’re touring, so we’re coming to a city near you. A
town near you and then eventually a country near you. Because we’re going to be going overseas as well. When do you find time for yourselves? When you are
hanging out without working, what do you do? Watching movies, you know, bowling. You know we like to shop at new places. Speaking of shopping, let’s look at the style right
here. Head to toe, rockin’, rockin’, rockin’ the patent leather. What are those? These are Supras. Oh, I love the Supras. What about you? What are you rockin’ right now? I’m actually rockin’ Jumps. These are Taboo’s boot. They’re part of his line. And my Swiss Army Watch. I’ve like a big watch too. Look, I’m rockin’ mine. I got my G-shock. I’ve got my G-shock to go with my belt. [laughter] What’s up y’all? This is and this is your boy Taboo and we The Black Eyed Pease and we wanna
give a big shout out to Young Hollywood. Stay tuned, stay locked because tonight’s gonna be
a good night, Black Eyed Peas style. At Turbo Tax we’re all about making taxes easy, like Snap Tax. (music) “Nothin’ on You” by B.o.B. (music) It’s just one more way you can choose easy.


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