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– [Monica] Beautiful girl. – [Jeremy] But I’m a boy. – [Monica] Shut up! You know the rules. – [Jeremy] Wait, that’s two words. I thought it had to be one word. – [Monica] Huh. You’re right. (laughing) But I made the game, so I can change it if I want to. – [Jeremy] I remember
when I was 13 years old. There was this new girl in town. Named Monica. – [Gina] All right.
– [Peter] Okay. – Get over that one. Oh. – I like you here. – Oh isn’t that rich?
– [Peter] Beautiful. – [Gina] Oh yeah. Horrible. – [Peter] Oh my…
– [Gina] Not true. – Oh, hold on, look at you here. Struttin’ your stuff. You were always a supermodel weren’t you? – [Gina] That’s very sweet but you know that’s far from the truth. I was always that tall,
awkward, lanky girl. (sighs) – Honey, are you done washing? You’re not gonna use this bathroom, right? – Of course not, I wouldn’t dream. – Speak up, I can’t hear you. – [Jeremy] I said I’m done. – [Gina] I’m gonna leave early tomorrow. I have to work out extra early because I have a lot to take care
of before taking off– – Yeah, you mentioned. – Was that really necessary? – Sorry Pete, but a girl’s gotta take care of her face. Night time is the most important time to– – I’m trying to do a
little rejuvenation myself over here, it’s called sleeping. I have to get up early for the gym. – No you don’t. Who said
you have to do that? – If you spent a little less
time on your face over there, and more time using that
gym membership of yours… – See, that’s just wrong. You
don’t say that to your wife. – What? Because I care about your health? That you should have
more cardio in your life? It’s good for your heart. – You can go do your cardio by yourself. My heart is just fine, thanks. (slapping) – Oh my God! Can you go do that in the bathroom? – But Pete.
– [Peter] It’s Peter! I hate Pete, you know that. – But Pete’s so much cooler. Fine. I’ll go do it in the bathroom. – [Peter] Can you get the light please? – Yeah I got it. – Do you want me to take
you to the airport tomorrow? I don’t have much going on. – There’s no need. I’m gonna go straight from the gym. And I really wanna get in some yoga too, so I’ll probably leave
before you’re awake. So don’t worry about it. – You sure? – Mm-hmm. I’m sure. – Just let me know if
you need anything, okay? – Be careful, the silk is really delicate. – If it’s delicate… It should come off. (kissing) – Jeremy, come on. – Come on babe. It’s been like, what, six months? And I’m not even exaggerating. – Jeremy, get off me. God damn it Jeremy, do
you think I’m kidding? I have the most important shoot tomorrow. Do you wanna be the cause
of a blemish on my face? I mean, God damn it Jeremy, you know not to touch my face. (sighs) And I’m sick and tired of feeling like I’m only good for sex. You have to know, marriage
is more than that. – I never said that Gina. Never. – Can you go sleep in the guest room? Are you going or am I? – Peter? Honey? – [Peter] Yeah? – You know what’s a good cardio? – Honey, it’s been a long day, I’m really tired. Will you just go to sleep? – Sure. – Good night. I love you. (whimsical music) – You know Gina hates when
I lie down after I eat? She yells at me. (laughs) – Well, it’s bad for you. – Nah, it’s only bad for you
if it causes indigestion. I feel fine. – But you know she means well. – I can’t even have soda in the house. – I know. I lived with her for
three years, remember? – And she’s not even
home most of the time, I don’t know what the big deal is. – That’s not good for you anyway. – Anything in moderation is fine. – She’s too extreme in
everything she does. – That’s why she’s the way she is, that’s why she’s living her dream and I am unemployed and sitting here with you. Not that I’m trying to make
this about my crappy day. – [Monica] Hey you.
– [Jeremy] Hey. – Hey Monica.
– [Monica] Hi. – Did Jeremy coerce you
into helping him pack? – Oh yes. I’m just kidding. I have so much time, it’s ridiculous. – Oh I keep forgetting, how are you holding up? – You know, I’m okay. – [Gina] Oh my God, you
guys and fried chicken. I can’t leave you two alone. – Does it really smell that much? – Yes. And it’s stuffy in here. – Gina, I got it. I didn’t know you were
coming home so early. So it’s my fault. – Yeah that’s fine, I’ll just go outside. – Actually, you guys, I gotta get going, so I’ll head out with you. – You can hang out
longer if you want, Mon. – [Monica] I know, I
just really have to go. – This might be the last
time that I see you. – [Monica] Oh my God. – Come visit us soon, okay? – You know I will. – Love you.
