Bindi Irwin & BF Chandler Get Engaged on Her Birthday | Daily Pop | E! News

Congrats guys you've been dear when she is now engaged she posted on Instagram that she fell in love with her boyfriend Chandler six years ago and today on her 21st birthday he asked her to marry him Mindy edit here's to a lifetime a friendship purpose and unconditional love now let's get married already oh great unconditional a purpose I mean what 21 year old says that I've been with this man Irwin listen most of the time if I hear someone who's 21 and gets engaged no offence 21 year olds but I'm like oh just wait a couple of years well yeah oh yeah but bindi is different bindi we've interviewed her so many times she's came to enews a thousand times she is so mature she knows exactly what she wants and she's known it for the longest time and the way these two I've seen them together so many times as well he is so obsessively in love with her I really believe in them I think they're really gonna work yeah I already do too I think so too they're very cute very happy for them that's it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus youtube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling breaking hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on youtube will keep you pop-culture see you soon


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