– [Monica] Love you too. – I’ll be right back.
– [Gina] Wait. What about the trash in the kitchen? – Already got it. – Okay. I’ll be in the room. (whimsical music) – Jeremy Walker. You’re such a good husband. – I forgot to pick up some boxes. From you the other night. – What boxes? – You were holding some lenses and some other stuff for me. – What are you talking about? – Monica, are you serious? – Jeremy, I’m just kidding. Sorry, are you okay? – [Jeremy] Yeah. – Jeremy, I’m sorry. – It’s okay. I’m just being… – [Both] A grouch. (laughing) – You’re such a grouch. (elevator dings) – I guess I’ll see ya soon. Just call me before you come, okay? – You know I will. Be safe okay? – [Monica] Bye Jeremy. – Bye M. (rain falling) (knocking) – [Monica] It’s open. – Hello you. – Hello. – Is this everything? – Yeah I think so. What, you don’t trust me? – Never trust a pretty girl. – Do you have to leave right away? – Not right away, but I have to take care of some things. – [Monica] So you do or you don’t? – I have a few minutes. Why, what’s up? – It’s my last day seeing you. – I’m not dying Monica. I’m moving. Do you wanna come with me? – I thought you were going with your wife. – I’m talking about right now. – I know, dummy. I’d love to, but I’d actually have a phone interview in an hour. – You’re moving quick. – Yes I am. (laughs) It’s not a big deal though.
– [Jeremy] Still. Good luck.
– [Monica] Thank you. – Although I think you don’t need it. – Jeremy. I need you here.
– [Jeremy] Since when? You don’t need anyone. – [Monica] Is your wife
that important to you? I just don’t want you guys to go. Doesn’t even make any sense that you guys are moving there. I really hate Gina for this. – You mean you’re gonna miss her. – No, I barely get to see her now, so… – You’re her husband
and you barely see her. – Well, I guess that’s
why we’re moving there. So I get to see her more often. – I know… I know I’m supposed to be
Gina’s best friend by now, but… I’m gonna miss you more. Than anyone. – We’ve been best friends for forever. Before we met Gina. – It’s a little different. Now. You’re gonna be late, you should go. Go. Go. – When’s your interview over? – [Monica] I don’t know. – Do you want me to call you afterwards? – No, that’s okay. Well, call me if you need anything. – You know I told Peter the other night that he’s lucky. – Oh. Mm-hmm. – You should take
advantage of your time off. You know? Just do things that you don’t normally do. – Yeah, I know. I was gonna hang out with you. Too bad you’re moving away. – Monica. – I said go, what are
you still doing here? Take your boxes and go. – Come here. Come here. (laughing) – What? – [Jeremy] Give me a hug. I’m gonna miss you too, okay? All right. I gotta go.
– [Monica] Yeah. Here. – Thank you. – Mm-hmm. Wait. – [Jeremy] What? What? – I don’t know. Can I get another hug? You should go. – Yeah. – You’re gonna be late. – Monica. – I’ll talk to you soon? – Yeah. (horn honking) – Hey, I was just writing you back. Yes. I’d love to do it, yeah. Mm-hmm. Tomorrow? Yeah that’s perfect. I’ll be there. Okay, talk to you soon then. Or see you soon. Ha ha. Okay, bye. (door closes) – Hello? – [Peter] Hey, it’s me. – Hey. You’re home early. – Yeah. Hey.
– [Monica] Hey. – What are you drinking here? – Water. (laughs) – Can I have some? – Yeah, of course. – Thanks. – Yep. Are you okay? – Yeah. I’m fine. – Are you sure everything’s okay? – Yeah Sweetheart, everything’s good. I’m fine. – Okay. So I think I have a gig. – Oh, you got a job? – Kind of. – Okay, so it… (laughs) So it’s not paid? – No, I just mean it’s
like a temporary thing. – Okay.
– [Monica] But, if I do a good job on this one, I think maybe they’ll offer me a full-time position. – Well great, what kind of job is it? – There’s this story. They want me to write about. – So it’s a writing job? – Yeah, but I’d like to think of
myself as a journalist. – Same difference. – No it’s not. – Okay. Is it for a newspaper or… magazine or what? – It’s for a magazine. It’s for that one that Jude works for. – So you asked your ex for a favor? (laughs) – No. No, it’s not like that. – Didn’t know you two were still in touch. – He’s just read my stuff I think. And so he knows my work. And he needed somebody quick. So he just asked me to
fly over and that’s it. – What do you mean fly over? – Yeah. – For how long? – Two weeks, maybe more. It really depends, I don’t know. You know how it is.
– [Peter] Yeah. I’ll be right back. – Where are you going? I’m not done. I’m trying to… Just ask me where I’m going? – Where are you going?
– Austin. – Really?
– [Monica] Yeah. Isn’t that crazy? Isn’t that great actually? – Have you told Gina? – Have I told Gina? No. I just found out so I didn’t have a chance to talk to her yet. – You gonna stay with them
when you’re down there? – Nope. I’m covered. It’s… I know this is really hard to believe but I do get paid for what I do. – Of course, you’re quite
the distinguished journalist. I’ll be right back, I’m gonna go change. (laughs) – [Monica] Hi.
– [Jude] Wow. – Wow. (laughing) – Thanks for coming. – Yeah, my pleasure. It’s so good to see you. – You have no idea how
glad I am to see you. – Oh. – Take a seat.
– [Monica] Yeah. – [Jude] Sorry to keep you waiting. – It’s okay. – So.
(laughing) – [Monica] So. – Thank you so much for doing this. I mean, you are totally saving my ass. – I know, but don’t mention it. – I actually forgot to ask you, and I know it’s really last minute, but, do you have any photographer friends you could recommend for this gig? – Seriously?
– [Jude] Yeah. It’s a horribly long story. – A friend of mine just moved there. You remember Jeremy Walker.
– [Jude] Of course I do. But isn’t he a fashion photographer? – He used to be, but not anymore. He’s freelancing now. – [Jude] Really?
– [Monica] Yeah. – And you think he’d be free? – Mm-hmm, definitely. Are you worried because he’s from fashion? He knows what he’s doing, I’ve worked with him before, so, I can guarantee it.
– [Jude] Yeah? – Yeah. – All right, I trust you. – I know you do, you always did. – I did didn’t I?
– [Monica] Yeah. Good thing I carry this around. Here. He’ll be happy to hear from you. – You are an angel. (laughing) Thank you.
– [Monica] You’re welcome. (somber music) (phone buzzing) – Hey Jeremy. – Hey you. – Did you talk to Jude?
– [Jeremy] Yes, I did. – [Monica] Did you take it?
– [Jeremy] Of course. – That’s perfect, I’m really
excited about this one. – Monica? I… – Is it the money? – No, it’s not that, money’s fine. – Good, because I made sure they know what you’re worth.
– [Jeremy] Thank you. – [Monica] I love flaunting you. I love that I can do that. What’s goin’ on? What’s wrong? – You know what’s wrong. – If you’re worried about… The other day. I’m sorry, okay? It’s my fault, I… Just forget about it, okay? – Monica, I don’t think I can do that. – Jeremy. Don’t be stupid. I’ll be there tomorrow so… Let’s talk about it
when I get there, okay? And I have to figure out how to pack. I have a lot of crap to take so, unless you’re gonna come
here and help me out, let’s hang up. Jeremy are you there?
– [Jeremy] Do… Do you need a ride tomorrow? – I think I’m gonna get a… I’m gonna rent a car. But if you have time, maybe we can… Meet up or something. – Yeah. – But I’ll call you before I leave. Before I get on the plane, okay? – Okay. Be safe. – You know I will. – Bye Mon. – [Monica] Bye Jeremy. (upbeat music) – This is nice. (water running) You feel like milk? Mon? (phone buzzing) (somber music) – [Monica] Hey.
– [Jeremy] Hey. So. What’s going on? Why are we meeting here? – Do you wanna get some
coffee first or something? – Yeah, actually. Are we gonna be here a bit? – Maybe, just get it to go, just in case. – I’ll be right back. – What’d you get? – Decaf. That was quick. – Yeah, it’s just coffee. – [Monica] Right. – So when are we leaving? – Change of plans. – What does that mean? Are you okay? – Not really. – They dropped the project? – They called you? – No. – Oh. – So they dropped it, huh? – Well… Yeah. – What happened? – I don’t really wanna talk about it. Can I tell you about it later? – Of course. So, now what? – I don’t know. They will probably call you separately. They might still need you. – Why is that? – Because they like your photos. – I’m gonna turn it down. – Don’t do that, it’s really okay. – No seriously. I was taking it because… I wanted to work with you. – [Monica] Jeremy, that’s really sweet, but you don’t have to say that. – I know. – Well. – Are you okay? – Yeah, I’m fine. – So what’s happening next? Are you leaving? – I need a favor. Can you not tell Gina or Peter about this just yet? I mean, you don’t have
to lie, or anything, I’m gonna tell them eventually, I just need a few days
to figure things out. – Absolutely no problem. – Thank you. – Gina’s away anyway. – Didn’t you guys just get here? (laughs) I thought the whole point was for you two to spend more time together. – I know. Do you wanna go somewhere? – Where? (laughs) – I don’t know. If you wanna be alone… I’ll let you be. – No I don’t wanna be alone. – Anything you want, I’ll do. – Anything? (laughs) – [Jeremy] Anything. (horns honking) – Awesome. (upbeat music) This is what I’m talking about. – No, this is how it should be. – I think I’m in love. – Pick anything you want. It’s on me. It’s a date. – [Monica] Yeah? – Yeah.
– [Monica] Yay! Check this out. Old school. The classics. – Oh, could you get… Thanks.
– [Monica] Yep. (slow music) – I hope these are good. – It’s okay if it’s not,
we’ll just make fun of it, like we used to. Thank you J. – For what? – For being so good to me. – Don’t be stupid. – Jeremy? I lied. – About what? – I said it wasn’t a big deal but… (laughs) But it is. I mean, it is. It’s a big deal. I’m sorry that I acted
like nothing happened, I know that’s… But, Jeremy? I can’t stop thinking about it. (slow instrumental music) Thank you. – What are you thanking me for? – [Monica] For taking care of me. – Taking care of you? (laughing) – No, not like that. Okay, like that too. (laughing) I mean. For taking care of me in
conversations and other ways. – Taking care of you in conversations? – For knowing how to make me feel better and not judging me. (laughs) – I’m not judging you. How could I? – [Monica] Tangled. – [Jeremy] Tangled? – Mm-hmm, Tangled. – Like this? – No, not like this. You know the rules. – I remember this one day… We were going on this random fishing trip. – [Monica] Mm-hmm. – It was me, my dad and my brother. – How old were you? – Seven. Seven or eight. My dad wanted to show
us how to catch fish. With a net. In shallow waters. I completely forgot about it. – Yeah? – Yeah. There was this moment when I… Didn’t pay attention,
I was fooling around. – As usual. (laughs) – But, that’s when Jack threw the net on me. And then it because this big mess and, I was tangled. It took a long time to get out of it. – Did you get hurt? – No, no. I didn’t get hurt. – [Monica] So nothing happened? – No. Nothing happened. – [Monica] So it’s not a bad memory? – No. It’s a good one. – Good. (birds chirping) (phone buzzing) (phone buzzing) – [Jeremy] Hey. I did call. – Where are you? – I’m out.
– [Gina] Are you with Monica? – Yeah, yeah I am. – [Gina] How’s that job going? – It’s goin’. – Are you guys busy? Because I’m on my way home now. – Where are you? – I’m in a car getting around. – [Jeremy] You are? I thought you’re not gonna
be back for another week. – You know how unpredictable
these things are. Are you guys busy? Do you get a lunch break? Can I join you? – I don’t think we are, but maybe later? – Okay, I have a bunch of stuff
I can take care of anyway. Let’s do dinner.
– [Jeremy] Okay. – Tell Monica I’m sorry
I haven’t seen her yet. Better yet, I’m gonna call her myself. – Okay. Yeah. Bye. – [Monica] She’s here, huh? – Yeah, she is. – I don’t wanna see her. – I know.
– [Monica] I mean… I don’t know how. Did she ask for me? – Yeah. (phone ringing) – [Monica] Hey Gina.
– [Gina] Hey Monica. Sounds like you guys are busy. – [Monica] You’re the busy one. – [Gina] Well, I told Jeremy already, but let’s do dinner tonight.
– [Monica] Sure. I’ll call you after we’re done. – [Gina] So good to have you here. – Glad to be here. – [Gina] I’m sorry I haven’t
been able to see you yet. – Don’t be sorry, I know how it is. – [Gina] So I’ll see you in a few hours. – Yeah, sounds good. – All right. Love you.
– [Monica] Love you too. – I’m sorry. (crowd murmuring) – Do you love her? ♫ You said there is freedom ♫ In our intimate conversations ♫ You held me close ♫ In your delicate ♫ – [Monica] Not funny. Come on, we’re gonna be late. ♫ I said that you’re my best friend ♫ And I love you ♫ I could fall in love ♫ But I won’t ♫ I could love you more ♫ But I won’t ♫ You held my hands ♫ As we walked ♫ Through our stories ♫ About life ♫ And love ♫ Will you remember ♫ Do you remember ♫ (slow music) – [Jeremy] Sorry we’re late.
– [Gina] Hey you. You’re not late. – [Monica] Hey you.
– [Gina] Hey. Long time no see. – Yeah, I know. – The food is really good here. – [Jeremy] Yeah? – Yeah, well at least I was told it was. (laughs) And there’s a lot of
figure-friendly dishes. – Yeah? Good. – Are you okay Mon? – [Monica] Yeah, I
haven’t slept much lately. – Work’s keeping you busy huh? – Something like that. – Can you guys not get
soda or anything fried? – [Jeremy] Of course. – [Monica] Gina. I know you don’t drink soda, but does it really
matter if we order some? – Well you know how hard it is for me to have food in front
of me that I can’t eat. It’s temptation. So I’m just asking you
to please be considerate. – Yeah I know, that’s fine. – Something steamed or boiled? – [Gina] That’ll be great. – Well if this place is good we should bring Peter here this weekend. – Peter? – [Gina] Yeah. – Oh, maybe it was a surprise. I just ruined it, didn’t I? – No, are you kidding? Yeah. Of course I know he’s coming. Yeah, he loves this stuff, so… If it’s good, yeah, let’s
bring him this weekend. – [Jeremy] Great. How was work? – It was okay. I’m really glad to be home. It’s time to be home, I think. – [Gina] Where’s your car? – Do you mind taking us to our car? – [Monica] Of course not. – [Gina] I don’t understand why you didn’t just drive to the restaurant. – it’s really nearby, that’s why. – Crap, I think I left my phone inside. I’ll be right back. – Did you really know Peter was coming? – No, I didn’t. – Really? – Really. (clears throat) – [Gina] Found it. (somber music) ♫ Filling spaces up with days ♫ In my room ♫ You can go ♫ You can stay (message beeping) ♫ I can’t sleep ♫ I can’t speak ♫ To you ♫ I can’t speak ♫ – Hi.
– [Monica] Hi. (laughing) I can’t believe you. – I wanted to see you. – Where’s Gina? – She’s home. – What did you tell her? – I did not tell her anything. She’s sleeping. – Are you crazy?
– [Jeremy] I am. I just needed to make sure that this is for real.
– [Monica] You are so gonna get us in trouble. – I didn’t do anything. I just wanted to see you,
you’re my best friend. I wanted to see you. (laughing) Are you hungry? – [Monica] Mm-hmm. – Do you wanna go somewhere? Do you know a place? – [Monica] Mm-hmm. (laughing) – I saw a 24/7 cafe nearby. Are you hungry? – Yeah. Dinner wasn’t very enjoyable.
– [Monica] Yeah I know. – [Jeremy] I’m sorry. – I know. You know how much I love doing this, don’t you? – What, sneaking around? – Oh my God. I don’t know
what you’re talking about. (laughing) – You know exactly what I’m talking about. – What’s wrong with you? No! – It’s me you’re talking to, okay? – I’m talking about late night diner runs, I miss doing that with you. – I miss it too. ♫ Nobody’s lost ♫ Nobody wins ♫ – Wanna get going? We probably should. (laughs) – [Jeremy] Yes. – Yeah, let’s go. – Hi.
– [Woman] Hi. How many?
– [Monica] Two. – [Woman] And your name?
– [Monica] Monica. – [Woman] Okay, it’s gonna
be just a few minutes. – Can we wait outside?
– [Woman] Sure. – Thank you. – Hey, where are you going? – We have to wait a few minutes. – Why?
– [Monica] I don’t know. – [Jeremy] But it’s cold out here. – What are you talking
about? It’s perfect out here. Come sit. (laughing) – Okay, it’s a little bit nippy but, it’s not that bad. – Yeah. (laughing) Can I hold you?
– [Monica] No, are you crazy? – [Jeremy] You let me kiss you. – [Monica] No I didn’t.
– [Jeremy] Yes you did. – Okay, but you can’t hold me here. Let’s say we got caught? – What if that’s what I want? – Don’t say that. – She’s gonna get us when it’s ready. – I know, I’m just checking. – So I told Peter not to come. – Oh yeah?
– [Monica] Yeah. – What did you say? – Not much. He sounded a little bit
disappointed though. – What did you tell him? – Just what happened. With the job and, I think I’m gonna leave
in a couple of days. – Do you really have to leave that soon? – I have no reason to stay. – You really have no reason to stay? – What do you mean? – What about us? – What about us? – I mean, shouldn’t we figure things out? – What’s there to figure out? Gina’s here. You’re married to Gina. I’m married to Peter. There’s really nothing we can do. – That’s not true. – What would you do? – Run away with me.
– [Monica] That’s not funny. – [Jeremy] I’m serious. – Jeremy, shut up. Don’t mess with me like that. – I’m sincere as I’ll ever be. – You better mean what you’re saying, because I’d do it. You know I will. – [Woman] Monica, party of two. – Yeah, thanks. Sorry, did you say something? – [Jeremy] It’s okay. Just go back to sleep. – [Monica] Please don’t go. We were supposed to come
up with a plan, remember? – Monica, I… – Just stay just a little bit, please? See, I’m opening my eyes. – Okay, what’s on your mind? – How long do you have? – 15 minutes. – [Monica] That’s it? Fine. – Hey. Come here. Come here. You know, I love your skull. – [Monica] Did you just
say you love my skull? – Yeah, I love the shape of your head. – That’s a very strange thing to say. – No it’s not, it’s like saying
I love your eyes, which… I do too. – [Monica] Who says
that? I love your skull. – Well there’s not a
lot of words to describe the shape of a person’s head. I like that about you, your skull. It’s just accurate.
– [Monica] Okay. That’s fair. You know whose skull I love? – Whose?
– [Monica] Jude. – Jude? – Yeah, he has this, round and perfect– – You still have feelings
for him, don’t you? – What, no! I was just responding
to what you were saying. – [Jeremy] Yeah you do.
– [Monica] No I don’t. – Yes you do. – Okay, maybe a little bit. – [Jeremy] You do. – Are you jealous? – [Jeremy] What, of his skull? – No. That I might have leftover
feelings for someone? – What if I was? – But you don’t have the right. – Why not? – Because you’re not mine. You should probably go. I think it’s been more than 15 minutes. – Are you upset? – No, this is stupid. But I’m not upset. You go home and try not
to wake up your wife. I am not your problem. – Don’t do that. – Don’t do what? – Make it sound like I
don’t care about you. – What does that mean? – You know how I feel about you. – Okay. And? (laughs) Gina’s gonna wake up and
wonder where you are, so go. I’m sorry I asked you to stay. – Hey. You know I love you, okay? You know that! Things are just complicated right now! – Things are just complicated right now? That’s the best you’ve got? – I don’t know what to do, okay? – I’m not asking you to do anything! Okay? I’m married too, remember?
– [Jeremy] I know. – So don’t flatter yourself, and go home. Wait. (somber music) ♫ Hold me ♫ Me ♫ Closer ♫ Before ♫ You go ♫ If ♫ We ♫ Falter ♫ Please ♫ Know ♫ Set each other free ♫ Wasn’t meant to be ♫ – [Monica] Hey. – Thanks for coming. – [Monica] No problem.
– [Jude] How ya doin’? – I’m okay. How are you? – [Jude] I’m good, thanks. – So have you had a chance
to think about my offer? – Yes, I’m here. – Monica. I just wanna let you know how sorry I am about the way everything turned out. I honestly didn’t think it
would turn out that way, I tried everything I
could to keep it going. – It’s okay. – So… You’ll start next week? – Yeah, I’ll be here. – You know I’m not your boss, right? – You kind of are, actually. – No, you know what I mean. I’m really not, though. – Well you really are though. (laughing) – Okay but… Does that, does it bother you? – Jude. I’m sitting here telling
you that I’m taking the job. If it bothered me, I
don’t think I’d be here. Why, does it bother you?
– [Jude] No! No. If it doesn’t bother you,
it doesn’t bother me. Okay? I just… I just wanna make sure
you’re comfortable here. – Well thank you. (laughs) Jude. Don’t take this the wrong way, okay? – What? – I… Don’t be so nervous around me. (laughing) If I work here, you’re my boss. And I’m your employee. And I really, really, don’t resent you for anything. And I really want this job, so don’t worry about it, okay? – Okay. – So I guess I’ll read over the stuff and I’ll be here Monday morning. – [Jeremy] Monica. – Yeah? – You’re really good. You know that right? – I’m good? – I mean at what you do. You’re really good at what you do. And that project, honestly, it had nothing to do with you. I just wanna make sure you know that. Okay? – Thank you. I really appreciate that. Thank you. – Come here. (laughing) – Have a good weekend.
– [Jude] You too. – Bye.
– [Jude] Bye. (somber music) – Hey. Yeah I’m sitting at one
of the benches outside of the building. Yeah, it’s okay, take your time. Okay. Oh my God. You scared me! – Hey beautiful.
– [Monica] Hi. Where did you come from? – [Peter] From work. – No, I mean…
– [Peter] So. What do you wanna do? – I’m really hungry, can we
just get some food first? – Okay. Any preference? – I don’t really have one. We could just go home
and order in if you want. – Absolutely not.
– [Monica] Okay. – It’s Friday night, I wanna
take my wife out to dinner. There’s this little cute place I think you’ll really like, I’ve been meaning to take you there. – What kind of food? – They have amazing pasta. I know how much you like your pasta. – Well… Only really, really,
really, really good pasta. – Exactly. – And it’s nearby? – Mm-hmm. – Huh. Okay. – Shall we? (upbeat music) – Can we get going? – Yeah. – What’s wrong? – I can never remember whether
to take a right or a left, I always get confused here. Sweetie, you cold? – No, I’m okay. – Okay. Here. – Do you know where you’re going? – Yeah, it’s just another block. – Huh. Are you taking me to that small cafe by that loft that we saw one time? – Yeah, how’d you know? – We’ve been there before. I love that place. – You know what I think happened? Gina mentioned to me that you’d love it and she must’ve said you loved it. I must’ve misunderstood. – [Monica] Uh huh. Okay, well, it’s over there. Let’s go. – You gonna take your coat off? Do you know what you want? – Why were you gonna come visit me? – What? – Explain to me one more time why Gina knew about it before I did. – I already explained it to you. – I know, that’s why I
just said one more time. – It just happened that way. – I thought about it, it
doesn’t make any sense. – Okay. What are you trying to say? – Should I be trying to say something? – Monica. – Did you sleep with her? – What are you talking about? – You and Gina. Is there something going on? – What are you doing? – Did you sleep with her? It’s a simple question. Yes or no? – We’ve talked about this before. – We’ve talked about this before? – It’s just your own insecurities talking. You’ve got to get over that. Yeah, she’s a model. Models are beautiful, everyone likes to look at models, that’s the whole point. Monica. What’s the matter? – Did you, or did you not sleep with Gina? Yes or no? Peter I’m not stupid. Just tell me the truth, okay? Yes or no? (somber music) ♫ Run while you can ♫ While the mirror’s unclear ♫ From the things that you see ♫ From the things that you fear ♫ Run as fast as you can ♫ Because when silence is through ♫ You’ll believe all the lies ♫ Because it’s easier to ♫ (murmuring) (rain falling) – [Monica] You’re lucky
I like walking around. – [Jeremy] What would happen?
Would you bite my head off? (laughing) ♫ All I need ♫ All I need ♫ All I need – Where are you? – [Monica] Over here, over here. ♫ All I need Don’t you know? I’m a ninja. ♫ All I need ♫ All I need ♫ All I need ♫ All I need ♫

  • I love this movie kinda made me cry 😢. It's deep intense powerful wow➕➕🅰🅰🅰➕➕
    📖📖🙏🙏🙏📖📖thanks for uploading this great movie sweetie I appreciate u

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